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A Brief History Of Tenno

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     The first Tenno appeared a century after the Advent of Immortality.  Japanese colonists on Mars discovered ruins of a precursor race dubbed "Orokin" by the scientists that subsequently began to study them.  Through the study of these ruins, Humanity made unprecedented advances in both biological and technological engineering.  The human lifespan extended longer and longer, until it stretched to infinty.  And so it was that, standing on the shoulders of dead giants, Man found himself beyond Death's grasp.


So began an era of great peace and exploration -- the Last Golden Age.  


Unfortunately, with no more deaths from war, disease, or age, the population of Earth eventually reached its breaking point.  Eventually war did come, for resources -- especially food.  But even with the wars the population continued to rise and the crisis came to a breaking point.  Efforts to terraform and colonize other planets in the solar system were far too slow to accomodate the population explosion on Earth.  


The first Culling began 300 years after the discovery of the Orokin ruins, and the first 100 generations of immortals hunted down and executed any person younger than them, and strict government regulation mandated that no new births be allowed without the death of one of the Old Guard.  


Society stagnated, growing licensious and corrupt.  It was in this world that the first Tenno was born -- Motoko.

Hunted from birth, the young daughter of two biological engineers was a genetic marvel.  At 12 she watched her parents publically executed, and at 16 she stood triumphant over the corpses of the world's governments.  She was the Goddess of Revolution, the Silver Shadow, and with her Blade so went the world. 


She led the hiding survivors of the first Culling in a glorious overthrow of the corrupt governments and established a unified world order, but as with many revolutions previous, the new guard soon closely resembled the old one.  After the Old Guard was hunted down and destroyed the laws against newborns were lifted, but within a century population problems were began to arise.  Motoko grew weary of the problems of Earth, and abandoned it for Mars.  

On Mars she visited the Orokin ruins -- images of which had plagued her dreams for decades.  The ancient Orokin sentience housed within the building deemed her worthy, and drew her into its inner forge.  Inside, detached from space and time, she learned the secrets of the Orokin, and forged the first human Warframe, becoming the first Tenno.


Motoko established the Clan Dojo on Mars, and ruled the Cult of Shadows for centuries before her mysterious disappearance 17 years before the Grineer uprising.


During the nearly 10,000 years of her reign, Earth became embroiled in innumerable cullings and wars so constant humanity stopped naming them.  An ever-escalating arms race of technology and biological engineering begat more carnage than ever experienced in human history.  Every so often, however, an exceptional individual would prove him or herself in battle, and the Cult of Shadows would call on them to undergo training, trials, and eventually genetic reconditioning.  Of those elite few, even fewer were called into the heart of the Orokin forge.  Each one designed their own Warframe, making it an extension of their soul as much as their body.  Each Warframe was a living extension of the Tenno inside, and was constantly growing and adapting to new technology.  The suit learned in combat alongside its master, and grew quicker and more deadly with each life it took.


The Cult of Shadows was occasionally challenged for its strategically advantageous command of Mars, and very often interfered in the wars of Humanity, punishing perpetrators of war crimes or attacks on citizen targets.  A large population of followers began to grow on Mars, outside of the great Gates of the Orokin temple.  Mars was a world of secrecy, but also peace.


The Tenno began a search for other Orokin temples in the solar system, and set up Temples around the ruins they found.  


Earth eventually exhausted its War resources, and only then did the killing stop.  An era of rebuilding began, and eventually the Tenno felt they would not be needed again.  Motoko, becoming more and more obsessed with the history of the Orokin, disappeared without warning into the Void.  The other Tenno  locked themselves in cryo sleep around the solar system, usually near Orokin artifacts or temples.  They instructed a few key followers to awake them should they ever be needed again.  



Unfortunately, the madman Silvan Grineer attacked only 5 days after the last Tenno began his Eternal Sleep.  A rare mortal man with a condition that rendered him incompatible with the Orokin immortality treatments, Silvan found a much darker path to immortality through his army of broken clones.   In secret on the moon Triton, Silvan had been mining resources and multiplying his mortal, but very powerful Clones.  His invasion came quickly and brutally, cutting off routes of travel and preventing the waking of the Tenno.  He slaughtered the people of Mars and burned the Dojo before he turned his eyes to earth.  In a 100-year-long campaign the Grineer clones erased humanity from Earth.  The survivors, desperate and homeless, turned to the Corpus for aid.  The Corpus had previously been a manufacturing company based in the outer rim, but turned their technological prowess towards weapon and drone development.  Corpus was a less than ideal savior, however, and a totalitarian regime arose, taking advantage of the terror surrounding  the Grineer.  They kept the people from waking the Tenno as they ruled and waged an unending war against the Grineer.


The technocyte virus was created in the early days of the Grineer War by the Corpus in an effort to take advantage of the Grineer clone's genetic and technological homogeniety.  Unfortunately, the infestation was far too virulent and great swaths of the solar system were lost to the infested, though the Grineer barely managed to retain control of Earth.  


The Great Solar War has lasted many many years.  So many that the brainwashing practices of the Corpus merchant cult has almost completely erased them from memory.


A small cadre of survivors from Mars remembered, however, and from a derelict ship in the Void they continued the warrior tradition of the Tenno.  Many attempts were made to breach the Grineer or Corpus defenses surrounding the Orokin Temples, but all failed. 


It was only with the mysterious appearance of the Lotus that the survivors finally had the leadership they needed to overcome the Grineer defenses on Mercury's moon and awaken the Tenno housed within. With this first awakening, a new age of Tenno dawns.


The Tenno are weak from their long sleep.  What is more, millenia of advancements have wrought deadly new technology that could prove a challenging to their own strength.  The Warframes that made them as gods long ago are now vulnerable to harm.  The Warframes are dynamic by nature, however.  Every blow received, every life taken teaches it more about the enemy it is fighting.  The Warframe will assimilate the new technology it encounters.  The Tenno will grow more powerful than ever before in the face of these new enemies, and as their battle-sense returns they will reach heights of prowess never before seen in the sentient universe.  

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I have info for you the first Tenno I actually Beileve was a character named Hayden Tenno and he has his own video game Dark Sector he was a deformed human sorta and he could not feel pain that is where the idea of the glaive cam out unless you stick the old japenese fairy tale

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