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NSW Echoes of Duviri: Hotfix #7

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NSW Echoes of Duviri: Hotfix #7

We are back in action after an incredible TennoCon! Thank you Tenno for joining us in celebrating 10 Years of Warframe and sharing your excitement for the future with each reveal. 

Today we have a Hotfix with changes and fixes we wanted to get out to you before the DE team heads off into a long weekend to get some much needed rest. We will officially be back on Tuesday, September 5th, but will continue to monitor for issues that would need addressing upon our return. Thank you! 


  • Increased Platinum amounts in the Frost and Mag Heirloom Packs - full details available in the official PSA: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1364919-psa-heirloom-collection-platinum-changes-lessons/
  • Updated the Gotva Prime description to clarify its unique perk, it now reads: "Long before clone-rot set in, elite Grineer Commanders protected the surviving Orokin from rebelling Warframes with these formidable rifles. When Gotva Prime inflicts a Status Effect its next shot has a chance to be a Super Critical hit."
  • Made updates to Gotva Prime’s audio (cease fire SFX, Host/Client mixing, and firing mixing).  


  • Optimized the VFX on the Frost Heirloom Signa. 


  • Fixed several issues with Double Tap’s buff indicator: 
    • (Latron and Latron Wraith) Fixed the buff indicator being stuck at 100% and not adjusting based on hits.
    • (Latron Prime) Fixed the buff icon not showing up in the HUD (this was a UI issue only, the intended damage bonus was still applying). 
  • Fixed the Melee Combo Count from the Rauta lasting indefinitely when Combo Duration is set to 0 (ex: equipping the Melee Guidance Aura that reduces Combo Duration for self by 6s).  
    • Now if the Combo Duration has no positive value, the Rauta will not increase the Melee Combo Count just as it wouldn’t for any other Melee. 
  • Fixed the Rauta having an extremely long reload time for Clients after receiving the infinite ammo buff from cracking Void Relics in Fissure missions. 
  • Fixed Drifter Loneryder items being unintentionally given with the Dex Operator and Drifter Suit 10 Year Anniversary inbox. 
    • Those who have received the Loneryder items prior to this Hotfix are yours to keep! Happy Anniversary! 
  • Fixed the Vigorous Swap Mod applying in Dog Days when switching between the Soaktron and Lob Blobs. 
    • With the inclusion of the Lob Blobs Secondary, this Mod just slipped by the “no Mods, Buffs, Companions, or Abilities” rules of Dog Days. 
  • Fixed Frost Heirloom Signa’s VFX lingering after it has been unequipped in the Arsenal. 
  • Fixed Clients gaining more progress than intended when finding a Paragrimm’s Tome in Duviri. 
  • Fixed the following Dojo Decorations having off-centered anchor points, making it difficult to move and position them: 
    • Electricity
    • Electricity Arcs
    • Glow Bright  
  • Fixed the TennoCon logo still appearing in the Relays. 
  • Fixed the Laetum Incarnon’s bullets facing the wrong direction. 
  • Fixed being unable to chat link Frost Prime and Mag Prime Relics. 
  • Fixed the “Titan Extractor Prime” being listed twice in the description of Varzia’s Prime Resurgence offerings instead of including the Blueprint as well as the built Extractor. 
  • Fixed a script error after failing a mission. 
  • Fixed a script error with the Lob Blobs tutorial popup in Dog Days. 
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when using DirectX 12 after upgrading drivers. 

Click here for the Known Issues List

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