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NSW Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix #4

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NSW Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix #4

Cross Platform Friends, Clans, and Alliances have arrived! 

You can now add Friends and Clan/Alliance members from other Platforms. For each, there are steps to take in order to enable these Cross Platform features: 

  • Friends: Provided Cross Platform Play is enabled, you can now freely add friends from other Platforms. 
  • Clans: While the existing “Cross Platform Play” toggle is ON by default for players, a Clan’s Founding Warlord must enable it using the new “Enable Cross Platform Clan” setting from the Clan Management page (which is off by default). 
  • Alliances: Located in the Alliance Management Menu, enabling Cross Platform Alliances works the same way as enabling Cross Platform Clans via their management page. 

Read all of the details on Cross Platform Friends, Clans, and Alliances here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1369734-live-now-cross-platform-friends-clansalliances/

NOTE: To ensure there are no issues player-side with Cross Platform Friends, we highly encourage you to wait until after you have downloaded this hotfix to add new friends. Your Friends list will also appear empty until then. We will be watching for any Cross Platform related issues and reports - thank you! 

Nintendo Switch-Specific Change:

  • Returned the Motion Blur toggle in Video options. This is Off by default as it has a minor performance cost.
    • As part of the Enhanced Graphics Engine launch with Abyss of Dagath on Switch, this setting was removed as it affects performance. After reviewing feedback, we have returned it to allow Switch Tenno to toggle it on/off as desired to allow for more control over FPS on their console. 


  • We have temporarily removed Riven Challenges with reset conditions from Riven generation, as we continue to investigate the issue of them continuously resetting even after completion (read more on that in the respective PSA). Any existing Unveiled Rivens with these challenges have had them replaced with their non-conditional version, for example: “Kill X enemies without being detected” is now “Kill X enemies”. The following two challenges in particular had their own unique issues, and have both been replaced with “Get X headshots”. 
    • Get X headshots in a single aim glide. 
    • Get X kills in a row while wall dashing or wall clinging without touching the floor. 
  • Aerial Bond can now be triggered by kills done by AOE weapons. 
  • The 25s cooldown on Dagath's Grave Spirit ability will no longer trigger if it is deactivated by anything other than a lethal hit (ex: falling out of bounds, getting nullified by enemies, transitioning between Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Data-Conduits, etc.).  
  • Added a warning message if you attempt to buy the "Today's Special" MOA Companion but you don't own any weapons that it could use. 
  • Added the video preview of Hydroid's new "Plunder" ability in his Ability screen. 

Audio Changes & Fixes:

  • Added sound effect for dropping off a Defixio at the Extraction point in the Abyssal Zone mission. 
  • Added sound effect when unveiling a Riven. 
  • Adjusted the audio mix for the Abyssal Zone mission. 
  • Ordis’ Orbiter transmissions can now be enabled/disabled via the “Enable Hint Transmission” toggle in the Audio options. 
  • Muted all Warframe idle sounds from players out of sight to reduce audio congestion in hubs (Towns, Relays, etc.). 
  • Reduced the volume of Styanax’ Rally Point and Final Stand Abilities to save your ears when casting them frequently. 
  • Fixed subtitle issues for some of Ordis’ idle and Hombask’s Zariman Mobile Defense transmissions.


  • Fixed the in-mission Resource Booster in endless Steel Path Void Fissure missions exceeding the max intended 2x when playing as Operator/Drifter. 
    • As announced in Hotfix 34.0.3, we disabled endless Steel Path Void Fissure missions as we worked on a fix. Now that it is live, we have re-enabled them to appear in the world state window! 
    • Related known issue: UI popup for Steel Essence may at times show the incorrect amount. 
  • Fixed Stock spawning behind an inaccessible area in the Veil Factory Break Narmer mission. 
  • Fixed the death animations of enemies killed by Dagath’s Wyrd Scythes being extremely slow. 
  • Fixed Reinforced Bond’s fire rate buff unintentionally applying to Melee attack speed. 
  • Fixed Reinforced Bond’s fire rate buff remaining active in the Simulacrum after changing weapons in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed the Regen Mod drastically increasing the rate of fire of Helios’ Deconstructor. 
  • Fixed Mystic Bond’s chance at a free Warframe ability cast triggering every 5 seconds instead of the intended “after Companion uses abilities with cooldowns 5 times” when equipped with the Strain Mod on a Helminth Charger. 
  • Fixed the cloned Sentinels from Duplex Bond shooting at targets that are out of their line of sight. 
  • Fixed Duplex Bond triggering when launching/deactivating Archwing in Open Landscapes. 
  • Fixed Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm Kraken despawning before the ability has expired. A pirate needs his trusted companion to stick around to take care of these landlubbers!
  • Fixed Cyst on Voruna appearing on her head instead of her neck.
  • Fixed the buff icon for Tenacious Bond not disappearing when switching between Companions in the Simulacrum.   
  • Fixed the Nikana Elixis skin not using the correct materials for the blade.
  • Fixed The Circuit rewards selection list not being centered when switching between the Normal and Steel Path modes.
  • Fixed Arcanes acquired in mission not using the special pickup notification.
  • Fixed the Page 5 “Kill 5 enemies while mid-air/during a trick chain” challenge of the Waverider Quest being incorrect in German. 
  • Fixed a script error from waiting on "An updated version of Warframe is available" prompt for a very long time.
  • Fixed script errors resulting from Dagath’s Wyrd Scythes losing their target.
  • Fixed a script error related to talking to Saya in the Saya's Vigil Quest.
  • Fixed a script error in Grendel’s Feast ability. 
  • Fixed a rare crash if network connection is lost during the Mask of the Revenant Quest.
  • Fixed a script error with Melee weapons in Teshin’s Cave. 
  • Fixed a script error from enemies being ragdolled by Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm. 


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Please give Ordis transmissions a seperate toggle instead of tying it to hint transmissions. I have hint transmissions turned off because I do not need tutorials for missions I've done a thousand times. But that doesn't mean I don't wanna hear my cephalon buddy's jokes! Especually when he has a bevy of new ones.

And Ordis already has a bespoke volume slider, I'm not sure what problem this is solving. 

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Hey, please reconsider Ordis' dialogue being lumped in with Hint transmissions. I cannot stand Ordis at all and now I have to hear him constantly in-game and his new dialogue has already lost its initial "charm" and wearing thin. If I gotta hear about the kubuchi on Cetus one more time...

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