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Fixed Sentinels not showing in Codex if selected for viewing.

Removed energy drain from no-shield mode Nightmare missions.

Fixed issues with Scanner breaking primary weapon usage if knocked down.

Fixed Alad V’s boss diorama being a solo Moa.

Buffs to Alad V – his max level is increased.

Buffs to Zanuka’s shields and missiles.

This I liked!

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Thank you DE

Danke DE

спасибо DE

Merci DE

Grazie DE

Gracias DE

謝謝 DE

ありがとう DE

Obrigado DE

Teşşekkürler DE



hah! i beat that one guy to this post


You are the only guy to post that. How does it feel to be forever alone?

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If you find Warframe hard at all, even when starting off, maybe you should stick to Minecraft and TF2. 

I was actually speaking for newbies. I myself don't find Warframe hard at all. Alad dies in few seconds even after his buff.

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