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TennoGen Request/Suggestion - A Dax Inspired Excalibur Helmet Suited for Use With Umbra


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We have a decent amount of Excalibur skins and alternate helmets, but I think it could be quite nice to have a standalone alternate helmet that is intended to look like a hybrid between the classic, leathery, techno-organic looks of Warframe's default skins and the shape/designs of a Dax soldier's helmet. 

For styling, perhaps it could be similar to the shape and size of the Hawk Bishamo Helmet (as seen with Umbra's son Isaah and Operator/Drifter outfit), but with the addition of a horn protruding from the helmet and covered in a Warframe's Technocyte flesh except for accent channel metallic detailing. 

All of this could hopefully still keep it within the guidelines of what's allowed for Warframe alternate helmets while still having it be particularly suited for Excalibur Umbra. Similar instances of standalone alternate helmets with metallic accent channels have been allowed in before, such as the 
Taurus and Ferosh Oberon Helmets.

 Umbra and his Son by Lucus Hug for reference:

Thank you for your time and consideration!


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