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Auto fail railjack mission


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Problem; The mission node "Orvin-Haarc" auto fails the mission upon entering the pillar for the spy mission sequence.

Frequency; mission results in failure everytime the player boards the pillar. The player is then teleported back to the railjack where they then are sent back to the dojo with no reward.

Railjack has full health, there are no enemies aboard the railjack, hull is in 100% in tact upon boarding the pillar.

If a player slingshots, boards, enters the pillar to start the spy mission section of the mission the result is an autofailure for the players and the squad.

The pillar opens to be boarded in the proper sequence; the objectives are complete, there are no remain crewships, security nodes, or enemies to kill. 


What should happen; when the player boards the pillar there should be a waiting period for all squad members to enter the pillar, once all members have arrived the doors should open and the spy portion of the mission should begin. However, the player never makes it this far, instead after the cinematic entrance the player is greeted with a mission failure.


How to resolve; remove "mission failure" coded prompt from the enter pillar code. This should allow the players to board the pillar and resume the game as normal.

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