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Update 12: The Refining

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re: OP, been saying this since U4 :3

Sadly i dont think they are eager/able to do a major update which is just bugs and balancing and core mechanics expansion. Luckily, we do get a lot of that stuff spread out over time. It's less satisfying but it's also less risky, and they've got jobs to do/keep. :)

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Some frames really need a little bit of adjustment/balance. I have all the frames and I keep swapping what frame I will use to do my next mission, unless I need something really specific. Here are some skills that deserve some attention:


Ember Fireball - Not that good but it's like a fire punch (while the frost 1st skill it's an ice punch) so still acceptable, but deserves a little attention.


Frost Ice Wave - Works only with really low lvl enemys and doesn't apply slow (freeze proc) in everyone...


Nova Worm Hole - Needs some fix. The way you use it now it's kind of broken. If you have something NEAR, not in the way but just near the path Worm Hole should create, that "thing" will be the end-path of your skill. Kind of annoying some times....


Nyx Psychic Bolts - Not sure why this didn't get attention yet. Probably the most useless skill right now... It's weak, have a cast time + delay until it reach the target (if you are luck enough so it can actually hit). This one deserves a lot of attention, I agree with a rework/replace here.


Oberon Renewal - Projectile speed should be buffed. I agree if they get the same speed as the Psychic Bolts Phorid uses.


Saryn Molt - It's NOT LIKE the decoy from Loki, it should stay there until it dies or reach the time limit. We may make more then one at the same time.


Valkyr Rip Line - Bring us back the Spider Valkyr! Joke apart, the delay is annoying, something about half a sec for an instant skill, IMO, shouldn't be applied here.


There are other skills that some people may think it needs rework or a buff. In My Opinion, they are all useful if you know how to use it. They all have a place in the game, at least I find some.

For U12 I think it's about time to fix old bugs and the god then parkour auto-wallrun. Really, that 2nd one makes me cry sometimes.
Lore it's also great, but I think they will introduce it only after beta ends. =/


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What should happen in Update 12:


- Fix the most important bugs still in the game (networking, crashes, etc)

- Fix the UI once and for all (still a lot of design mistakes in there)

- A new HUD (the current looks so 1990 that it hurts)

- Improve the enemy AI

- Let the design department tweak designs of older frames (we all know that the older frames and the new ones look worlds apart)

- Fix warframes broken or buggy skills (Volt, Ash, Mag, Nekros, etc)

- New mastery rank related weapons or rewards (mastery ranks are pointless thing at the moment)

- Bring in a new faction, it's about f'ing time!

- A slider for Lotus tone of voice (normal to robotic)

- Make the bosses in the game more of challenge with different phases (like Ruk or Lephantis)

- Stop making the game so easy!!! Make it scale dificulty according to players rank, stats or something.

- To prevent whinning: A new Frame, a new Prime and a new titleset.


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Beefing up the bosses and improving/adding tilesets is pretty much order of the day for each new update. The Grineer Shipyard looks awesome from the concept art I've seen, and if they can do to the other bosses what they've done to Vor and Ruk, I look forward to that as well. Nef Anyo BADLY needs a boost. I agree that the Chem Lab needs more stuff: how about a Grineer Napalm-style fire launcher? Pretty please, DE?

Obviously there will be a new Warframe and probably some shiny new Prime gear too. Hopefully the Void tileset will keep expanding to keep up with the wealth of Prime gear out there - let's just pray they don't go overboard and make Prime versions of everything!

No hope for a new enemy faction (the three faction system works, anyway) but new enemy types would be welcome. Possibly more ambient hostiles like the Desert Skate? And new bosses: Lephantis was a great addition and Alad V was... okay...

What I'm really interested in is new Dojo stuff and exactly what the new frame and weapons will be. The recent weapon additions have been fun, especially the Tigris and Magnus, but we need some more Tenno and Infested weapons! The Soma and Vectis are fantastic, but the Infested weapons are generally a bit mediocre (with the exception of the amazing Synapse) and there are only four real Tenno guns. More Tenno gear!

As for the new frame... hoping for a peek at some concept art soon. I liked Valkyr a lot, so I'm confident they're not about to run out of ideas. A frame with the ability to fly for short durations would be cool, or something more Loki-esque like a ghost-themed frame.

Or... since the new tileset is the Grineer Shipyard... and it's on a stormy ocean...


agree with ghost type warframe, i mean nekros design looks verry f**king cool and whould be great to use on a ghost type warframe. A nice ideea is to create a new kind of powers that should be: Ghost : u can pass trough orange doors ( when bypass needed ) , No indeea for name to this one: use some kind of kynetic power to drag the pointed enemy near you, then long claws exit from fingers and cut his head, resulting instant kill ( except if is an boss ) ,Possess: to get into an enemy corpse, then kill an enemy, move to his corpse , kill another and keep going on, like ash's blade storm but killing with wepons of that enemy , Grave: take souls of all enemy in room and give power to all tenno in squad ( something like rhino's roar, but more powerfull ). I'm waiting for this kind of warframe, because i love the ideea of ghosts. Edited by V3nNoM
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The community hot topics last week mentioned a major update "the week after next", meaning next week.

Sheldon's post in the dev workshop mentioned U12 within the things "to expect next month", and that was also a week ago.


So probably not.

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we need some changes. warframes need a buff Rhinos iron skin and stomp prime warframes should be stronger than the normal version. for enemies OMG we need a challenge for those that play survival the fun not starting till 35 min too long rhino shield is eaten too fast for a " TANKER " lots of bugs need fixing but that's in progress. new interesting guns for the clan tech new sentinels in every lab. the HUD needs work.



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I'm sure this has been suggested already somewhere, but would be nice to have option to skip all cutscenes etc. automatically, without smashing space and clicking "yes" every time you join to a mission. I've seen them over thousand times already. It's not as bad as in D3, but still frustrating. Even those small things can improve player's gaming experience considerably.

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The game is in beta, so if they balance all now, when they add new stuff they have to go back and re-balance once again, repeating this over and over.


Stuff do need to be balance though, cause the gap between old and new stuff is getting bigger.

But I guess they have their hands filled with work cause of RNG rewards problems, and all other stuff the community is complaining about.

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