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XBOX Update 36: Jade Shadows

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In moments of despair, let the battle resonate with song. Delve into long-held secrets of the Origin System with our new Ascension Game Mode, Operation: Belly Of The Beast and the latest cinematic Quest that uncovers a secret, long kept by the Stalker. 

Jade Shadows also brings our 57th Warframe, Jade, a glorious herald of both life and death. An Arsenal of her radiant weapons awaits you, fit to combat that which lies in the dark. 

Discover New Warframe Augment Mods, the Yareli Pandea Skin Bundle, new TennoGen and more! We’ve also packed this Update with reworks and QOL - read on to learn everything Jade Shadows has brought!

Jade Shadows is a Mainline Update! 

Meaning that everything the team has been working on since the launch of Dante Unbound is in this update (with the obvious exception of content that is not ready to be released). It is very likely, as it is with all Mainline updates, that things slip through the cracks so we will be watching for bug reports and feedback in the dedicated Jade Shadows Subforums to address in follow-up Hotfixes.

If any of the terms above are new to you, visit “The Warframe Lexicon for Updates” to learn more about Warframe’s development cycle. 

Update Download Size: 

  • Xbox One: ~2.67 GB
  • Xbox Series X/S: ~2.72 GB

Total Warframe Download Size:

  • Xbox One: 49.7 GB
  • Xbox Series: 49.9 GB



Xbox Series X/S Spawn Rate Change:

We have increased spawn limits on Xbox Series X/S to match PC. What this means is that we’ve increased the amount of enemies that can spawn on these platforms. Last-gen consoles (Xbox One) have not changed and maintain these lower spawn limits when matchmaking between each other.

These spawn limits were originally implemented for last-gen consoles by design for performance purposes. The more enemies in a mission, the increased chances that performance would be impacted. These spawn limits carried over onto the next-gen consoles when Warframe launched on them respectively, but these limits don’t apply as they have the capacity to manage higher spawns. 

The Host always determines the spawn limit count, so if you'd prefer to opt out of matchmaking with a higher spawn limit player (for performance reasons), you can disable Cross Platform Play (it can be enabled/disabled in Settings > System > Cross Platform Play) and matchmake with your respective platforms at their lower limits. 

General Xbox Notes: 

  • Improved quality of foliage graphics on Xbox Series X. 
  • Improve stability on Xbox during some suspend/resume scenarios.
  • Made performance improvements on Xbox One when destroying destructibles.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to code-gen for Xbox. 
  • Fixed hitch that could occur during the End of Mission screen on Xbox. 
  • Code Fixes From Dante Unbound: 
    • Fixed held items (Datamass, Life Support, etc.) completely blocking the screen when shooting the Grimoire at the same time.  
    • Fixed an extremely rare crash that could occur when joining a mission in progress. 
    • Fixed Red Energy colors appearing pink/magenta across Warframes, Attachments (notably VFX-heavy Syandanas), and Weapons. 
      • Also fixed cases where red, orange, and brown Energy colors looked like they are more yellow. 
    • Fixed black Energy color appearing white (in Orbiter and mission). 
    • Fixed a crash caused by recovering from being knocked down. 
      • This was also causing an issue in Deep Archimedea where your Warframe would seemingly “trip” all over the place before crashing. 
    • Fixed a crash caused by weapon hit direction. 
    • Fixed Secondary ammo pickups in the Simulacrum not charging the Grimoire’s alt-fire. 


There is much to explore in Update 36: Jade Shadows! We highly encourage you to read the patch notes in full but if you are looking for a specific topic, simply CTRL+F the following keywords to jump to its dedicated section:

  • New Cinematic Quest: Jade Shadows
  • New Warframe: Jade
  • New Weapons
    • New Bow: Evensong
    • New Thrown Secondary: Cantare
    • New Scythe Melee: Harmony 
  • New Game Mode: Ascension 
  • New Eximus Unit: Jade Light Eximus
  • Operation: Belly Of The Beast (begins today at 11:30 AM ET) 
  • New Warframe Augment Mods
  • Tennogen Shadows
  • New In-Game Market Additions
    • Jade Collection
    • Jade Chorus Pack
    • Jade’s Ensemble
    • Yareli Pandea Skin Bundle 
  • Resistances And Status Rework 
    • The following list is featured sections and is not exhausted:
      • Simplified Faction Resistances
      • Armor Adjustments
      • Shield Adjustments
      • Status Effect Reworks
      • Warframe Changes
        • Includes Frost Rework, Ember Changes and more
  • Duviri Additions & Changes
    • New Decrees
    • New Undercroft Mission: Alchemy 
    • Pathos Clamps Rewarded From Undercroft Portals 
  • New Player Experience Improvements
    • Debt-Bond Farming Changes
    • Voidrig Acquisition Improvements
    • Awakening Quest Improvements
  • UI Additions, Changes & More
    • Loadout Customization From Navigation 
    • Arsenal UI Additions & Changes
    • Stat UI Changes & Fixes
  • HUD Changes
  • Finisher Changes
  • Additions
  • Changes
  • Top Fixes
  • Optimizations
  • Fixes



Struggling to understand the oldest and deepest secret from his past, Stalker finds himself allied with sworn enemies on the troubling road toward uncovering the truth… and averting an incalculable loss.  

Spoiler Courtesy

Jade Shadows contains significant spoilers for Warframe! To ensure that all Tenno enjoy the best possible experience, we ask that you allow others to complete the Quest at their own pace, and to please be kind by avoiding spoiling it for others. 

If you’d like to discuss or share anything related to the Quest after playing (and we certainly expect that you will), please use spoiler tags so everyone can experience it as intended. 

Here’s how you can use spoiler tags/warnings to share your experience without impacting others:


  • Use “Spoiler” warnings on any content pertaining to the Ques. This includes social posts, live streams, videos, Capturas, Fan Art, Etc. 
    • On our Forums you can use the “Spoiler” tag to properly mark your post, as well as the built-in “Spoiler” button to cover your text up when posting:
  • Content Creators should clearly label spoiler content and use spoiler-free thumbnails and titles.

Quest Prerequisites 

You must have completed The New War Quest in order to play the Jade Shadows Quest. The Quest will become available from your Codex once you have done so. 

Quest Commitment & Duration

Similar to The New War Quest, once you commit to beginning Jade Shadows you will be unable to do other Warframe activities for the duration of the Quest. You will be able to pause the game, and your progress will be saved between missions. It is roughly a ~30 minute experience, perhaps faster for seasoned Tenno! 

Content warning: This quest contains scenes of trauma related to motherhood. 

Quest Rewards

  • Jade Warframe Blueprint
  • Access to Operation: Belly Of The Beast 
    • Read the dedicated section below to learn more about the Operation
  • Access to the new Ascension Game Mode
    • Read the dedicated section below to learn more about the new Game Mode
  • New Captura Scene from the Quest
  • New Displays from the Quest

Share your Feedback & Bug Reports on the Jade Shadows Quest in the dedicated Feedback Subforum. 




Become enraptured by the song of devastation. Through her, the Jade Light can be a source of destruction or a source of support.

How To Acquire Jade

  • Completing the Jade Shadows Quest: Jade’s Blueprint is rewarded after completing the Quest.
  • New Ascension Game Mode - Brutus (Uranus) Drop Tables: Jade’s Component Blueprints have a chance to be rewarded from the new Ascension Game Mode on Brutus, Uranus (more information in the “New Game Mode: Ascension” section below). 
  • Ordis’ “Release Vestigial Motes” Store in the Larunda Relay: Jade’s Blueprint and Component Blueprints can be exchanged for Vestigial Motes via Ordis in the Larunda Relay on Mercury (more information about Vestigial Motes can be found in the “New Game Mode: Ascension” section below).
  • In-Game Market: Jade and her Collection are available for purchase in the in-game Market for Platinum. 

Jade’s Abilities 

Passive: The Anointed 

Jade’s profound understanding of the relationship between life and death grants her two Aura Mod Slots. Some of her Abilities apply Judgments, increasing enemy damage vulnerability by 50% for 10s. 

Ability 1: Light’s Judgment 

Create a well of light that heals allies and hurts enemies. Those who enter the well will be highlighted by Judgment.

Light’s Judgment is Jade’s Railjack Kinesis ability. 

Ability 2: Symphony of Mercy

Cycle through three songs that strengthen allies. Extend the duration of each song by killing enemies surrounded by Judgments.


  • Power Of The Seven: Increases Ability Strength 
  • Deathbringer: Increases Weapon Damage
  • Spirit Of Resilience: Increases Shield Regeneration and decreases Shield Regen Delay 

Ability 3: Ophanim Eyes 

Jade summons an accusatory gaze that slows nearby enemies and dissolves their Shields and Armor. When the gaze falls upon allies, they can be revived from a distance.

Ophanim Eyes is Jade’s subsumable Helminth ability. 

Ability 4: Glory on High

Soar with destructive power. Use alternate-fire to detonate Judgments, causing an explosion of Jade Light. Enemies inside the Light’s Judgment radius empower the explosion. 

Jade’s Glory on High Exalted Weapon: Glory 

Unleash the power of the Jade Light. 

Maximum Loadout Slot Increase:

With the release of Jade, the maximum number of purchasable Loadout Slots has been increased from 25 to 26. 

Jade’s Prex Card

Expand your Prex Card collection with a new addition! Jade’s Prex Card can be found in a special location in the new Ascension Game Mode’s tileset.

