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NSW Echoes of Duviri: Hotfix #5

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NSW Echoes of Duviri: Hotfix #5

Happy TennoCon week, everyone! The team is buzzing with anticipation for the big day on the 26th and we can’t wait to see you. This Hotfix tackles a couple of things we wanted to get out before Saturday, including the Anku Incarnon changes that were mentioned in last week’s Hotfix. See you soon!

Incarnon Changes & Fixes: 

  • Added clarification to Anku’s Incarnon Form description and function. Now, successful slide attacks grant +3 Range and inflict guaranteed Bleed Status Procs for all attacks for 6s. 
    • Previously, the Anku’s Incarnon form would increase the bias towards Slash damage, but the result was not as impactful as we hoped. Now, this has been replaced with guaranteed Bleed Procs.
    • While making this change, we found that all melee attacks following a Slide Attack were able to maintain the Incarnon buff (instead of just the intended Slide attack), so long as the attack animations were uninterrupted. We have fixed this issue and incorporated this functionality as a 6s timer, to better facilitate this unintentional, but obviously desirable interaction. So overall, the mechanic is now much more comprehensible and achievable!
    • Added clarification: Some may have noticed that after last week’s Hotfix the description had been changed, but not the functionality - which is now live! 
  • Increased Anku’s Evolution II damage buffs for the Edge of Justice and Guardian’s Promise upgrades from +20 to +50. 
  • Updated Angstrum’s Incarnon Form description to specify that “direct hits” charge Transmutation, as per the change that went out in last week’s Hotfix. 
  • Fixed the Gammacor Incarnon not clearing its charges when reverting back to its non-Incarnon form. 
  • Changes: 
  • Added design credit to community fan artist Illusive19 in the Nihil Recall Glyph’s description. 


  • Fixed Titania remaining in Razorwing form during the extraction animation if triggered as Operator. 
  • Fixed the Warframe selection UI in the second stage of The Duviri Paradox Quest lingering on screen after choosing to return to Orbiter from the pause menu. 
  • Fixed the Shockwave Dojo Decoration being invisible and non-interactive after it has finished building.  
  • Fixed a wall in the Host’s Landing Craft in the Drifter Camp having no collision and appearing low-res to invited Clients.
  • Fixed several script errors related to Transference in the Undercroft in the first stage of The Duviri Paradox Quest. To prevent further issues, Transference is now disabled during this Quest stage. 
  • Fixed a script error related to Garv in the Cambion Drift Bounties. 
  • Fixed interacting with your pet in the Dormizone causing them to freeze in place. 
  • Fixed getting stuck infinitely loading in Deck 12. 
  • Fixed Scyto Raknoid jumping into the ceiling and out of the arena in the “Sneaky Sabotage” Break Narmer mission. 
  • Fixed the teleport volumes in the new player tutorial stage of The Duviri Paradox Quest  sending players back to the beginning of the course. 
  • Fixed a rare issue where Platinum prices in the in-game Market on-hover description would not match the intended prices seen in the detailed purchase screen. 

Click here for the Known Issues List

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