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Arsenal UI Bug: Stats for sub abilities are missing and Zenurik free cast applying to energy drain stat

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  • When viewing an ability in the arsenal that has multiple different functions (either through ability scrolling or form changes) only 1 of the abilities has it's stats shown.


For example:



Xaku's The Lost has 3 different abilities. Accuse, Gaze, and Deny. Only Accuse has it's stats shown. This seems to occur to most of the frames that function like this in addition to Equinox's abilities only showcasing the day form stats.

Imgur album of all the abilities I've noticed that are affected: https://imgur.com/a/UtxF9M3


Ivara's Quiver seems unaffected.




  • Energy drain in UI seems to be affected by Zenurik's Inner Might somewhat randomly.


I took the first 3 pictures while in Simulacrum and the rest are from my Orbiter. I had Zenurik equipped and as you can see in The Lost screenshot the energy cost has been reduced to 0. If I take off Zenurik for a different school and exit and re-enter the arsenal it shows the correct energy drain. Which abilities this seems to visually impact on the arsenal UI seems somewhat random (shown in the album above).


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