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PotatoFrame '99


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Inspired by, The Year (Warframe)1999, slow internet connection and download speed, and ancient potato technology

Actual Warframe name and armor and HP stats and number specifics and whatnot, I'll let DE worry about that.

Passive, Damage Lag. Like a two second delay between receiving damage and the hitpoints or shieldpoints actually being deducted. So can receive fatal damage with two second safety window to activate rolling guard to negate damage or pick up (enough) health orbs or activate pizza or whatever to be nonfatal damage. The damage is "still there" just on a delay that should be different or easier to react to.


1  Real-time Lapse. Warframe leaves afterimage trail behind itself when Any Movement. Afterimage trail acts as physical object, can use as platform or wall latch or whatever. Melee weapon swing hitboxes "persist", and afterimage trail impedes enemy movement and blocks projectiles. Afterimage trail does not act as a physical object to allies, does not impede their movement or block projectiles. Likely channeled ability, base duration of actual afterimage likely 3 seconds or something. 

Inspired by, timelapse pictures but something in the picture moved resulting in a stretched abomination, bad ping or bad internet connection/communication, and Alucard from SotN.


2  Burn In. Warframe generates spherical aura. Aura damages enemies (fire damage) and gives self+allies in range of aura damage reduction. Real-time Lapse afterimage trail also emits the aura, giving the aura some "persistence". Fire Damage and Damage Reduction scale with the Warframes (self+allies) "persistence", building when the Warframe is stationary or close/touching the Real-time Lapse afterimage trail, and dropping when the Warframe is zooming across tilesets. 

Inspired by, Image burn in, or monitor burn in for image persisting on screen too long. 


3  Latency Skip. Warframe releases a spherical pulse. Enemies hit are affected for a duration. Over the course of the duration, Enemies will cycle between being completely paused for .1 seconds (scales with strength) then given freedom of movement for 1 second. Warframe casting speed *might* affect the freedom of movement duration, not sure, with higher casting speeds reducing the enemies freedom.

Inspired by, the pausing and skipping and teleporting or zooming of npcs (Plaguestar Drone) or other players when bad ping. 

Helminth Subsume ability. Because this is something every Tenno playing online has likely experienced.


4  Windows of Dorian. Press to activate, hold to nullify effects or "clean the screen"

On activation, a screencap of the current display is made and turned into a glyph, then "glyphed" stationary hovering infront of the Warframe for a duration. Any attacks or damage inflicted on the Screencap Glyph will manifest on The Users Screen, as enemy damaging artifacts, likely for a seperate duration. Likely a limit on number of attacks able to become artifacts at once, with old artifacts fading away as new ones are made. 

Bonus Points if combos with "Burn In" to stack the aura to multiply the damage. No limit to the amount of aura stacks that can be layered, but it should make the game completely unplayable for PotatoFrame as the balancing point "so it's not OP" , unable to see anything on screen or any UI elements because of layered "burn in"  effects blindingly bright.


Inspired by, Desktop Destruction oldschool computer game. And also Dorian Gray, story about immortal guy with cursed painting that aged for him. Wanted to include a "Windows computer pun" somewhere in there. desktop-destroyer-1024x583.jpg

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