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NSW Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix #7

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Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix #7

Companion Changes & Fixes: 

  • Contagious Bond: Enemies inflicted by damage over time Status Effects will now spread 50% of the tick damage when killed to other enemies. 
    • Prior to this change, damage over time procs would only tick 1 damage on enemies it spread to. Now, it’ll apply 50% (at max rank) of the tick damage originating from the killed enemy. 
  • The following Companion Precept Mods now benefit from Manifold Bond: 
    • Diriga’s Electro Pulse 
    • Djinn’s Fatal Attraction 
      • The ability cooldown effect from Manifold Bond already applied to Fatal Attraction, but not its Status Effect application to Companion weapons, so now it properly and wholly benefits from the Mod. 
  • Djinn’s Fatal Attraction will no longer cause affected enemies to focus fire solely on Djinn after they’ve been lured. 
    • Prior to this change, Djinn could get incapacitated very quickly after luring. Now enemies will return to their default targeting after being lured to help keep the little guy alive after doing his job. 
  • Fixed enemies killed by Contagious Bond’s spread Status Effects not granting Affinity. 
  • Fixed damage dealt to enemies from Contagious Bond’s spread Status Effects not registering for other Companion mod triggers (e.g. Energy Generator, Synth Deconstruct, etc.). 
  • Fixed performance issues caused by Dethcube (with Fired up, Firestorm, and Fire Rate and Multshots Mods) attacking enemies trapped in Zephyr’s Tornado.
  • Fixed MOA Companions permanently dying if they were ragdolled a certain way. 
  • Fixed a script error with the Mecha Mod set. 


  • Warframe idle audio will now be muted when in the Dojo Research menus. 


  • Fixed Dagath’s Rakhali’s Cavalry stripping defenses from bosses with resistances to Warframe abilities (e.g. Eidolons and Profit-Taker). 
  • Fixed Clients receiving self-damage while shooting the Furis in Incarnon Form inside of a bullet attractor field (notably Xaku’s Whisper). 
  • Fixed raising/lowering Clan tier not properly adjusts the Research costs of active research resulting in zero/negative values. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1368438-clan-research-costs-are-negative/
  • Fixed getting a “Reconfiguration could not be completed. Your account has not been charged. Please try again later” error when quickly cycling a Riven back to back. 
  • Fixed the Energy numbers in the Railjack HUD and Tactical Map displaying incorrectly. 
  • Fixed the “Incarnon Upgrade Available” Orbiter pop-up occurring when you already have all of the Incarnon’s upgrades unlocked.  
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Just a heads up: Not sure when it happened, but a lot of the "Transmission" character screens (i.e. the Daily Log-In) are abnormally bright and washed out: Nora Night in particular looks incredibly whitewashed to the point she blends in with her NW background. Ordis last night was washed out to a point I couldn't even tell it was him. Lotus is washed out big time as well.

I checked the Brightness/Contrast settings for my game and they've been untouched at 50/50. Nothing else gives an indicator of brightness or w/e in the Settings screen. My TV settings have been unchanged (I tested with Animal Crossing to make sure) so I'm not sure what happened between the initial Dagath update and this hotfix.

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