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Resistance table changes:

Shield: Resistant to Explosion.


Robotic: Removed Puncture/Impact as relevant entries to enemy type. This means that they are neutral to these damage types.

what? corpus aren't buffed enough?

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It's nice to have these hotfixes, they really can help us start our day with a smile.


But, as mentioned above, the droprates in void pose a real threat to gaming experience as more and more items get added to the pool the more watered-up it becomes. As my principles dictate, I try not to criticize anything without first thinking of a solution myself (I mean "It's wrong, make it better" isn't really constructive, is it?), so here it comes...



q86d.png -


As of now, players explore voids less and less, the parkour/treasure rooms lost most of their significance since we either already have the mods within or they were not really coveted to begin with. By the latter I mean the resource mods and the countless common mods dropped in there. Also, even though some resources do drop in void, since the resource pool is always the same, players rarely have any incentive to open lockers either.


First of all I would take all parts out of reward pools for voids and leave only main blueprints and forma in it, taking care that forma is equal or not significantly higher in drop chance than the bps. This would mean that bps are essentially easier to get since we have a ton of mission types and 3 tiers in every type - so enough space for new bps, etc.


As for lower tier missions, where getting the bp would be too easy, I would add an extra item with high chance to drop, something like a consolation prize.

I would make it into a package that contains 3 things that are chosen one-by-one from a reward pool:

- Common/unc/rare mods with 30/15/5% chance

- Extra credit sum, 7500 credit/tier of mission, 30% chance

- 30% chance to get a consumable (if possible I would tier consumables like mods)*

- 10% chance to get something... nice. Special bps that only be obtained from these packs, maybe mods. Not highly powered or rare mods but a family of mods only obtainable through this package. Like elemental mods for Warframe that slightly alter their powers - a flaming or viral Snow globe is always nice (of course I know that because of the needed effects this would need brutal amounts of time but at least let it be a dream of mine for now...).


*Already detailed it in different posts so I don't think I need to write too much about it here (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/79196-concepts-of-mine-consumables-merchant-gambler-and-void-cause-i-like-that/?view=findpost&p=863293 for those interested)


Overall something like this:


T1 missions:

5% BP

5% Forma

70% Consolation prize

20% 2 consolation prizes


T2 missions:

25% BP( for mission type like glaive for survival etc.)

25% Forma

40% Consolation prize

10% 2 consolation prizes


T3 missions:

40% BP( for mission type like glaive for survival etc.)

40% Forma

12% Consolation prize

8% 2 consolation prizes


Thus making the low tier voids into consumable/mod and credits farming centered instances with a slight chance to still get the coveted bp.

I would move the parts into the mission itself as drops but not as the old blueprints were, more like the artifacts during raid missions (or vault artifacts in Orokin Derelict vaults).

The parkour rooms would drop mods and maybe other stuff (like consumables :P) as usual but bigger ones would have a "prize" item within. At the end that the first player getting to it can obtain and transport to exit and providing everyone with the item in likeness of OD vault artifacts. I can imagine it as a floating or highligted crystal or small container, that you have to use or touch. This would dramatically cut rushers and would make people explore the maps.

Of course at least one treasure room would be necessary but T3 maps could have more than one - causing them to be highly valued yet trusted sources of such equipment (as of now we start T3 maps with a depressed attitude, knowing that nothing useful will drop) and the time spent on them to increase dramatically.


Players would still only know what they've found when they reach exit - but as a player myself I would make sure that never 2 pieces of the same item-part can appear during one mission (preferably applying the already mentioned system of drops losing chance to appear the more frequently they drop to a player).


Kinda like this.

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Fixed issue where seemingly open hallways had invisible doors preventing progress.

Fixed damage numbers and sounds appearing on already-dead enemies

Yes and yes! (the second one was client-only)

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