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NSW Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix #8 + #8.1


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NSW Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix #8

Plague Star Changes & Fixes: 

  • Updated the Eidolon Phylaxis and Infested Catalyst descriptions to inform players on where they can be acquired when Chatlinked. 
    • Eidolon Phylaxis: Nakak's Operational Supply in Cetus
    • Infested Catalyst: Bio Lab in Clan Dojo
  • Fixed Infested not spawning in Stage 4 of Plague Star Bounties following a host migration. 
  • Fixed cases of slow Infested spawns around the Boil in Stage 4 of Plague Star due to enemies elsewhere on the Plains contributing to the spawn cap. 
  • Improved Drone pathing during Stage 3 of Plague Star, hopefully reducing cases of the Drone becoming stuck.  
  • Improved waypoint pathing inside a Plains of Eidolon cave. 
  • Fixed the Plague Star Drone being unable to move in certain cases when going through Nova’s Wormhole, resulting in players being unable to progress the Bounty. 
  • Fixed players who have not unlocked The Steel Path being able to play The Steel Path Plague Star Bounty if an eligible squadmate selects it. 
  • Fixed Grineer enemies sometimes just standing around during Stage 2 of Plague Star bounties. 


  • Slightly increased the hold time needed to cycle Voruna’s passives to help prevent activating/deactivating a passive by accident. 
  • Reduced the damage dealt to players by explosive barrels triggered by enemies. 
    • Barrels were applying 100% of their damage onto players instead of the intended 30%. This also fixes an issue where Kahl could get one shot if an enemy exploded a barrel next to him. 
  • Duplex Bond Clones now inherit your Companion’s Energy color. 
  • Updated the “Animator” Nightwave Act’s descriptions: 
    • General:  “Look for Ayatan Treasures for Maroo in Maroo’s Bazaar.” 
      • The previous description did not specify that the player needs to hunt for the treasure as well as turn it in at Maroo. 
    • How To: "Visit Maroo in Maroo's Bazaar on Mars. Ask her about Ayatan Treasures and she will send you on a mission to retrieve one. You can socket Ayatan Stars into Sculptures by clicking the Ayatan Treasures button in the Mods workbench. Stars are uncommon items found in containers, while Sculptures are hidden items to search out during missions."
      • The previous description was still using the pre-Abyss of Dagath “Fully socket 3 Ayatan Sculptures” version. 
  • Slightly reduced the VFX of Aerial Bond’s cold field.
  • Improved Duviri “Hidden Chest” objective flow to address various issues caused by Host Migrations, objective abandonment, Host / Client desync, and more. While players may not see any gameplay changes on their end, our goal with this update is to remove cases where the Chest was unable to be opened.


  • Fixed Clans who had raised/lowered their Clan tier before Hotfix 34.0.7 having tech research costs in the negative. For players who were unable to craft the Infested Catalyst Blueprint for Plague Star due to this bug, you should now be able to contribute the tier-appropriate amount! 
    • Resources and Credits that were contributed to research while it was in the negative have been refunded into the Clan Vault! Note that only Clans who were still in the negative prior to this hotfix will receive the refund. For Clans who contributed back up to positive values prior to the hotfix, you can submit a ticket to support.warframe.com (be sure to use the Clan/Dojo category). 
  • Fixed being unable to accept Cross Platform players into your Clan if the requesting player had not signed in since the launch of Cross Platform Clans. 
  • Fixed Hydroid’s tentacles (at its max amount of 20) not seeking out new enemies to grab after killing enemies already in their grasp. 
  • Fixed loss of function when hovering over a Clan’s advertisement at the same time your request to join them has been accepted.
  • Fixed a Hidden Chest spawning inside of the room that only unlocks after completing the Enigma at Kullervo’s Hold.
  • Fixed the Operator/Drifter swap button appearing in the Dormizone mirror Arsenal. 
  • Fixed Tenacious Bond’s buff icon not appearing for Clients if it was equipped onto Companion before Crit Mods. 
  • Fixed the “Survival” Nightwave Act’s “How To” description stating 30 minutes need to be completed in a Survival mission instead of the intended 20. 
  • Fixed certain Prex Cards having low resolution. 
  • Fixed the Paracesis’ “Rank Bonuses” on-hover UI element overlapping with its stats in the Upgrade screen. 
  • Fixed the “Skip All” button for the Waverider Comic Pages not being localized. 
  • Fixed a texture gap in Dagath’s Hollow Dojo room. 
  • Fixed a script error in Contagious Bond that would cause the mod to cease function. 
  • Fixed a script error occurring when sorting inventories that have a large amount of items. 
  • Fixed Warframes missing their heads in the Conclave pre-game lobby when more than 2 people join. 
  • Fixed Rhino’s mustache placement being too far inside his helmet. 
  • Fixed being able to benefit from Nekros’ Shield of Shadows Augment when using Shadow Punch as a Helminth ability. 
  • Fixed the tail attachment on the Loid Sentinel Skin unintentionally spinning. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm. 
  • Fixed Arcane Awakening and Arcane Consequence buff description showing up as a file path.
  • Fixed an issue causing Clan and Alliance Emblem changes to be delayed after approval.


Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix #8.1

  • Fixed Plague Star Steel Path bounties not rewarding any Operational Supply Standing. Oops!
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