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Hotfix 11.0.6


Damage 2.0 Fixes/Changes:


UI Changes:


(+/-) Indicators in Codex for enemy types to indicate weaknesses and immunities!


If an enemy has a (+) beside a damage type, they have a weakness to it. So, (+) beside fire means fire will be effective!

If an enemy has a (-) beside a damage type, they have immunity to it. So, (-) beside fire means fire will not be effective!


Enemy Changes:


Corpus Spacemen are now flesh.

Rollers are now robotic (no, no little fleshy Grineer’s inside!).


Resistance table changes:

Shield: Resistant to Explosion.

Infested:  Resistant to Poison, Weak to Explosion.

Robotic: Removed Puncture/Impact as relevant entries to enemy type. This means that they are neutral to these damage types.


Codex Changes:

Add 'known sources' to show which AI drops a mod if they have been scanned the requisite number of times.




Fixed issue where Mods meant to prevent Stagger, Knockdown, etc, were not working.

Fixed issue where seemingly open hallways had invisible doors preventing progress.

Fixed damage numbers and sounds appearing on already-dead enemies (Relevant:


Fixed Arsenal button remaining disabled after accepting an invite or not completely exiting screen.

Fixed more issues with Mods causing mission progress not saving to accounts in EU languages.

Fixed issue where enemies who were not supposed to have armor (according to the codex and design) were showing Armor values in UI with a Greenish/Yellow hud.

Fixed Valkyr’s power sounds not playing when using Noble animations.

Fixed Nef Anyo’s rank of Sergeant being spelled incorrectly.

Fixed missing charge animations in Prova attacks.

Fixed map overlay remaining up at mission end.

Fixed trade exploit where users could counteroffer before prompted, initiating a trade early.

Fixed Capture targets having additional armor.

Fixed unreleased mods being tradeable.

Fixed Hunt for Alad V breach “Muffled Sounds” being applied to all players when one player enters breach.

Fixed various crashes.

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