Share your Feedback & Bug Reports on the Jade in the dedicated Feedback Subforum. 


Jade brings with her a full Arsenal of weapons that evoke feelings of hope, a counterpart to that which evokes an absence of light. 


New Bow: Evensong 

Counter the dread of battle with a song of praise. Enemies cannot hurt your allies while wounded by Evensong’s arrows. Kills with Evensong empower ally weapons with Multishot.  

Unique Trait - Evensong Devotion

Damage dealt by Evensong's arrows applies 7 stacks of Puncture Status, which reduces the target's damage output by 100% and increases their Critical Chance of damage taken by 35%. Kills with Evensong activate Evensong Devotion, a buff that increases Multishot by 35% for allies.


How to Acquire Evensong:

Acquire the Evensong Blueprint from the new Ascension game mode, or obtain the Blueprint in exchange for Vestigial Motes from Ordis in the Larunda Relay on Mercury. It can also be purchased fully built via the in-game Market for Platinum.


New Thrown Secondary: Cantare 

In moments of despair, let the battle resonate with song. Cantare’s blades lodge into the battlefield and return upon reload. When returning blades strike enemies, Cantare empowers allies with increased Reload Speed. 

Unique Trait - Cantare Chorale

Cantare's blades have a 300% Critical Chance when they return upon reload. Strike enemies with returning blades to activate Cantare Chorale, a buff that increases Reload Speed by 20% for allies.

How to Acquire Cantare:

Acquire the Cantare Blueprint from the new Ascension game mode, or obtain the Blueprint in exchange for Vestigial Motes from Ordis in the Larunda Relay on Mercury. It can also be purchased fully built via the in-game Market for Platinum.


New Scythe Melee: Harmony 

Harmony triumphs over hate. Heavy Attacks condense Status Effect damage into a single instance. Heavy Attack kills empower allies with increased Status Duration. 

Unique Trait - Harmonic Resonance

Heavy Attacks condense all Status Effects that deal damage over time into a single instance. Heavy Attack kills activate Harmonic Resonance, a buff that increases Status Duration by 30% for allies.

How to Acquire Harmony:

Acquire the Harmony Blueprint from the new Ascension game mode, or obtain the Blueprint in exchange for Vestigial Motes from Ordis in the Larunda Relay on Mercury. It can also be purchased fully built via the in-game Market for Platinum.

Jade’s Ensemble Buff 

When all three weapons are used together they have a unique buff! Evensong, Cantare, and Harmony sing together. Their buff effects are doubled.

Share your Feedback & Bug Reports on the new Weapons in the dedicated Feedback Subforum. 



The Stalker’s stronghold is under intensive assault from marauding Corpus forces, but what they’re after must remain safe. You’ll need to initiate an emergency evacuation before embarking on a grueling ascent through enemy-infested elevator shafts to the Extraction waiting for you above.

Visit the new Brutus node on Uranus after completing the Jade Shadows Quest to assist Ordis in gathering Vestigial Motes! This new non-endless mission unfurls in three stages:

Stage 1 - Mote Collection

The Corpus have set up Mote Collectors to extract energy from the air - Ordis has taken them over, so you must defend them while they complete extraction!

Stage 2 - Ascension

Once you have extracted the Motes, they must be transported in their Extraction Capsule top-side! To do so, power the elevator using Ionic Capsules dotted throughout the map, or dropped from enemies. As you approach them, they’ll be marked with a small green waypoint! Keep your eyes peeled for extra-glowy Boosted Ionic Capsules that offer a speed boost. Once picked up, use the Alternative Fire to throw them at the Extraction Capsule to power your ascent!

Players can keep up with the ever-rising gameplay with increased jump height (thanks to a special Air Support deployed by Ordis), and via jump pads littered on various platforms. Should you take an unfortunate fall to the bottom of the map, use the jump pad at the bottom of the elevator to catch up to its height. 

Bonus Objective: 

Along with the Ionic Capsules, players may come across Sister Beacons hidden throughout the map, identified by the soft pinging noise they emanate upon approach. Collect three of these to summon a Sister of Parvos, who will spawn once you reach the top of the Elevator shaft. Defeating the Sister will reward you with 5-7 Vestigial Motes and a chance at a new Arcane, listed below  (8-10 Motes and a guaranteed Arcane on Steel Path). Sisters of Parvos will also drop Steel Essence in Steel Path Ascension missions.

Stage 3 - Extraction

Once you’ve made it to the top, escort the Extraction Capsule safely to extraction and defend it from Corpus foes along the way! Should enemies manage to deplete the health of the Extraction Capsule, its progress will stop briefly and the health will regenerate, at which point it will continue on its path once more. 


Successfully completing an Ascension mission will award players with 11-13 Vestigial Motes (16-18 on Steel Path), as well as a reward from the mission drop table, including:

  • Jade’s Component Blueprints
  • Endo
  • Relics
  • Harmony Blueprint
  • Cantare Blueprint
  • Evensong Blueprint 

For a full overview of the Ascension Drop Tables, please review our Drop Tables site

Releasing Vestigial Motes

Visit Ordis in the Larunda Relay on Mercury during Operation: Belly of the Beast to exchange Vestigial Motes for various wares, including: 

  • Jade Main and Component Blueprints
  • Harmony Blueprint
  • Cantare Blueprint
  • Evensong Blueprint
  • New Arcanes (read on below to learn more!) 

Once Operation: Belly of the Beast ends, Ordis will relocate to the Drifter Camp and offer his wares there. He finally got a job, yipee!

New Arcanes

Enhance your Arsenal with these new Arcanes! Acquire these new enhancements from Sisters of Parvos spawned in the new Ascension game mode, or exchange them for Vestigial Motes via Ordis in the Larunda Relay.

Stats below are shown at max rank. 

Arcane Ice Storm (Warframe) 

On Enemy Frozen: Gain +2% Ability Strength and +2% Ability Duration for 15s. Stacks up to 20x.

Arcane Battery (Warframe) 

Gains 0.30 maximum Energy per Armor point, up to 1000 Energy. 

Secondary Surge (Secondary) 

On Ability Cast: Next shot gains a Damage Multiplier for every 200 current Energy, up to x8. 

Secondary Fortifier (Secondary) 

Gain 1 Overguard for every 100 Damage dealt to an enemy’s Overguard. Deals x8 Extra Damage to Overguard.

Melee Afflictions (Melee) 

Enemies affected by Status Effects gain 6 additional stacks when they're knocked down or flung by melee attacks.


New Semi-Auto Fire Mods 

These new Mods can be equipped on Semi-Auto Fire weapons only, and prevent their firing speed from being modified once equipped. 

Target Juno Sapper Moa enemies in Ascension missions to earn these Mods!

You can identify which weapons are eligible via the Arsenal if their Trigger type is “SEMI”. 

Semi-Rifle Cannonade

+240% Damage
+1.5 Punch Through

Semi-Pistol Cannonade

+300% Damage
+1.5 Punch Through

Shotgun Cannonade

+240% Damage
+1.5 Punch Through

New Status Damage Mods

This mechanic was originally introduced with Dante, and we have dedicated a whole series of Dual-Stat Mods to it! Increasing your Status Damage stat increases the damage per tick for Statuses that do damage over time (specifically Slash, Heat, Electricity, Toxin, Blast, and Gas). 

Earn these Mods from new Juno Sapper Moa enemies found in Ascension missions!

Rifle Elementalist

+90% Status Damage

+0.6 Punch Through

Melee Elementalist

+90% Status Damage

+60% Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed 

Pistol Elementalist

+90% Status Damage

+60% Reload Speed

Shotgun Elementalist 

+90% Status Damage
+60% Magazine Capacity

Share your Feedback & Bug Reports on the new Ascension game mode in the dedicated linked Feedback 




Introducing a new Eximus Type: Jade Light Eximus.

Players will find them in all missions where Eximus spawn, where they will face the threat of Jade Light on the battlefield.

These new foes will target up to 2 players, and will summon a beam of Jade Light that follows them and deals increasing damage the longer you are in contact with it. Players can either avoid the Jade Light until it dissipates (~8 seconds) or attempt to destroy the beam by shooting at the top of it — or kill the Eximus unit itself, of course. Once a Jade Light is summoned, the Eximus' Ability will go on a short cooldown before another can be cast.



JUNE 18TH @ 11:30 AM ET - JULY 18TH @ 11:30 AM ET

Parvos Granum is attempting to harvest Volatile Motes to make his own Jade Light Eximus army, and only you and Ordis stand in his way. With Ordis’ help, you can commandeer the Mote Collectors and put an end to Parvos’ plans. 

Venture to a secretive location (discovered in the Jade Shadows Quest) at Brutus on Uranus to preserve Jade’s legacy! Fight against the Corpus to earn new and returning rewards from previous Operations.

What You Need To Know

Operation: Belly of the Beast requires you to step into this shrouded location - only those who have completed the Jade Shadows Quest are permitted to do so.  

After finishing the Jade Shadows Quest, players will have access to a new node on Uranus: Brutus. Here they can access the new Ascension game mode and access Operation-specific missions. Successfully foiling Parvos’ efforts will reward you with special Volatile Motes, which can be exchanged for Operation rewards.

