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FOV is blocked by frames, causing dizziness, confusion and nausea. Please Fix.


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Reproduce this bug\design flaw by:
1. Play the game.
2. pick up a frame with a cape or a wide midsection.
3. Never see where you are going and navigate by map and echo-location.
4. Get ignored by DE yet again and suffer for 10 more years.

Can we please have a better FOV? At least take the camera back a notch or something, that would do wonders to the game and to our ability to enjoy it.
Frames literally takes half the view leaving the player in confusion at best or causing downright dizziness, and even nausea.

Some may not experience that but I post it here on account of my believe that DE wants to create an inclusive game, please consider to take the camera back a bit to allow for a less intrusive experience by your fantastic models and fix it.

Thanks and I hope to be here for ten more years! :community:







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Adding FOV value pic.
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Posted (edited)
On 2023-10-03 at 2:53 AM, BroDutt said:

Have you change the FOV on SETTINGS>DISPLAY? Cause your FOV definitely different than mine

90 is the max and to that I've set it.
It's not just a FOV issue, it's also an issue of camera distance from the player, aka Orbit - If you're into 3d modeling and animation.


I'll add that to the main post so thank you for it! :)

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