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2 Duviri Bugs


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#1 You still can't go into last gasp after fighting Orowyrm and then going to a side portal mission on your first time downed.  You will die first and then you can use last gasp normally.  It could be an issue for some people with 1 death left, going into a portal and getting downed will fail the mission.

#2 Operator bugs out in void mode on various structures in the Undercroft.  It's happened to me and a friend several times.  Basically when dashing around, and you hit an object, operator becomes glued into place in void mode, unable to do anything(abilities, transference, etc) until energy runs out? or /unstuck is typed.  It might not have been reported through unstuck because it does eventually unstick.  This particular bug caused me to fail a deep circuit run a while back on survival, because I didn't type unstuck quickly enough and I didn't budget 10 seconds for that.

I don't have a video or photo of this, but it has happened on various structures in the Undercroft.  I consider these low priority bugs myself, but I'm reporting them nonetheless.

Sorry, I meant to put this in mission section.

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