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Mastery ranking to same lvl? Counting as fail

(XBOX)Oo im Peepin

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17 minutes ago, (XBOX)Oo im Peepin said:

Gotta wait as if i failed test??

Waiting for 24 hours is how it works whether you pass or fail--so no, it's not "as if you failed".  Though, I understand this info isn't very helpful.


I tried using /profile to pull up your Mastery info, but I believe there's some issues with the screen pulled up by /profile being truly accurate, so I'd like to ask:  does this match what you see when you open your profile via the menus in-game? (though looking again it looks like you've done more missions and leveled some gear since)



Since you said "on two separate occasions", did you level gear/do any new missions between those attempts?

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