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Duels in Dojo


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Good afternoon. I have been playing Waframe for a very long time. I love this game very much. Yes, I left the game many times for a long time, but I always came back. Because this game became a part of my life and thanks to this game I met real friends. Some of them I even met in real life and we have a lot of friendship.
Our favorite thing to do in the game was dueling in the dojo. We collected different builds for weapons and warframes. And competed in speed and accuracy. Playing at high parkour speed and with huge damage. Where one touch could kill you. We really enjoyed it. It brought us together, a kind of dueling community, always together . And there were a lot of us. And from different regions. It gave us a lot of joy and fellowship and drive.
And since the dueling dojo was changed. They took away the ability to put mods. Our community fell apart. And I, among others, left the game again for a long time.
A couple weeks ago, I came back because I still love the game.
BUT I MISS THOSE DUELS SO MUCH!!! And I wish all the people who played with us back then would come back to the game.
Please bring back the old duels. Where we could use mods

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