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NSW Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix #3

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NSW Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix #3

Steel Path Endless Fissures: 
We have disabled Steel Path Fissure missions for Endless mission types (Survival, Defense, Interception, Disruption, and Excavation) due to an exploit. Our goal is to identify a fix for early next week, but in the meantime we have removed those missions from the Steel Path Fissure pool to prevent unintended behavior. 

Steel Path Fissures will still be available in the Star Chart, just for non-Endless missions only

KNOWN ISSUE: Riven Challenges Resetting 
We’re aware of an issue where Riven Challenges with a reset trigger are requiring players to maintain the challenge condition until the end of the mission, even after challenge completion. For example, with “Get X Kills In A Row While Wall Latching”, players would have their completed challenge reset the moment they touched the floor. 

At the time of writing, we have found a Code Fix for this issue (requiring Cert), but we are actively looking for a workaround that can be hotfixed. In the meantime, we are running a 2 x Veiled Riven Cipher Alert from Friday, Oct 20 at 2pm ET until Monday, Oct 23 at 9am ET to help players with affected Rivens. 

Official PSA Thread


  • Reduced frequency of Dagath’s sound effects to help with spam fatigue.
  • Reduced screen shake effects when Dagath’s passive is triggered.  
  • Reduced the frequency of Ordis’ new transmission playing when entering the Helminth room in your Orbiter. 


  • Fixed being able to earn way too much Affinity from certain Riven Challenges that got missed in yesterday’s hotfix.
  • Fixed Defixio Ammo Drain debuff being able to drain Scanners in Abyssal Zone missions.
  • Fixed Medi-Pet Kit not having the intended +12 HP/s heal rate (it was using its original pre-rework +6 HP/s value). 
  • Fixed a script error in Teshin’s Cave.

Known Issue: Hydroid’s Plunder Ability video is using the old Undertow video. We’ll be replacing it next week, but until them, puddle lovers can watch it lovingly to remember old times. 

Check out our Known Issues Thread!

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