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NSW Nightwave: Nora's Mix Vol.6: Update 35.6

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Note: Nora’s Mix Vol.6 begins today at 2 PM ET. 

Seize the day with Nora’s Mix Vol. 6! Complete Nightwave Acts to unlock new rewards, including new Weapon Augment Mods, Daybreak Cosmetics and more. 

Like previous editions of Nightwave, we will include duplicate protection for rewards you have already unlocked. Identical to Nora’s Mix Vol. 5, Tenno can expect to be compensated with Nora’s Mix Vol. 6 Creds instead of the previous unlocked reward.

New Tier Rewards 


Cedo Daybreak Skin
Watch your enemies fall before this weapon of the sunrise. A vibrant skin for the Cedo.


Glaive Daybreak Skin
Send your enemies into the long night with this dawn inspired Glaive skin.


Nukor Daybreak Skin
Make this sunrise your enemy’s last with this luminous Nukor Skin.


Daybreak Armor Bundle
Dazzle friends and enemies alike, with this armor’s solar brilliance.

  • Note: Certain Warframes have offset issues in Chatlink previews of the Armor pieces which will be addressed in a future Hotfix/Update. 

Daybreak Vanquished Banner
Rise up and raze your enemies with this radiant Syandana.

Daybreak Emote
Greet the new day with this brilliant emote.

Daybreak Kubrow Gene-Masking Kit
The Orokin engineered this DNA structure to make their Kubrows embody the season of renewal. Includes: 

  • Daybreak Kubrow Fur Pattern - Make your Kavat’s fur shine with solar majesty. 
  • Fur Colors: 
    • Dusk Pink
    • Evening Purple
    • Morning Yellow

Daybreak Kavat Gene-Masking Kit
The Orokin engineered this DNA structure to make their Kavats embody the season of renewal. Includes: 

  • Daybreak Kavat Fur Pattern - Make your Kavat’s fur shine with solar majesty. 
  • Fur Colors: 
    • Dawn Pink 
    • Horizon Pink 
    • Lua Purple 
    • Sol Yellow 

Clip Delegation (Sobek Augment Mod)
On Reload : Next Magazine has Status Chance and Multishot increased by 15% per shot landed with current Magazine. Max 15 stacks. 

Photon Overcharge (Glaxion Augment Mod)
On Kill or Assist: Slain enemies have a 2% chance to drop an Energy Orb per Cold Status affecting them. +90% Critical Damage. 

Khora In Action Glyph
A Glyph for your profile.

Nightwave Cred Store Additions
The following new and returning rewards from previous Nightwave Series have been added to the Cred Store and will appear in future rotations:

  • Qorvex Raxpart Helmet Blueprint
  • Dante Cantist Helmet Blueprint 
  • Napalm Grenades (Penta Augment Mod)
  • Deadly Maneuvers Mod (Magnus Augment Mod)
  • Dizzying Rounds Mod (Bronco Augment Mod)
  • Bursting Mass Mod (Mutalist Quanta Augment Mod)


The Arsenal of the Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos have expanded with the Kuva Sobek and Tenet Glaxion! Hunt down Larvlings and Candidates for a chance at these Kuva and Tenet variants.  

Kuva Sobek 
The Kuva Sobek’s exceptional Reload Speed, Critical Chance, and Status Chance make it a natural fit for the Kuva Lich’s dominant spirit. 

Tenet Glaxion
Advances on microelectronics have improved a Corpus classic. Tenet Glaxion’s photon beam strikes up to four enemies at once. It also boasts superior Damage, Critical Chance, and Status Chance. 



The next batch of TennoGen Unbound items are here! Enjoy 4 new creations from talented community artists. 

TennoGen Unbound Bundle III: 

  • Revenant Wight Skin & Alt Helmet by Malaya & Jadie & Awk'Q-Luz 
  • Mag Celestis Skin & Alt Helmet by Malaya & Jadie & Awk'Q-Luz 
  • Baruuk Peacemaker Skin & Alt Helmet by Ventralhound
  • Nikana Minos Skin by Malaya & Scharkie



  • Protea Prime’s signature theme featured in her trailer is now available to own as a Somachord song! Acquire “Protea Prime Theme” from Varzia’s Prime Resurgence Offerings for Aya. 



