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The Dagath animation sound needs to change

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I don't mind the neighing from the horses, but one of the most annoying things and the reason Im not playing Dagath too much anymore, this PING noise like a bell or something on her 4th ability and also, infuriatingly enough, on her noble animation. Just taking a break and chatting in clan from orbiter I have to change frame or i will undoubtedly get a migraine. It's not just the sound itself that PINGS all the wrong neurones, it's the fact that this sound in all other games in the world denotes finding something or navigating the hud or similar. It's completely unfitting to an ability. I really don't understand why her horses neigh and then does this sharp ping noise. Please DE remove that dumb noise.

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If I was you which I was you Could change/ remove said animation from your dagath. I changed mine it was pretty annoying. ear piercing kind of pain that did make my head hurt. its her personal animation but its not worth using if it hurts your ears when idk idlily trade chatting or something.  either way I changed mine to mesas animation stance and I didn't look back lol


but yeah the sound is a bit much, tone it down by a lot I'm fine with the horse making a galloping noise. in fact I enjoy a lot of the horse sounds but not in her animations nope just nope. its to repetitive.

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Yeah thats what i did in the end. Switched to sevagoth's one-hand raised. It's similar and looks cool. It's still annoying with the sound the 4 makes in missions. Im talking about the ping noise only, not the horsey laugh that horses make when they talk. 

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