What You Need To Do

While Operation: Belly of the Beast is live, players will have access to special nodes that allow them to take on Parvo’s forces. In these missions, all Eximus units you face will be empowered by Jade Light - meaning the only Eximus units that will spawn are Jade Light Eximus. You can help Ordis in his mission to stop Parvos in one of three ways:


  • Operation Variant of Brutus (Uranus)
  • Operation Alerts
  • Stalker Joins the Fray

Operation Variant of Brutus (Uranus)

In traditional Operation style, the new Brutus node on Uranus has its own Operation variant. Play Ascension as you know it, but with all Eximus units spawning in as Jade Light Eximus. On top of the regular Ascension rewards, each Operation mission will award players with 4-6 Volatile Motes (8-10 on Steel Path), which can be traded for rewards via Ordis in the Larunda Relay.

Summoning a Sister of Parvos will also earn players an extra 1-3 Volatile Motes (2-4 on Steel Path), as well as her usual drops.


Operation Alerts

In addition to the Brutus node on Uranus, timed Operation Alerts will appear across the solar system that will also reward players with 10 Volatile Motes (15 on Steel Path). These non-Ascension missions will have normal gameplay, but will feature increased Eximus Spawns, and will only feature Jade Light type Eximus. Look for these time-limited Alerts appearing every half hour or so as an alternative method to earning Volatile Motes. 

Stalker Joins the Fray

Visiting Ordis in the Larunda Relay not only allows you to earn Operation Rewards, but also lets you call on an old foe to assist in your efforts. In speaking to Ordis, selecting the “A Shared Purpose?” option will allow you to join another Squad’s mission as Stalker. Doing so will reward you with the usual mission rewards, but at risk of losing them all should you be downed.


No Operation is complete without rewards, and Ordis has collected quite a few offerings for you to choose from. Ordis can be found in the Larunda Relay in the Navigation Room, where he will trade Volatile Motes for rewards.

Community Progress

Belly of the Beast comes with a Community Progress segment, tracking the total Volatile Motes collected by players. As the total number of Volatile Motes collected ticks up, progress is made towards a new variant of the Jade Light Ephemera, unlocking it for purchase for all players at Ordis in the Larunda Relay.

Commit Volatile Motes

Ordis is carrying a vast array of items in exchange for Volatile Motes:

  • Low Guardian Chest Plate
  • Belly of the Beast Sigil
  • Aspirus Ephemera (Once overall Operation progress has reached 33%)
  • Aspirus Emergent Ephemera (Once overall Operation progress has reached 66%)
  • Aspirus Apex Ephemera (Once overall Operation progress has reached 90%)
  • Krios Signa
  • Prominence Wisp Totem
  • Fluctus Rahk Skin
  • Ceti Lacera Blueprint
  • Basmu Blueprint
  • Stance Forma Blueprint
  • The Ballroom Simulacrum
  • Arcanes:
    • Arcane Tempo
    • Arcane Consequence
    • Arcane Momentum
    • Arcane Ice
    • Arcane Nullifier
    • Arcane Warmth
    • Arcane Resistance
    • Arcane Healing
    • Arcane Deflection
    • Arcane Victory
    • Arcane Strike
    • Arcane Awakening
    • Arcane Guardian
    • Arcane Phantasm
    • Arcane Eruption
    • Arcane Agility
    • Arcane Acceleration
    • Arcane Trickery
    • Arcane Velocity
    • Arcane Precision
    • Arcane Pulse
    • Arcane Ultimatum
    • Arcane Aegis
    • Arcane Arachne
    • Arcane Rage
    • Arcane Fury
    • Arcane Avenger

Clan Contributions

Ordis is also carrying additional stock for Tenno who are in a Clan:

  • Enlightened Hate Skin
  • Gilded Clan Sigil
  • Glyphed Clan Sigil
  • Phased Clan Sigil
  • Belly of the Beast Emblem
  • Arcanes:
    • Arcane Energize
    • Arcane Grace
    • Arcane Barrier

All Arcanes purchased from the “Commit Volatile Motes” and “Clan Contributions” stores will be limited to 42 (2 max rank Arcanes) per Arcane per player to prevent Operation burnout. 

Clan Trophies

Volatile Motes collected by Clan members throughout the Operation will earn your Clan Trophies!  

Like previous Operations, Clan Trophies are available in Terracotta, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The amount of Volatile Motes required to unlock each tier are as follows:

Clan Tier






























Players can view their Clan’s progress in the “Event” tab in Navigation.

Share your Feedback & Bug Reports on Operation: Belly Of The Beast in the dedicated Feedback Subforum. 


New Augment Mods for Dagath, Protea, Sevagoth and Qorvex are available to acquire from the Syndicates! 

Stats below are all shown at max rank. 


Dagath Grave Spirit Augment: Spectral Spirit

Immediately assume Grave Spirit’s Spectral Form. 100% chance for weapons and abilities to apply Doom. Kills outside of Spectral Form decrease its cooldown by 1s.

Available in the Red Veil and The Perrin Sequence’s Offerings. 


Protea Blaze Artillery Augment: Temporal Artillery

When Temporal Anchor is activated, one existing Artillery unit will attach to Protea, halting its duration countdown. Max combo count is 20x.

Available in the Arbiters Of Hexis and The Perrin Sequence’s Offerings. 


Sevagoth Sow Augment: Dark Propagation

Enemies killed while inflicted with Sow spread its effect in a 15m radius. Shadow's Death Harvest also inflicts Sow.

Available in the Cephalon Suda and The Perrin Sequence’s Offerings. 

Sevagoth’s Sow Change: 

  • Sow can now be recast! 
    • Previously, Sow could not be recast if at least one enemy was affected by it. This has long been a feedback point from players requesting we allow it to be recast regardless of this and with the introduction of the new Augment Mod which will also benefit from this, it is now Sow! (heh). 


Qorvex Containment Wall Augment: Wrecking Wall

Strip 50% of armor and shields from struck enemies. Hitting 5 or more enemies will restart the duration of any Chyrinka Pillars and empower them.

Available in the Cephalon Suda and Steel Meridian’s Offerings. 

Share your Feedback & Bug Reports on the new Augment Mods in the dedicated Feedback Subforum. 


A brand new batch of creations from talented community artists arrive with Jade Shadows! TennoGen Shadows includes original takes on Equinox and Lavos, as well as Armor and Operator Accessories to expand your Arsenal. 


Equinox Omni Helmet

A helmet for the Equinox Warframe, designed by Rekkou.


Lavos Yersin Skin 

A unique skin for the Lavos Warframe, designed by Lubox.


Corachrix Shoulder Armor 

A unique shoulder armor for your Warframe, designed by LostEpoch & DasterCreations.


Spicularis Oculus

A unique Oculus, designed by VentralHound.

Spicularis Mandible Mask 

A unique Mask, designed by VentralHound.


In-game Market Change: When viewing a bundle for Platinum that has a similar, real world currency Pack, the related pack will now appear in that bundle’s Market screen under the header “There is a similar bundle available” (and vice versa for the real money currency pack). Players can view the similar bundle’s contents and price on-hover, or select it to go to its Market screen.

  • For example, the Dante Collection screen now has an option to preview/view the Dante Chronicles Pack and vice versa. This also applies to the new Jade Market bundles.
  • The purpose of this change is to increase visibility of the purchase options that are available to players.

Jade Collection 

Life and death meet in Jade. Her collection includes (all of the items listed can also be purchased individually): 

Jade Warframe

Become enraptured by the song of devastation. Through her, the Jade Light can be a source of destruction or a source of support.


Jade Aureolt Helmet

Affirm Jade’s sacred nature.

As with all newly released Alt Helmets, its Blueprint will eventually be added to the Nightwave Cred Store in the future. 


Motetique Signa

Much as music enriches the atmosphere, the Motetique Signa enhances your appearance.

Evensong Bow Primary

Counter the dread of battle with a song of praise. Fully drawn arrows fired by Evensong impale enemies and empower ally weapons with Multishot.

Cantare Thrown Secondary

In moments of despair, let the battle resonate with song. Canatare’s blades lodge into the battlefield and return upon reload. When returning blades strike many enemies, Cantare empowers allies with increased Magazine Capacity.

Harmony Scythe Melee

Harmony triumphs over hate. Its Heavy Attacks instantly kill enemies that are open to Mercy kills. Defeat hordes in this manner to empower allies with extended Melee Range.

Jade Ophanim Decoration

Be not afraid with Jade’s gaze in your Orbiter. 

  • Gift Bonus: Gift the Jade Collection to another player and receive the Jade Ophanim Decoration as a Gifting Bonus in return. 



Jade Chorus Pack

Pierce through suffocating darkness by adding the radiant songstress Warframe, Jade, along with her signature Customizations to your Arsenal! 

Note: As mentioned above, this real-world currency pack is the real world currency “sister” pack to the Jade Collection and is available to view from that collection’s preview screen. 

This pack features Jade, Motetique Signa, Jade Aureolt, the following items AND 275 Platinum (also available for individual purchase in the in-game Market with the exception of those marked with *):


Terror Landing Craft Skin

Transform your Landing Craft into a perfect match for Stalker’s. 

Light & Shadow Color Palette

Invoke the play of light and dark with this selection of colors. 

Jade Ophanim Sigil*

A sigil depicting Jade’s Ophanim gaze. 

Jade In Action Glyph* (exclusive to the Jade Chorus Pack) 

A glyph for your profile. 

Jade’s Ensemble

Arm yourself with Jade’s entire signature weapon collection. Includes the Evensong Bow, Cantare Secondary and Harmony Scythe. 



