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Update Failures

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for people just joining us

suggested ideas that work for some people but not a complete solution

-restarting computer


-turning off 3rd party anti-virus or play with the firewall settings


-fixing IE options (reference page 1)


-clearing temp files by using CCcleaner


-validating files / clearing game cache (WARNING: THIS WILL MAKE YOU RE-DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE GAME)


-disabling checkbox for 64bit and/or bulk download


-using a proxy


-using regedit and changing values https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/33336-for-anyone-with-the-endless-checking-for-updates-problem/  (<--- DO NOT attempt if not tech savvy, you could mess up the way your computer starts)


-using spotflux (reference page 7 of this thread)


-fixing .bat file http://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/6219-checking-for-update-europe-players/page-7#entry46648

(only for people who do not use steam)

Feel free to post more solutions I have not mentioned

also admins said any of the above procedures are not complete solutions and any sucess was merely coincedental, unless it really is fixed for you, in that case. mazeltov.

also someone on page 5 mentioned a very gold suggestion

RetrinancE: I need to know why can't they just upload a manual update somewhere and let us replace the files/folders ourselves?

devs do you know what "files" we can't obtain automatically if so why not put it all in a rar and send it our way with a procedure on where to implant it.


why bother, many good game out there ....uninstall is the way if developer can't solve this mess...

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I'm new to the game, and with finally getting the game's login screen up and after entering my info nothing really seems to be happening; no logging in statement, no upload statement, nothing.  Is this something common when you first download the game?

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Help ! I keep getting this message,

"Update Failed, some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers. The update will restart shortly"



This has been happening to me today, although in a slightly cackhanded way. I have not played warframe since update 7.10.5 (ish). the initial update approx 1 1/2 hours ago to bring it up to date went smoothly and i had a good 3/4-1hr play time.


20mins ago went to login again and this error/constant update loop occurred.


Under the assumption things might be a little busy on DEs side, will be back in an hour to update this post


EDIT: Launcher attempts to download 10kb, update error loop occurs

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Well I can't update either or I can't see the meter running, it says Video card not supported o.o I never had this problem before, I only updated to AMD Vision Catalyst 13.6 Beta and now it says Video card not Supported.

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This freaking failure happened today.I`ve used all steam options to repair it.I have reinstalled it also - it hasn`t helped.After that i`ve downloaded non-steam version of this game,disabled anti vyrus, and no positive results so far.

I`ve done all steps that have been described in the 1st post of this topic.

It is freaking annoying that i have to download all updates multyple times just to see the same failure mesage.


Is it so freaking hard to fix this? Developers,maybe it is time for you to think about good patches instead of pumping money and extra discounts for platinum?The amount of bugs increases after every patch which has been done lately.

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Its hotfix 8.1.3


The launcher tries to connect to download the update and just sits there. It times out and then retries.


http://puu.sh/3laBH.jpg a picture of the error message I get. "Update failed. The content servers are temporarily offline. ERROR_INTERNET_TIMEOUT."


I redownloaded the game, tried turning off firewalls, as well as other solutions I've seen on the forums. All with no results :(


Trying to change any settings in the launcher just makes it crash so I don't know what to do :( I really enjoy Warframe and I would like to play the event this weekend but I'm worried now that I'll miss it.


EDIT:Tried a few more things. Clean install. that didn't work at first, but then I read about someone resetting their router and it worked. So I did that and I was able to connect and download all the updates. I don't know how that did it or if DE fixed it, either way, I'm glad its working again :D


so thanks to all the people who posted fixes to this issue <3


P.S. *shameless begging* Vauban systems alert please? :3

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just great to organize events for the weekend, when all this due to upgrades, more and more people can not enter the game.

hurry to enjoy the game ... if you can come


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Update Failed 


Download data Was Corrupted


The Updated Will Be Restarted Shorty...


I Think No1 Get this Update Failed can Some1 Tell me what Is Going On to the Game i just reinstall 2 times and this is What i GET!!! Help Help Help ! ! ! ! !

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