  • Mobility-type abilities (i.e. Void Sling, Nezha’s Blazing Chakram, Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance, Ash’s Teleport, etc.) can now be used any many times as you like (Energy permitting) during the Ropalolyst fight, with the exception of the wire traversing portion of Phase 1. 
    • Previously, the Ropalolyst would use its Nullifying Scream immediately after a mobility-type ability was used.  
    • Now, the Ropalolyst will only use its Nullifying Scream after a mobility-type ability is used while attempting to bypass the wires. 
      • There was a bug with Nullifying Scream that made it inconsistent and unpredictable. It would allow every 3rd or 5th cast of a mobility-type ability and then nullify completely, instead of doing so after the first cast. So we decided to fix the issue by allowing these abilities to be used freely during the fight and only trigger Nullifying Scream when cast during the wire stage. This is so that we can maintain the intended challenge and design of that Phase. 
  • Fixed the cooldown for Void Sling not ticking down while playing as a Warframe nullified by Ropalolyst’s Nullifying Scream. 
    • Previously, the cooldown would stop while playing as a Warframe and would only continue while playing as the Operator. 
    • Now, the cooldown ticks down while in Warframe and Operator, so that you can Void Sling faster while switching between the two.
  • Removed the nullifying field around enemy Necramechs. 
    • In addition to abilities being nullified unpredictably, there were no visual indicators for this field which made it extremely difficult to counter/dodge, so we’ve just removed it entirely. This only affected a few specific Abilities, including Void Sling, so we felt it was no longer necessary to maintain. 
  • "Scattered Justice" Augment Mod is now compatible with the Kuva Hek.
    • When we first made the decision to prevent this Mod from being equipped on the Kuva Hek many years ago, we felt it was the right decision for the time. Our goal was to keep the Kuva Hek in check and avoid it being significantly more powerful than all other shotguns, which would have been limiting to the all-important player choice in the Arsenal. Revisiting this decision now in 2024, there are other sufficient weapons and upgrades to make the Kuva Hek & Scattered Justice a good choice but not the ONLY choice. Note that Scattered Justice remains incompatible with the Vaykor Hek because it already has a built in "Justice" effect.
  • “The Price Of Freedom” (Free one Captured Solaris using a Granum Crown) Nightwave Act will now only appear if you’ve completed The Deadlock Protocol Quest - since Granum Crowns are not accessible until then. 
  • Updated the music in the in-game Market to make it more ambient and added full length tracks in place of the short music snippets. 
  • Added correlating icons whenever one of the 14 main Damage or Status Effects are mentioned in Nightwave Act descriptions to increase readability. 
  • Updated the names of the Pride Glyphs and Displays. 


  • Made a number of optimizations to the Friends, Clan and Alliance members lists. 
  • Fixed performance issues caused by extremely intense blue/white VFX taking over the screen during the Kaithe phase of the Steel Path Orowyrm fight. 


  • Fixed completing Omnia Fissure missions not counting towards the “Unlock Relic” Nightwave Act. 
  • Fixed loss of function when casting Dante’s Noctua ability after completing the Kaithe stage of the Steel Path Orowyrm fight. 
  • Fixed players with Overguard being affected by the Gruzzling’s slow AOE. 
  • Fixed the VFX from the “Devil’s Bargain” Risk Variable in Deep Archimedea being extremely intense and reducing visibility. 
  • Fixed the Corrupted Jackal in the Undercroft disappearing if all players are downed at the same time during the fight, causing a halt in Undercroft/Circuit progress. 
  • Fixed player getting zapped by the Negate Mod equipped on their Wyrm Sentinel every 5 seconds after opening Arsenal in a Relay/Town. 
  • Fixed Inaros’ Negation Armor Augment Mod causing a loss of function when put into his Undying Passive state.  
  • Fixed Nataruk’s Magazine stat (and by relation, its secondary Reload Time stat) not being visible in the Arsenal. 
  • Fixed Wisp’s Reservoir Mote counter disappearing from the HUD after switching to and from Operator. 
  • Fixed player Necramechs spawning through the floor in Albrecht’s Laboratories instead of from the dispenser. 
  • Fixed the Credit amount displayed in the End Of Mission screen for Index missions being greater than what was actually earned. 
  • Fixed being unable to Chat Link a majority of the Emotes. 
    • There are still more to be fixed (notably the “Handshake” Emote) - we will be addressing these in a future Hotfix/Update. 
  • Fixed several map holes in the Orokin Tower tileset. 
  • Fixed the “Kill X Enemies” Nightwave Act title appearing as a file path. 
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to dismiss a Railjack Crew Member. 
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yet you guys haven’t fixed trading plat to other players likes ffs at this point everyone just moved over to pc and I can’t even trade with them anymore. Like if We can’t trade with other people on crosssave then why bother adding switch to the crosssave. No point just keep them seperate because at this point it’s unfair for the switch players who got screwed over by ur deal.

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