Yareli Pandea Skin Bundle

Strike forth from the watery depths with the power of Yareli Pandea. Her collection includes (all of the items listed can also be purchased individually): 

Yareli & Merulina Pandea Skin 

With the fall of the Orokin, Yareli Pandea drifted into the ocean’s depths where Hunhow rediscovered her. Now, she ascends to fight once more. Call upon Yareli Pandea’s faithful companion with the Merulina Pandea Skin (included with the purchase of the Yareli Pandea Skin and Collection). 

Nidoblast Kompressa Skin

Capture your prey with Yareli Pandea’s signature Kompressa skin.

Rubra Sugatra 

Give your weapons a deep sea flourish with Yareli Pandea’s signature sugatra.

Merulina Pandea Domestik Drone 

Fight dirt and grime with this aquatic Domestik Drone inspired by Merulina Pandea.

  • Gift Bonus: Gift the Yareli Pandea Skin Bundle to another player and receive the Merulina Pandea Domestik Drone as a Gifting Bonus in return. 

Yareli Fixes: 

  • Fixed falling off a platform in the Mastery Rank 13 test while riding Merulina resulting in broken physics for Yareli. 
  • Fixed Companions not gaining Affinity from player kills while riding Merulina or K-Drive. 
  • Fixed being unable to use Transference after switching to Operator while riding Merulina and dying as Operator. 
  • Fixed icons for available K-Drive races in an Open Landscape not appearing in the detailed map when riding Merulina. 
  • Fixed being able to still use the Operator Void Beam attack after completing The New War Quest while riding Merulina and a strange dead Excalibur spawning at the same time without a head. 
  • Fixed kills while on Merulina not counting towards Sanctuary Onslaught Efficiency. 




As discussed over the last two months, across both Devstreams 179 and 180, we’ve overhauled Warframe’s Health Types and Resistances alongside a select few Status Effects! 

To help players revisit their builds following these changes, an inbox containing 3x Forma will be sent to all players today (June 18th) at 12pm ET today.  

New Health Types

Previously, enemy resistances and vulnerabilities were split between 13 Health Types:  


Cloned Flesh

Ferrite Armor

Alloy Armor








Ferrite Armor

Alloy Armor



Infested Flesh


Infested Sinew

Ferrite Armor





Ferrite Armor

Alloy Armor




Indifferent Facade

Ferrite Armor




Each of these Health Types had unique interactions with the various Status Types: 


Impact: Stagger


Reduced Damage Output/+Crit Chance

Slash: Bleed


Individual Status


Slow/+Crit Damage


Tesla Chain

Heat: Burn

Toxic: Poison


Combined Status

Blast (Heat + Cold): 


Corrosive (Toxic + Electricity): 


Gas (Heat + Toxic): 

Gas Cloud

Magnetic (Cold + Electricity): 

Shield Disruption

Radiation (Heat + Electricity): 

Friendly Fire

Viral (Cold + Toxic): 

Amplified Health Damage 

Optimizing builds to make use of this system required players to memorize health types per enemy (not just per Faction) and their resistances/vulnerabilities. Our goal is to reduce the friction necessary to engage in optimal play, so we’ve:

a) Simplified the number of Health Types

b) Redesigned how Faction Resistances work 

c) Increased the visibility of the new vulnerabilities in normal gameplay flow 

Instead of having 13 Health Types, we have simplified them into 4:

  • Health
  • Armor
  • Shields
  • Overguard

Now, these Health Types only serve to differentiate between Status Effects and Abilities that affect them, such as Magnetic hindering Shields, Corrosive stripping Armor, or Viral amplifying Health damage.

We’ve changed the system so that Resistances and Vulnerabilities are no longer tied to the previous Health Types. Resistances and Vulnerabilities are now based upon the Faction a player is engaging with. 

Star Chart “Suggested Damage”

Vulnerabilities are now listed in The Star Chart mission nodes! Here, we aim to recommend the appropriate per-Faction Resistances, which will then universally affect that specific group.

The Star Chart now shows Faction Resistances per node. Aligned with the present Faction, Vulnerabilities and Resistances will be listed to communicate the “Suggested Damage” options best used against any specific Faction or location.


Sub-Factions will also have different Vulnerabilities and Resistances from their primary counterpart. The three main Sub-Factions are:

  • Kuva Grineer
  • Corpus Amalgam
  • Deimos Infested

Viewing Faction Vulnerabilities and Resistances now also depends on where the player is within Warframe’s Story. The Factions (and Sub-Factions) will be unlocked via:


  • Grineer: Unlocked by default.
  • Corpus: Unlocked by default.
  • Infested: Unlocked by default.
  • Orokin: Unlocked after Phobos Junction.
  • Sentient: Unlocked after The Second Dream Quest completion.
  • Narmer: Unlocked after The New War Quest completion.
  • Zariman: Unlocked after Angels of the Zariman Quest completion.
  • Murmur: Unlocked after Whispers in the Walls Quest completion.


  • Kuva Grineer: Unlocked after The War Within Quest completion.
  • Corpus Amalgam: Unlocked after Jupiter Junction.
  • Deimos Infested: Unlocked after Heart of Deimos Quest completion.

Simplified Faction Resistances

With the removal of Resistances/Vulnerabilities being tied to Health Type, they will now be Faction-specific.

Default Faction Vulnerabilities and Resistances:

  • Grineer: Vulnerable to Impact and Corrosive
  • Corpus: Vulnerable to Puncture and Magnetic
  • Infested: Vulnerable to Slash and Heat

Factions by Quest Vulnerabilities and Resistances:

  • Orokin: 
    • Vulnerable to Puncture and Viral
    • Resistant to Radiation
  • Sentient: 
    • Vulnerable to Cold and Radiation
    • Resistant to Corrosive
  • Narmer: 
    • Vulnerable to Slash and Toxin
    • Resistant to Magnetic.
  • Zariman: Vulnerable to Void
  • The Murmur: 
    • Vulnerable to Electric and Radiation
    • Resistant to Viral
      • Rogue Necramechs also fall under these Vulnerabilities and Resistances.

Sub-Faction Vulnerabilities and Resistances:

  • Kuva Grineer: 
    • Vulnerable to Impact and Corrosive
    • Resistant to Heat
  • Corpus Amalgam: 
    • Vulnerable to Electric and Magnetic
    • Resistant to Blast
  • Deimos Infested: 
    • Vulnerable to Blast and Gas
    • Resistant to Viral

With these Resistance and Vulnerability changes, we’ve made a notable decision to make Impact deadlier towards the Grineer, while making Puncture deadlier towards the Corpus. This is a departure from the previous system, however, we believe that these two Statuses are more suited for these specific Factions.

Since Impact Status Effects enables Mercy actions, we found that it wasn’t all too effective against Corpus due to their lower Health counts compared to their Shields, while Mercy killing Grineer is more accessible due to their innate tankiness. The Corpus can deliver incredibly high amounts of raw damage, allowing for Puncture to naturally play effectively into limiting their damage potential.

Armor Adjustments

Important Note: We have not changed player Armor. This only applies to enemy Armor!

Enemy Armor scaling in its previous current iteration meant that Armor Stripping was almost an all-or-nothing game, especially at higher levels. This resulted in players focusing on Armor Stripping as a way to tackle Grineer at higher difficulty content. Our goal is to reduce some of the extreme damage reduction offered by Armor at high levels, and make partial Armor Stripping more feasible. 

To do so, we are making the following changes: 

  • Armor has a maximum cap of 2700 Armor (90% Damage Reduction).
  • Armor has a minimum cap of 200 Armor.
  • Steel Path no longer increases Armor values.
  • Grineer enemies have increased Health scaling.
  • Altered the formula for Armor Reduction to increase the effectiveness of Partial Armor Stripping.
    • For reference, currently around 50% of Damage Resistance came from just 300 Armor, which is why complete Armor Strip felt so needed at higher levels.

Additionally, our goal was to make partial Armor Stripping a more valuable tool. By capping enemy Armor and adjusting how Armor is calculated, a partial Armor Strip will allow players to engage with high-level Grineer more easily - meaning max Corrosion stacks against an Armored enemy (reducing the Armor by 80%) will feel more impactful due to the new distribution of Damage Resistance from Armor values). 

Full Armor Strip is still valuable, but we wanted to even the playing field so players didn’t feel forced to build around it.

Shield Adjustments

Important note: We have not changed player Shields. This only applies to enemy Shields!

The Grineer are tankier by design, but the Corpus try to make the difference through their Shields. However, Corpus Effective Hit Points (EHP) are significantly lower, making them often trivial to deal with by comparison. Our goal is to reduce the discrepancy between Grineer and Corpus time-to-kill (TTK) by making Corpus Shields a bit more challenging and interesting to fight. 

Changes to Enemy Shields:

  • Shields now scale more quickly starting at level 80. This means stronger Shields than before as players fight higher-leveled Shielded enemies. 
  • Shield Recharge Delay is now unified across all enemy types.
  • Shield Recharge Delay now has a minimum and maximum length depending on how much damage has been dealt to enemy Shields.
    • The more damage dealt, the slower enemy Shields will begin recharging, so if you can’t outpace enemy Shields right away, you can chip their Recharge Delay down within a maximum and a minimum.
      • For example, if enemy Shields break at any point, it automatically acts as if 200% damage (which becomes the maximum delay) has been inflicted on those Shields. However, if an enemy absorbs 99% damage (so 1% of their shields left), their accumulated damage taken now sets their Recharge Delay in the middle of their respective minimum and maximum delays. Should they Recharge and you deal another 99% damage to their Shields, they’ll have absorbed 198% damage, taking them to the maximum Recharge delay of what that scaled enemy can have.
  • Shield Recharge Rate scales with enemy level, recharging at a faster rate for higher-leveled enemies.
    • Shield Recharge Rate will also accelerate while Shields are actively Recharging.
      • Shield Recharge Acceleration Rate’s base multiplier greatly increases after level 80, resulting in faster Recharge rates at higher levels.
  • Steel Path Shields are now multiplied by 2.5x, in place of the previous 6.25x. Steel Path Shields were doubly-applying the multiplier unintentionally.

