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NSW Echoes of Duviri: Hotfix #8

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NSW Echoes of Duviri: Hotfix #8


  • Updated the Cetus Wisp description to better indicate how to obtain them. 
    • “Most common at night, these stone lifeforms are drawn to shorelines touched by the Eidolon. They linger around lakes on the Plains of Eidolon at all hours. Their origin remains mysterious.”
    • We have an additional QOL change coming to Cetus Wisps in the upcoming Abyss of Dagath Update - stay tuned! 


  • Fixed being unable to chatlink the Gotva Prime.
  • Fixed being able to use Transference in the second stage of the Duviri Paradox Quest, resulting in players being stuck as the Drifter.
  • Fixed various pathing issues with Executioner Zura in Dog Days. 
  • Fixed Medusalyst Towers not having their projectile weapon if Kahl has died before reaching them in the “Prison Break” Break Narmer mission.

Click here for the Known Issues List

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