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Please, please, PLEASE fix reactant. Please. I am begging.

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Tier 6 fissures demonstrate the problems with this particular approach to anti-afk more concretely than ever before, Void Cascade especially, where objectives must be addressed quickly and a rotation can easily be completed in less than one minute. You can't afford to waste time babysitting the corruption mechanic until it decides to function, and so it is either feast or famine when it comes to obtaining reactant. In a group of four experienced players, it is very common for a rotation to complete with fewer than ten reactant drops.

This is a long-standing issue, but omnia fissures magnify it. Reactant as a method for preventing afk farming in fissures is non-functional. This is before taking into account the tendency of enemy spawning to break completely, leaving the group standing around in an empty room while timers tick down.

I beg of you, please, do something. Do anything. Anything at all.

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It would enable afk farming of relics, which would in turn incentivize botting. Botting in F2P games is a constant battle, and taking steps to prevent it is not imprudent.

However, it's an overstep when anti-afk measures have a noticeable impact on legitimate players. This is currently the case with reactant, particularly when the mission type is very fast-paced, like void cascade or capture.

Low spawn rate is also a contributing factor, which is why the meta for interception fissures is to hold 3/4 objectives until everyone has a relic unlock. Or, more accurately, it's why nobody runs interception fissures.

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Reactant drops are NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MULTIPLE GAME MODES!!! This has already been an obvious issue to greater or lesser extent for years in Excavation and Disruption fissures. These new ones simply amp the problem up even further by adding the possibility of actual mission failure if you try to force-mitigate the issue by slowing down. Once upon a time, fissures were a good idea to replace the god-awful system that preceded them. However, since they were introduced, the entire design space has been simply to copy-paste the 10 reactant pickup system to every single game mode, regardless of if or how well it works in the context of the mode, because that is simple and can be quickly implemented. This is no longer remotely acceptable, as with each new mode they apply this too, we can see it becoming less and less functional.

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