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High frequency metronome (sometimes) reduces fps by 80%


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I've noticed this quite often now, whenever I play with other players and they have a metronome with a high frequency (not the tone, but recurrence) my fps drops from a v-synced 60 fps to ~30 when I get closer to them. This happens so often that whenever I'm in Circuit with them, I stay far away from them or leave early because for me the game becomes unplayable.

I did some testing in PoE and discovered that I also had the same problem while standing at the gate with my own metronome at a higher frequency.
My fps went from 60 to ~30.

Today I decided to test this extensively and noticed that I do not seem to have the problem every time I try this.
I turned off v-sync and got to a fps of ~200 and when using metronome it stayed that way.

I haven't been able to figure out what is triggering this, but I will run some more tests. Next time I notice fps drops because of this, I will turn off v-sync to see if that helps.

Any other suggestions are welcome as I've been having this same issue for at least one year now.

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