Effective Hit Points (EHP) Adjustments

Enemy stat scalings, such as Health and Shields, now grow faster as enemy level increases, in compensation of the loss in Enemy Armor and to make Shields more engaging to deal with. 


  • After Level 75-80, enemies receive increased stats, such as Health, at a slightly increased rate to prevent EHP stagnation.
    • It’s important to note that the increase in Health scaling is not meant to match the EHP values seen by previous levels of Armor. 

Status Effect Reworks


Our goal with Blast is to invoke an immediate and on-death effect to emphasize explosions. 

Now, instead of enemy inaccuracy, you detonate your enemies! When dealing a Blast Status Effect to an enemy, the following will happen:

Blast Changes:

  • Upon inflicting a Blast Status Effect, individual stacks will cause a mini-explosion, and a max stack count of 10 will inflict combined damage in a 5m radius
    • After 1.5 seconds, an individually incurred Blast Status Effect deals a percentage of base-inflicted damage per stack-explosion and over 100% of base-inflicted damage for a full (10 stack) explosion.
  • Status Duration will increase the delay before the Status Effect applies and depletes.
  • Removed the previous Status Effect of inaccuracy.


With Cold, we want to fully realize the fantasy of slowing, freezing and shattering your enemies. The existing Cold Status mechanic of slowing enemies is unchanged, but now has a new mechanic upon applying Max Stacks - freezing your foes!


Cold Changes:

  • Cold now has a maximum cap of 10 stacks (was 9).
  • Applying 10 Cold stacks to a foe will make them Frozen for 3 seconds. Frozen enemies cannot move, will not recharge Shields, and receive double Critical Damage. After the Frozen effect wears off, 3 Cold stacks will remain. 
    • Bosses, such as Alad V or Kela De Thaym, will be unable to be Frozen since they cannot accumulate 10 Cold stacks.


Gas often lacked effective readability, making it difficult to distinguish its presence from the enemy or yourself. We’ve introduced enhanced visuals so that when the Gas Status Effect is active, you’ll be able to recognize it more clearly.

Gas Changes:

  • Added VFX on top of the target affected by a Gas Cloud to clearly show an effect is active.
    • In addition to current and new VFX, Gas VFX now also more clearly shows the radius of the Gas Damage-over-Time (DoT) effect around a given target to better understand its impact on surrounding enemies.
      • If a player is inside the radius of the Gas DoT, the visuals are reduced for them to maintain visibility, similar to Frost’s Snow Globe. 
  • Gas VFX now has billowy volume to better present presence.
  • Gas VFX now has additional floating particles around the smoke.


Magnetic has received a few buffs to increase its effectiveness against Shields and to hammer home the power fantasy of overloading enemy Shields.

Magnetic Changes:

  • Damage to Nullifier Bubbles has been increased
    • Minimum Damage raised to 300 Damage per shot.
    • Maximum Damage raised to 1200 Damage per shot.
    • Additionally, we now show the minimum and maximum damage numbers against Nullifier Bubbles, with Magnetic attacks displaying the buffed damage shown above, while non-Magnetic sources will display the original, unbuffed damage.
      • Known issue: Clients see the incorrectly unbuffed damage from Magnetic sources, which is strictly a UI/visual bug. Magnetic sources will continue to deal increased damage towards Nullifier Bubbles despite the incorrect numbers displayed. We will look to resolve this in a future Hotfix/Update. 
  • Reduced Shield Regeneration by a percentage per Magnetic stack against affected targets.
  • Upon Shield/Overguard Breaking a target, the enemy will now be dealt Electric Status damage for a percentage of Max Shields/Overguard per Magnetic stack while also forcing an Electric Status Effect.
  • Magnetic stacks on an enemy with Overguard now allow for bonus damage to Overguard, similar to how Magnetic affects Shields. 

Warframe Changes

With the above changes to Resistances and Status Effects, we took a look at Warframe abilities and made some adjustments to compliment the changes.

Frost Rework 

Frost, the definitively-themed Cold Warframe, has received a rework to better situate him for how Cold works with this Update! While Frost dealt icy attacks to his foes, the Freeze from his hit was not tied to Cold Status Effects. With the update to the Cold status, we have also amended his kit to properly use Cold Status Effects to Freeze enemies!   

New passive - Fortifying Freeze:

Cold Status Effects applied by Frost Abilities have their duration increased by 100%. Frost gains 50 Armor per enemy inflicted with Cold Status within 15m.

Freeze (1st Ability):

  • Adds required Cold stacks to freeze instead of simply freezing to both initial hit and AoE interactions.
  • “Duration” is now known as “Freeze Duration,” indicating how long an affected target is Frozen.
  • Doubled the baseline Area of Effect component of the projectiles.
  • The Area-of-Effect aspect now scales with the Ability Range stat. The Area-of-Effect Radius is now present in the Ability description. 

Ice Wave (2nd Ability):

  • “Duration” is now known as “Freeze Duration,” indicating how long an affected target is Frozen.
  • Ice Wave Impedance Augment Changes: 
    • Leaves a frozen trail for 12s that adds a Cold Status Effect per second on enemies in contact with it.

Snow Globe (3rd Ability):

  • Applies a Cold Status Effect every 3 seconds to enemies inside the Globe.
  • Updated “Slow” stat to “Cold Status/Second”.
  • Instantly apply full Cold stacks on cast if an enemy is within Snow Globe range.
  • No longer blocks player projectiles from the outside!
  • Snow Globe now visually cracks as it takes damage.
    • When the Snow Globe breaks, it’ll also explode and deal damage and 3 Cold stacks to enemies within its radius.
  • Chilling Globe Augment Changes:
    • Updated the Augment to add 10 Cold stacks if the condition is met (i.e., unify the freeze with the Cold Status Effects as we normally do now).

Avalanche (4th Ability):

  • Adds the required Cold stacks instead of simply freezing.
  • It’s “Duration” stat is now “Freeze Duration,” indicating how long an affected target is Frozen.

Ember Changes 

We’ve made changes to the Heat-incarnate Warframe Ember to stoke the flames of her power and give her some more firepower. 

Fireball (1st Ability): 

  • Removed the hold to charge to get the maximum damage. The damage increase (500%) from the previous hold charge is now applied to the now default tap cast. 
  • Its AOE now has a 100% guaranteed Heat Status Effect. 
    • Previously, it only had a 50% chance to apply this effect. 
  • Increased radius from 2m to 3m.
    • Previously, its max range with fully charged cast was 2.4m. So we’ve bumped it up to 3m for all casts. 
  • Added an “Immolation Meter” stat to inform of the amount of Heat Fireball generates for Immolation. 

Immolation (2nd Ability): 

  • Reduced the Energy Per Second cost when at max Heat from 10 to 4. 
    • We want to make it easier for players to maintain its Heat gauge at max. 
  • Added an “Immolation Meter” stat to inform of the amount of Heat that is passively generated by Immolation. 

Fire Blast (3rd Ability):

  • Energy cost now scales based on the Immolation’s Heat gauge
    • 75 Energy (at lowest) all the way down to 25 (at max). 
  • Fireblast’s Heat Damage and Armor reduction now affects bosses that are by default vulnerable to Armor stripping abilities (ex: Captain Vor), as well as Acolytes and Demolishers. 
    • Its knockdown effect will not affect those listed above that are CC immune. 
  • Improved hit detection so that enemies  at varying heights in relation to you (above or below) are hit by Fire Blast. 
  • Added an “Immolation Meter” stat to inform of the decrease in Heat generation overtime. 
  • Added an “Immolation Meter on Cast” stat to inform of the % of Heat Fire Blast removed from Immolation when cast. 
  • Augment Mod Changes: 
    • Healing Flame: Now converts all over healing (gaining Health points while as max Health) into Overguard. 
      • Description now reads: “Each enemy hit heals by 25 to 50 depending on current Immolation level. With Ember, over healing grants you Overguard.”
      • This only applies to Ember herself and not to Fire Blast on other Warframes via Helminth. 
    • Purifying Flame: Ember will now also benefit from the Status Effect cleansing and Status Immunity when hit by the ring of fire.  

Inferno (4th Ability): 

  • The Heat damage per second from ring of fire can now trigger Heat Status Effects. 
    • For a boost in its CC effect and to give it a more lasting effect on impacted enemies. 
  • Added an “Angle” stat to better inform of the on-screen LOS checks. 
  • Added an “Immolation Meter” stat to inform of the amount of Inferno generated for Immolation. 

