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Celesta: The Heavens Voice


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So i never made anything like this before but i always wanted to make my own character. i hope you like my warframe idea, enjoy


Celesta: The Heavens Voice

Lore: Nobody remembers the Old War, nor remember the casualties, what if some of those were victims used as a means to get power from the gods for their own gain. As a child, Celesta and other children were chosen to be sent to the void as a sacrifice to help with the old war. From which side nobody can remember for all knowledge has been lost, deeper and deeper she was sent to the void to be killed for others own power, but despite this she smiled and sing to sooth her fear. the Void showed pity and interest to the girl and decided to make her anew, giving her the power from the very voice she has. Her 2 friends whos names are not remembered went looking for her only to be lost, they cried worried about Celesta when from the distance they heard singing. they followed the melody only to see a warframe with Celesta's voice singing a hymn. The 3 friends stare at 1 another happy to see everyone ok, Celesta wanted them to go home to live a normal life, but they refused wanting to protect her. The Void was amazed by the friends courage and decided to make them her body guards. the 3 friends stayed in the deepest part of the void protecting whatever comes to steal, kill, hide, run, and escape. it is said that if 1 travels deep into the void they would hear a beautiful voice in the distance leading the lost back home.

Passive: automatically levitate, allowing her to fly freely without the cost of energy whatsoever, she cant use weapons leaving her vulnerable 


1: HEavens hymn - 25 energy. sing a note that homes to your enemy and deal cold damage when hit. Damage 250, area damage 125, duration 10s

2: Inspiration - 10 Energy. while in her radius as she sings teammates recovers energy every second. radius 10m energy rate .5

3: Holy Light - 30 energy. she sings a hymn to summon a holy light around her damaging enemies while protecting allies. Duration 25s, damage 500, healing 10, damage resistance, 35%

4:  Apostle's Calling - 150 energy: she calls upon her 2 friends to assist her in battle, they both use the weapons in her primary and melee slot allowing them to fight from both near and far. they also levitate  health multiplier 2x boost damage 2x

appearance: she has angelic patterns on her face and her hair is abundance of wings with a tail trailing down her back.

upper body: shes wearing a chestplate with angel sleves and a small cross pattern on the center of the chestplate.

lower body: wings shaped into a skirt, wearing light heal boots

Apostle's look: like arc angels with helmet, they each have a cross depict of which is range and melee, they can be customized separate along with their own attachments and syandana.

i know this isnt the best but i wanted to have a warframe that has a combination of others but with different benefits and ideas. plus i always wondered about having a warframe that can only cast abilities. so let me know if this is to op, not strong enough, to detailed, not enough details, or what needs improving all together

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