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NSW Echoes of Duviri: Hotfix #9

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NSW Echoes of Duviri: Hotfix #9


  • Fixed Latron Prime’s Incarnon Mode not benefitting from the Double Tap Mod. 
  • Fixed Clients experiencing loss of function after Host migration in the Undercroft. 
  • Fixed getting stuck as Operator in the Undercroft and being unable to Transference back to your Warframe in the 8th stage of The Duviri Paradox Quest.
  • Fixed the mission select UI in the Zariman elevator incorrectly showing “Halako Perimeter” instead of the intended “Tuvul Commons” for the first mission of The Angels of the Zariman Quest.
    • This was purely a UI issue, Tuvul Commons was always the first mission played regardless of what was indicated in the elevator. 
  • Fixed Madurai’s Power Transfer and Unairu’s Poise not triggering reliably if Client has low frame rate (below 30 FPS). 
  • Fixed being able to buff Exodia Contagion's projectile damage with heavy attack multiplier by performing a series of specific parkour movements.
    • The movements in question allowed for heavy attacks to be performed mid-air instead of triggering the intended ground slam, which then caused the Heavy Attack damage multiplier to be applied to the projectile. In this Hotfix, we’ve specifically removed the interaction that buffed its damage, as heavy attacking mid-air is not possible otherwise. We understand that this was a popular combination due to its ability to land wild damage numbers, but it was dependent on a movement animation bug and went beyond the original design for the Arcane. 
  • Fixed players who have not unlocked the Steel Path being able to join Steel Path missions when invited by Host from Dojo. 
  • Fixed several issues with the following weapons when they appear as an offering in Teshin’s Cave: 
    • Fixed the Perla Dual Pistol Skin only being applied to one of the Dex Furis.
    • Fixed Claw and Fist weapons sitting perpendicular to one another.
    • Fixed the fist and feet components of Sparring weapons overlapping each other. 
    • Fixed the Tenet Agendus sitting perpendicular to its Shield.
    • Fixed Ghoulsaw sitting too far to the right in its display.
  • Fixed several mining locations in the Orb Vallis missing its veins and heat spots (notably at Fortuna Elevator, Deck 12 entrance, and Reflector Control). 
  • Fixed the Vapor Trail K-Drive Mod’s Boost Speed buff being the same (+10) for both Rank 9 and 10. Rank 10 will now give +11 Boost Speed.
  • Fixed being unable to chat link the Mag & Frost Prime Dual Pack. 
  • Fixed being unable to chat link the Altra Sentinel Mask. 
  • Fixed several script errors in the Paragrimm’s Tomes objective in Duviri. 
  • Fixed being unable to place decorations near to the Orokin Lab in the Dojo. 

Click here for the Known Issues List

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I just had a bug not too long ago about Cetus when extracting. The bug consists that if there's more than two players in Cetus and one of them is extracting and the other one claims a captured animal just before the extract count down is over, the game will teleport the player outside the extraction point into it, but the screen will go completely black and not let anyone in the instance to do anything. 


A solution that probably will fix it is to instead of teleporting the players model and camera to the captured animal, you teleport the captured animal to the player to show the stats of said animal.

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