Other Ember Changes/Fixes:

  • Moved Ember’s Passive icon from the Buffs Bar to be above the Immolation Gauge.
  • Fixed recasting Ember’s Fire Blast while another Fire Blast is active resulting in the original Fire Blast not armor stripping or interacting properly with the Healing Flame Augment.
    • Also fixed recasting Fire Blast with a different Ability Strength than the original cast resulting in the first cast taking the Ability Strength of the second cast.
  • Fixed Purifying Flame Blast UI Buff appearing to end earlier than expected. This was a UI-only issue and did not impact gameplay.
  • Fixed Fireblast not showing its Altered stats in the Helminth screen. 


Gauss Thermal Sunder Changes

Gauss’ Thermal Sunder has been updated to properly reflect the mechanics of Cold, as he is one of the few Warframes capable of fully Freezing targets with Thermal Sunder!

  • Tapping Thermal Sunder during Redline will now apply 10 Cold stacks - resulting in the same full Freeze. Its duration scales with the duration of his Ability.
  • Tapping Thermal Sunder will add 9 Cold stacks on the second tap if it hits a target already affected by a Cold Status to reach full Freeze.

Atlas Petrify Changes

Atlas’ Petrify interacts with Freezing and Resistance values. As such, he’s received a few changes to clarify and enhance the mechanics of his ability.

  • All enemies caught within the cone are now instantly turned to stone. Petrified enemies have their Damage type modifiers increased by +50% (does not scale with Mods).
    • Added a “Damage Vulnerability” stat to Petrify to communicate this mechanic. 
    • Petrifying Frozen enemies will retain the Frozen Status Effect, but the petrification will override the enemy visually.

Baruuk Reactive Storm Changes

We’ve updated his “Serene Storm” Augment to properly adapt to the new Vulnerabilities, rather than the optimal Health Type as was before.

  • Adjusted Baruuk’s Reactive Storm to utilize the new Vulnerabilities system rather than the Health Type system - Reactive Storm will behave the same way it did before, but we’re just ensuring it works properly with the new system!

Modular Companion Changes

Modular Companions from Son are also now adjusted for the new Resistance system. Mutagens will be based upon Resistances instead of Health Types. 



Elemental Resistance

Physical Resistance

















Miscellaneous Changes

  • Codex Changes: 
    • Enemies now have their Resistances and Vulnerabilities more clearly labeled in their Codex entry by Faction. 
      • Previously, only the Damage Type icons were present and were labeled as green/red depending on whether it was a resistance or vulnerability. For a player who is unfamiliar with these icons, this was not entirely helpful. 
      • Now, these icons are partnered with their written name and are categorized under a Vulnerability/Resistance header. Additionally, combined elemental damage types have the damages that are used to create it in parentheses. 
    • Health values are now indicated in the Codex entry. 
  • Removed Armor Scaling from Eximus Units due to the Armor Cap implemented. 
    • With the cap, Armor Scaling is unreliable in increasing the difficulty of eliminating Eximus Units. To compensate, Eximus units have had their Health and Shield multipliers increased by 50%.
  • Status Effects no longer inherit Energy Colors, so players can more easily identify when an enemy is affected by a Status Effect.
  • Damage Resistances (from Mods such as Shock Absorbers) have been added as a secondary stat to the Armor Stat on-hover.
    • Tau Resistance was already reflected on-hover for Armor Stats, now other damage resistances are given the same treatment. 
  • Tooltips for Status Effects in the Upgrade screen UI now include what they are “Effective Against” and its “Damage Efficacy”. 
  • Unified terminology for the following Status Effects throughout the game: 
    • “Bleed” is now “Slash Status Effect”
    • “Ignite” is now “Heat Status Effect”
    • “Confusion” is now “Radiation”
    • “Disruption” is now “Magnetic”
    • “Corrosion” is now “Corrosive” 
      • These Status Effects have long been using the above terms interchangeably to describe the same thing. So, in an effort to prevent confusion when interacting with these, we’ve updated all mentions to their proper term. We’ve also fixed inconsistent capitalization of Status Effects throughout the game for consistency. 
  • Zealoid Prelate will now cleanse himself of Status Effects during invulnerable periods to prevent Cold Status Effects unnecessarily slowing the fight.

Share your Feedback & Bug Reports on the Enemy Scaling & Status Effect Rework in the dedicated Subforums. 


New Decrees

Sourced from our incredible Design Council, a new set of Decrees now have a chance to appear in Duviri to bolster your efforts to escape Dominus Thrax’s vicious cycle. 

The creative minds in the Design Council came back with more ideas than a Maw could eat up! The Dev team chose the following from the ideas pitched and made changes for balance purposes. 

Stats shown below are indicative of each Rank of the Decree to its max stacks. 


Bountiful Harvest

Double drops from crates and plants. 

Paragrimm’s Wisdom

Gain 3 Decree Rerolls. 

Marauder’s Nerve

Reduce incoming damage by 3% per Decree up to 75%.

Fault Finder

Weakpoint kills create a 10m field that deals 10/15/20% of the killing blow’s damage as Electricity Damage every second for 8 seconds. 

Grim Armory

On kill: 5/10/15% chance to refill the ammo for whatever weapon you have equipped. 

Rain of Vitality

Enemies have +60% additional chance to drop Health Orbs. Health Orbs increase Armor by 80/160/240 for 10 seconds. Effect triples for Warframes.

Storm Caller

100/200/300% Magazine Capacity. Gain 1 Electricity Damage by every bullet reloaded to your weapon.

Inner Absorption (Spiteful) 

Sacrifice x0.5 from your Weapon Damage to increase your Ability and Power Strike Damage by 600% to enemies. 

Good Governance (Spiteful) 

Sacrifice x0.5 from your Critical Chance to gain x3 to your squad’s Critical Damage.

Cloak and Dagger (Spiteful):

Your weapons deal an extra hit with 100% Slash Damage and Status, but 100 Slash Damage with Status are self inflicted when you attack. 

Share your Feedback & Bug Reports on the new Decrees in the dedicated Subforums. 

New Undercroft Mission: Alchemy 

Your knowledge on the elements from your explorations of Albrecht’s Laboratories is required in Duviri, Tenno! Maintain the laws of alchemical science in the Undercroft with the addition of the Alchemy mission type.  

Like most things in Duviri, completing an Alchemy Undercroft mission is different from how you know it outside of the Spiral. Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Players must fill 2 Crucibles in order to complete an Undercroft mission or to move to the next stage in the Circuit. 
    • There is no Conversion Progress mixing stage in the Undercroft - players do not need to destroy Distressed Pipes while the Crucible mixes the elements. 
  • Dax Enemies will drop the required Amphors for the active Crucible, while other enemies will drop them at random. 

General Alchemy Change (applies to Duviri and standard mode): 

  • Slightly reduced the amount of Amphors required to fill up an element in the Crucible for Squads of 3 or 4 players.

Pathos Clamps Rewarded From Undercroft Portals

Pathos Clamps are now rewarded from completing Undercroft Portal side objectives (story stage Undercroft portals do not reward Pathos Clamps) in the Duviri Experience! This is in addition to the current Decrees, Arcanes, and Steel Essence (if played on Steel Path difficulty) rewards. 

Undercroft Portals completed on standard difficulty have a guaranteed reward of 1 Pathos Clamp for completion, while those completed on Steel Path have a guaranteed reward of 3 Pathos Clamps. 


Debt-Bond Farming Changes

We have revamped Solaris United Bounty Drop Tables to increase the amount of Debt-Bonds earned across the board. Our goal with these changes was to increase Debt-Bond drop rates, but not affect rare or desired items already in the Drop Tables. 

  • Moved Debt-Bonds from Stage 1 to Final Stage, but increased drop rate significantly for every Bounty Tier.
    • Running the first Bounty Stage was a common practice to farm Debt-Bonds, and while we wanted to increase Debt-Bond drop chance, leaving them in that Stage would only incentivize that behavior further. 
    • With these in the Final Stage Drop Table, players who complete all the Bonus Objectives will have an extra kick at the Debt-Bond can, since the Bonus Objectives reward comes from this drop table. 
  • Increased existing Debt-Bond drop rates in Middle-Stage Drop Tables (Stages 2, 3, and 4, where applicable).
  • Removed lackluster “filler” items from the Uncommon and Rare reward tables: 
    • Level 5-15: 3,000 Credits
    • Level 10-30: Tepa Nodules
    • Level 20-40: 3,000 Credits
    • Level 30-50: Tellurium
    • Level 40-60 (including Narmer and Steel Path): 500 Kuva
  • Replaced 10k Credits reward in Level 40-60 Bounties (including Narmer and Steel Path) with rare resources (Neurodes or Orokin Cells).
  • Slightly adjusted Garuda Blueprints and Synth Mods drop rates to accommodate changes above, but we did our best to avoid increases or decreases over 5%. 
  • Reduced the Credit costs of Ticker’s Debt Bonds by 50%. 
    • Previously, the cost would randomly roll between 5k - 350k Credits depending on the bundle offered. Now, it’ll roll between 2.5k - 175k. 

