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NSW Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix #6

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NSW Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix #6


  • You can now sort your Friends list by “PLATFORM”. 
  • Replaced an outdated Hydroid ability tip with a new one for Plunder: “Casting Plunder removes any Corrosive Status Effects currently affecting enemies, permanently reducing their maximum Armor based on the Corrosive Status removed.”
  • Replaced one of Voruna’s ability tips with a new one for Shroud of Dynar: “Shroud of Dynar's buff will only be extended if you earn a Melee kill within 3 seconds of exiting invisibility. Be precise and strike true.” 


  • Fixed Voruna’s Shroud of Dynar invisibility breaking permanently after attacking with Ulfrun’s Descent. 
    • With this fix, its intended function has been restored to break invisibility briefly during the lunge and then reapply. 
  • Fixed the damage multiplier HUD tracker for Voruna’s Ulfrun’s Descent not updating properly for Clients. 
  • Fixed getting staggered (as Client) by the shockwaves created by Companions with Seismic Bond equipped. 
  • Fixed enemies with Overguard being pulled by Magus Anomaly. 
    • Enemies with Overguard are immune to crowd control abilities/effects, and should not be affected by Magus Anomaly until after Overguard has been removed. 
  • Fixed Air Support Charges appearing in the Foundry during Vor’s Prize. 
    • These should only appear in the Foundry once you are in the possession of the Landing Craft Foundry Segment. 
  • Fixed Fired Up’s description stating it was dealing 0% Heat Damage on weapon per hit at Rank 0, instead of the intended 0.8%. 
  • Fixed Friends list not updating after adding/removing/denying Friends if accessed from the notification bar while in Navigation. 
  • Fixed the “Rank Up!” pop-up occurring for each of the Sentinel clones created by Duplex Bond, even if your Sentinel’s weapons were already Rank 30. 
  • Fixed the Waverider Comic zooming out and not being readable after hitting the “Select” button while using a controller.
  • Fixed script error in customized UI themes
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31 minutes ago, (NSW)DonWolo said:


Quick heads-up: The Motion Blur setting being turned on doesn't save upon closing and re opening the game, it turns itself back off.

This is on our radar and the team is investigating, thank you for the report!

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