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My music workshop


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Hi I make music in fruity loops. Some of it is warframe inspired, some of it does not follow any established themes but I usualy associate it with the game anyway because it was made to listen to while grinding and the only game I have been grinding is warframe. 

My output is pretty much random. Sometimes I make some tunes to challenge myself, sometimes its just some whimsical idea I needed to get out of my system. Sometimes I even score captura shots made by fellow Tenno for fun to hone my range.



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I made this thread for music but I don't want to create more spaces and I tried out alittle bit of captura so I'd like to know your opinion on this.

Which one do you like more? The untouched captura or the capture with external editing (filltering) GKLfpWGWUAAxEuM?format=jpg&name=largeGKGX8NOXMAAMZ9d?format=jpg&name=large

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