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Sneaky Sabotage Vielbreaker Last Boss Before Extraction Bug


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I don't know exactly what happened or what even triggered it (highly doubt this would happen on PC) but after running through this whole mission, the last boss bugged the hell out and teleported to dog days because it was nowhere to be seen. 

It might have been have glitched out of map by clipping on something, maybe it started to dash toward me while I was next to it and it used me as a ramp to embed itself through the ceiling have no clue, saw it's sliver of health remaining so I knew it was still somewhere and spent a couple minutes spamming the laser but wtf! 

wouldn't mind seeing small bugs at the beginning but having one at the end to screw over your whole run is disappointing. Seeing as there are a lot of other Kahl-like mission bugs, I have little hope this will be addressed. 

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