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Update Failures

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Hello today(1-05-20) at 22h30 he have an update of warframe i leave the game an instal the update an know at 22h40 when i play the game, it saying "new version leave the game" but i have instal it 10 minute before.

It's a problem ... I don't know how resolved it

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Same, Because it wouldn't be Warframe if there wasn't a hotfix for a hotfix to an update that was supposed to fix broken aspects of the game, that the last 10 hotfixes didn't address. Yeah...I'm going to play Gears: Tactics instead. "sigh"

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I am getting the same login error as the rest on this thread, it keep telling me to get the update that took about an hour to install. I get sending updates out and making hot fixes in the same day can really mix stuff up. I hope you guys at DE fix this as soon as possible (and get rid of impact on the nagantaka) so we can get back to enjoying the amazing gift to the world of gaming you guys have made.


sorry it wan't workign when I started to write this and by the time it was done it was resolved 0_0

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