For a full overview of the Drop Table changes, please review our Drop Tables site

Voidrig Acquisition Improvements

  • Players who haven’t completed The War Within are now prevented from equipping the Necramech Summon to their Gear Wheel. 
  • Further amended the Voidrig Blueprint build requirements to require less investment in the Necralisk Syndicate, reduce overall farming time, and include resources that can be found in the regular Star Chart.
    • Voidrig Casing Blueprint:
      • Replaced 8 Stellated Necrathene (Rank 2) with 30 Faceted Tiametrite (Rank 0)
      • Replaced 5 Cranial Foremount (Rank 4) with 140 Lucent Teroglobes
    • Voidrig Engine Blueprint:
      • Replaced 1 Biotic Filter with 4 Parasitic Tethermaw
      • Replaced 6 Cabochon Embolos (Rank 3) with 10 Orokin Cells
    • Voidrig Capsule Blueprint: 
      • Replaced 2 Scintillant (locked behind Master Rank 5) with 3 Morphics 
      • Reduced Spinal Core Section cost from 15 to 12, as players can get a maximum of 2 per fish
    • Voidrig Weapon Pod Blueprint:
      • Replaced 40 Thaumic Distillate (Rank 2) with 40 Purified Heciphron (Rank 1)
      • Replaced 6 Trapezium Xenorhast (Rank 3) with 30 Purged Dagonic (Rank 0)
  • Moved Damaged Necramech pieces from Necraloid’s offerings in the Necralisk to Father.
    • Players are given the Voidrig Blueprints upon completing the Heart of Deimos, but the majority of the acquisition path is hidden behind The War Within. While we initially added these items to Necraloid in Update 34: Abyss of Dagath, we found that players still had difficulty finding them, especially if they had not yet progressed in the Main Story Path. Moving them to Father is lore-consistent and should help reduce the grind further. 

Awakening Quest Improvements

Starter Warframe Color Customization

We have added the ability to select one of three color presets (composed of the free colors in the Classic Palette) in the starter Warframe selection screen for Mag, Excalibur and Volt in the Awakening Quest. The selected colors remain during the Quest and afterwards until the player changes them from Arsenal. 


You can reset to the Warframe’s default colors by hitting the “X” icon next to the color options. 


Awakening Quest Checkpoints

We have added checkpoints to the Awakening Quest so players who leave part-way do not have to start from the beginning when they return. Players will be notified once they hit a Checkpoint, and will get a preview of the remaining checkpoints they need to complete to help them better understand their progress.


Other New Player Experience Changes and Fixes:

  • Updated the TennoGuide path to include suggested Nodes in addition to Quests/Junctions up until the Mercury Junction.
    • This change offers new Tenno the most optimized path to progress through Venus in their Main Story path. New player experience is a delicate balance of guiding players on what to do next, while maintaining player agency in their Warframe journey. 
  • Moved the Unda, Venus node (Spy mission) so that it is no longer required to complete to get to the Mercury Junction.  
    • Spy missions are a bit advanced for new players who are still learning the ins and outs of parkouring. So we’ve moved Unda away from the main path and onto a branch of Venera so that it is optional to complete. 
    • The new path to the Junction is now E-Gate > Fortuna > Kiliken. 
    • Increased enemy level range of the Unda, Venus node from 4-6 to 6-8 now that it follows Venera (which has a 5-7 range). 
  • Replaced ammo drops from storage crates at the start of the Awakening Quest with resources, as players do not have weapons at the stage they appear. 
  • Updated the Bullet Jump tutorial text in the Awakening Quest to read “Hold” instead of “Crouch/Slide” to better inform players on how to perform Bullet Jumps. 
  • Added a flashing icon that points players in the direction of Glass Shards in the Saya’s Vigil Quest when using a Scanner. 
  • Removed the Mastery Rank requirement from Maroo’s Bazaar. 
  • Reduced the difficulty of the enemies in the Corpus spy drone defense sequence in the “Talk to Thursby in Fortuna” stage of the Vox Solaris Quest. 
    • These enemies (notably the Terra Shockwave Moa and Terra Trencher) were rather dangerous for new players who may not be equipped to handle them, so we replaced them with more manageable enemy types. 
  • Fixed enemy pathing issues at the start of the Awakening Quest. 



Loadout Customization From Navigation 

You can now change your Loadout directly from Navigation! Instead of running back and forth from the Arsenal when you need to make a change before jumping into a mission, you can now do so conveniently from the Navigation screen. 

Most actions you can accomplish in the Arsenal you can do here: 

Change Loadout: Selecting this option will bring up all of your available Loadout options to swap to. 


Warframe Options:

  • Swap Warframe
    • Select from your available Warframes to equip. 
  • Upgrade Warframe
    • Change upgrades (Mods, Arcanes, etc.) on equipped Warframe.
  • Select Mod Config
    • Select from your existing Mod Configs for equipped Warframe.
  • View Warframe abilities 
    • Hover over the ability icons for the equipped Warframe to view stats.
  • Note: Access to change Exalted Weapons from the Star Chart will be coming in a future update. 


Weapon Options: 

  • Swap Primary/Secondary/Melee Weapon 
    • Select from your available Weapons to equip.
  • Upgrade Primary/Secondary/Melee Weapon 
    • Change upgrades (Mods, Arcanes, etc.) on equipped weapons. 
  • Select Mod Config
    • Select from your existing Mod Configs for equipped weapons. 

Companion Options:

  • Swap Companion
    • Select from your available Companions to equip. 
  • Upgrade Companion
    • Change upgrades on equipped Companion. 
  • Select Mod Config
    • Select from your existing Mod Configs for equipped Companion. 
  • Companion Weapon Options
    • Swap Companion Weapon
      • Select from your available/eligible Weapons to equip onto equipped Companion. 
    • Upgrade Companion Weapon
      • Change upgrades on equipped Companion Weapon.  
    • Select Mod Config 
      • Select from your existing Mod Configs for equipped Companion Weapon. 

Arsenal UI Additions & Changes

Featured Look Links

We’ve added a new feature to the Arsenal to display a curated list of Featured Warframe Looks! You can find the list in your Arsenal when customizing your fashion (Warframe > Appearance), replacing the spot that was taken by the stats window. 


Our goal with this feature is to display your amazing fashion to share with other players! Very similar to the Look Link feature in chat, players will be able to click through the Featured Look Link list, preview fashion, and apply it to their own Warframes using the “Apply Look” button. 


Currently, you can see fashion curated from our very own DE staff for the following Warframes: Jade, Excalibur, Mag and Volt. 

We will be collecting and curating Look Links from players to add to the Featured Look Link list. Stay tuned for more info. 

Upgrade Screen Additions & Changes

  • Added the option to duplicate a Mod Config onto another Config in the Upgrade screen.
    • Here’s how to duplicate your Mod Configs: 
    • Select the new “Duplicate Configs” button in the far right of the Config bar on a Mod Config that you’d like to duplicate onto another one of your Mod Configs.
    • Select the Mod Config you’d like to duplicate to another Config. 
    • Confirm you’d like to override the selected Mod Config. 
      • As an example, Config A is selected, use the Duplicate button to copy over the Mods in Config A to Config B. Config B now has the same Mods as Config A. 
  • Added a little indicator to show the Polarity of the Slot when a Mod with the wrong Polarity has been equipped onto it.
    • Gone are the days where you’d have to remove the Mod to see what Polarity is hiding behind it, you can now make informed Modding decisions without having to do so!
  • Added a sound FX when equipping an Arcane Adapter to a slot in the Upgrade screen. 

Stat UI Changes & Fixes

In the Dante Unbound Update, we reworked the Warframe, Weapon, and Railjack Stats UI to reduce the sometimes overwhelming visual noise and instead put focus on just the most important information. With Jade Shadows, we continued those efforts by taking into account the player feedback and bug reports we received from the rework. 


  • Added a dynamic diamond icon next to stats that changes states depending on equipped Mods:
    • This icon always appears next to “Core Stats” (visible at all times in the stat screen) that have Secondary Stats nested within them to indicate that hovering over it will show the tooltip. 
      • In an effort to clean up the screen, it wasn’t obvious enough that Secondary Stats existed. While not as important as Core Stats, players should still be able to easily identify which of the Core Stats contain other relevant stats. 
    • Dynamic States: The following states are also reflected in the Secondary Stats tooltip to inform players that they are also affected. 
      • Increasing stat beyond the previous values will prompt a green arrow to appear above the diamond to communicate the increase.
      • Decreasing stat below the base values will prompt a gray arrow to appear below the diamond to communicate the decrease. 
    • 2349a13690797166810c5cd59b781b9a.jpg


  • The following is related to and was also listed above in the Resistances & Status Effects Rework section:
    • Damage Resistances (from Mods such as Shock Absorbers) have been added as a secondary stat to the Armor Stat on-hover. (This is related to and listed above in the Resistances & Status Effects Rework section). 
      • Tau Resistance was already reflected on-hover for Armor Stats, now other damage resistances are given the same treatment. 
    • Tooltips for Status Effects in the Upgrade screen UI will now include what they are “Effective Against” and its “Damage Efficacy”. (This is related to and listed above in the Resistances & Status Effects Rework section). 
  • Conditional stats will now remain visible after unequipping the Mods that prompt them to appear so that players can see the comparison with/without the Mods. They will disappear after leaving and returning to the Upgrade screen. 
  • Shield Recharge rate is now displayed as a flat value instead of a percentage of total Shield value. 
    • Let’s use Xaku’s base stats as an example of how this stat will now appear in the UI (their stats have not changed, just how it is displayed):
      • Before: “9.6% per second”
      • After: “31.5 per second”
  • Added a Damage Falloff Secondary Stat to the Melee Slam Attack Core Stat: “Deal X% Damage to enemies on the edge of the impact zone.” 
  • Moved “Reload Speed” back as a Core Stat instead of nesting it within “Magazine”. 
  • Added a Void Damage tooltip in the Operator stats UI to show its efficacy stat and Status Effect description. 
    • Now reads: “Damage Efficacy: X damage to Zariman.
      Status Effect: Highly effective against enemies with Overguard Health and Sentients as it resets their damage adaptation. Void creates a bullet attractor sphere on the target that attracts and concentrates further attacks.”.
  • Added an Overguard tooltip to Rage, Archwing, Necramech and Hunter Adrenaline Mods, due to their new interactions with Overguard as of Update 35.5.6
  • Reordered Charge Rate stat to the top of the list for Bow and Charge weapons, and renamed it to “Charge Time”. 
  • Changed Melee Follow Through stat to be represented as a percentage instead of decimals. 
  • Added measurement units to Weapon stats:
    • Ex:  Added “s” for seconds on the Melee Heavy Attack Wind-up stat and “m” for meters on the Weapon falloff stat. 


