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Update Failures

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If you stay patient and let the download do its error things, it seemed to download for me eventually.


I also changed to Directx10 as another forumer suggested. I have no idea if this actually helped though because I had similar errors the whole time.

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😥😓I thought I was the only one with the problem. Now I am relieved that I am not alone with that problem, despite the current problem. 😃 That means for me, the problem is not local. Conclusion, no need to worry. 😘

Time to be patience 🙂 

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Please, PLEASE test updates and hotfixes before you release them!

Never known a dev release a hotfix and literally break their own game.

Whoever signed off on this release needs to lose their job, shameful

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10 minutes ago, ScytheG said:

Game keeps saying new version, restart launcher when logging in.

Having this also. Attempting to see if verifying the cache will help at all.

Edit: Didn't solve the issue, game still says there's a new version of the launcher when attempting to login.

Edit 2: It shows this if you hit the versions button in the launcher settings, where it shows the launcher being from 4/30 but the engine (which I assume are the game files) are from today, 5/1. Perhaps these not being the same is causing the issue?c708b5ee34.jpg

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