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The "Boreals Contempt" mod is potentially bugged (or the description is just inaccurate)


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The first bullet point listed under the "notes" section states that "The damage from status effects multiplier is 30% at max rank instead of the listed 60%." Meaning there is either a bug with the mod only applying half the damage, or the mods description stating that the mod applies twice the amount of damage to status effect than it actually does.


Pwetty pwease fix this DE.

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I Havent gotten around to testinf this myself, but i dont think the wili lies unless its outdated and this is already fixed. When i do however get around to testing this, ill probably be testing it with exodia contagion and report back here if it has any bugged or inintended interaction with exodia contagion. I highly doubt it does have an unintended interaction with exodia contagion, because i have had both exodia contagion and boreal's contempt on my main melee weapon.

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