  • Fixed Valence Bonus stat sometimes rounding up decimals when viewed in the Arsenal or when purchasing from Ergo Glast.
  • Fixed Precision Intensify not properly displaying Ability Strength stat increases for the following Exalted Abilities in the Arsenal: 
    • Excalibur’s Exalted Blade
    • Baruuk’s Serene Storm
    • Titania’s Razorwing
    • Valkyr’s Hysteria
    • Ivara’s Artemis Bow
    • Mesa’s Peacemaker 
    • Sevagoth’s Exalted Shadow
    • Wukong’s Primal Fury
  • Fixed Chat Linking unowned equipment (Warframes, Weapons, etc.) resulting in fewer stats being listed than if they were owned.
  • Fixed certain Incarnon Weapon stats showing as “0” and the UI showing a comparison state as if Mods had been equipped, when in fact they had not yet. 
  • Fixed the Wind Up stat increasing in UI instead of decreasing when Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed Mods are equipped. 
  • Fixed the Chilling Reload Mod’s Reload Speed stat going red instead of green when increasing its rank. 
  • Fixed Paris Prime’s Status stat tooltip not showing a breakdown of “chance for each Status Effect type per hit.”
  • Fixed stats not updating in the UI while modding Companions in a Relay/Town/Dojo/etc. 
  • Fixed repeatedly hovering over Praedos’ “Drifting Grace” Incarnon Evolution incorrectly increasing a Warframe’s Sprint Speed stat in the Arsenal UI.
  • Fixed the following Warframe Aura Mods not affecting the Ammo from Pickups stat in the Arsenal UI: 
    • Rifle Scavenger
    • Pistol Scavenger
    • Shotgun Scavenger
    • Sniper Scavenger
  • Fixed the Critical Multiplier from Braton Incarnon’s “Prelude of Might” perk not being indicated in the Arsenal stats (this was strictly a UI issue, the stats increase was applying).
  • Fixed Ruvox Incarnon’s Damage stat not updating from Impact to Puncture when transformed to Incarnon Mode in the Arsenal stats. 

HUD Changes

Improved HUD Scaling 

We’ve changed the HUD Scale option so that the HUD now scales proportionally to the player's game resolution!

Previously, the HUD was what we call “Fixed size”, where the HUD elements were of a predetermined size that did not automatically scale to accommodate different resolutions. Players who used the game resolution 1280x720px (the “Fixed Size” resolution) would see the HUD at the initial 100% size we made it for.

However, if players set their game resolution to 1920x1080px, the HUD would then be 66.6% of the size we initially made it for. This led to players having to manually change the HUD Scale in the settings.

Now, we have changed the HUD to scale proportionally. The HUD Scale is now based on the player’s game resolution, and with that the HUD Scale 100 proportionally looks the same at every resolution.



Making the game resolution wider does not continue to increase the size of the HUD. The HUD Scale is now going off whichever measurement (horizontal or vertical) is lower than 16:9, and with that, it will use the smallest axis as its anchor.

Previously, the HUD Scale option ranged from 1x to 3x (Scale 100 - 300). Now, we have changed it to 0.5x to 2x (Scale 50 - 200).

Please note: With Jade Shadows, we have set the player's HUD Scale option to 100(%) so that players don’t get blasted with a super-sized UI. To make adjustments, go to Options > Interface > HUD.

The following numbers show the overall HUD Scale difference from before vs. now:

Some expected numbers based on the aspect math at 100 HUD scale:

  • Old 720p - 100 scale = New 720p - 125 scale
  • Old 1080p - 100 scale = New 1080p - 80 scale
  • Old 1440p - 100 scale = New ~63 scale
  • Old 4k - 100 scale = New ~42 scale, so no longer available

Other way around at new default HUD scales, should be equivalent to:

  • 720p: 80
  • 900p: 100
  • 1080p: 120
  • 1440p: 160
  • 4k: 240

HUD Mod Pop-Ups

Previously, any Mod that you acquired as a drop mid-mission would take up a considerable chunk of your screen, no matter the Mod. So we’ve made HUD changes to minimize the impact of these Mods: 


  • Mods that you already own will now appear minimized at the bottom-center of your screen (like Resources), while new or Rare Mods will appear as they have previously.
  • Common Mods will appear at the bottom of your screen with a Bronze tag and a singular diamond, and Uncommon Mods will appear as a silver tag with two diamonds. 


General UI Changes & Fixes

  • Damage Numbers have received an overhaul to make it easier to see while damaging an enemy. Damage number “flyoffs” (the way the numbers appear and move off of damaged enemies) will now “fly” further based on distance from target, to ensure you can aim to hit the target easily without numbers blocking your view.  
    • The last “Cloud” iteration of damage numbers (bunched around the reticle) is still available to use if preferred in the Interface Options > Show Damage Numbers. 
  • We’ve updated Incarnon Evolution descriptions across all Incarnon Weapons and Incarnon Genesis to improve overall clarity and be more consistent with Mods, Arcanes, and each other. For reassurance, the upgrades themselves have not changed, only their descriptions. 
    • For example, Incarnons which previously contained the phrase “Increase Critical Chance by |VALUE|%” now read “Increase Base Critical Chance by |VALUE|%.
  • The Magistar Incarnon’s Evolution II Perk ‘Crushing Verdict’ has been changed from multiplicative follow-through to base follow-through. This means that the value also changed from +100% to +40% to maintain the same effect. Players should not notice a functional change.
  • The Nami Solo Incarnon’s Evolution II Perk ‘Master’s Flourish’ has had its text corrected. The effect has not changed, but the text did not match the effect this perk was providing.
    • The text has been changed from “On Finisher:+20% Health per second for 10s.” to  “On Finisher: +40 Health per second for 10s."
  • The Syndicate Segment UI panel in your Orbiter has a new look! 
    • In addition to its new sleek design, it now shows the Syndicate you are Pledged to more clearly. 
    • You can also now see exactly how much Daily Standing you have from this panel instead of having to interact with the Segment. 
    • The relation to each Syndicate is now also indicated here.
  • Added a “View Augments” option to the Ability preview tooltip that will show you associated Augment Mods (in the Abilities screen itself and at Helminth). Hovering over the Augment Mods in the pop-up will tell you which Syndicates you can acquire them from.
  • Moved the “Cursor” customization options from “Customize UI Theme” to the Accessibility tab. 
    • Players had reported that these customizations were difficult to find in the settings, so we’ve moved it over to the Accessibility tab since it is inherently an Accessibility option and will have much better visibility there.
  • Added Damage/Status Effect icons to correlating mentions in descriptions throughout the game. For example, a Heat icon will now properly display with any mention of “Heat Damage.”
  • Unowned Captura Scenes are now indicated by an “eye” icon instead of a “Locked” tag. 
  • Changed the “Equip” button in the Arsenal to say “Swap”. 
  • Changed confirmation button from “Give” to “Confirm” in Bird 3’s Shiny Treasures screen. 
  • Added a subtle on-hover glow to Decrees to make it clearer which one is being selected. 
  • Updated Inbox sender icons to have consistent backgrounds. 
  • Added a “Last Equipped” label to the last-equipped Relic in an endless Void Fissure mission. Relics with this label will always appear at the top of the Relic selection screen in-mission.   
  • The Void Fissure tab in the Navigation Screen will now appear if you have previously owned a Void Relic, even if you don’t currently have any in your inventory. 
    • Previously it would only appear if you owned Void Relics (and had the Void Relic Segment installed in your Orbiter). 
  • Updated the damage type icons to their colored versions to improve visibility in the following UI areas (not exhaustive):
    • Arsenal Stats
    • Simulacrum’s enemy tooltips 
    • Lavos’ HUD
    • Alchemy mission HUD (including icons over Amphors) 
    • And more! 
  • Fixed Syndicates with negative reputation saying they are ready to Rank Up when they are at the max amount of negative Standing instead of the minimum. 
  • Fixed being unable to scroll through the list of Warframes in the “Invert Tap/Hold Abilities” setting. 
  • Fixed the “Invert Tap/Hold Abilities” menu opening up blank. 
  • Fixed “How To” option appearing on locked Nightwave Acts.
    • Players will gain access to the “How To” pop-up once they have completed the Nightwave Act’s prerequisites to avoid spoilers.
  • Fixed the tutorial button missing in the Arsenal when using a controller.
  • Fixed the Cedo Daybreak Skin displaying the "This is a cosmetic for Cedo, which you do not own." regardless of Cedo ownership message on-hover in the “Tune in to Nora's Mix Vol. 6” preview screen.
  • Fixed Attachments Appearance Menu for Railjack Crew not allowing players to customize energy tint. 
  • Fixed Necraloid showing up in the Sanctum Anatomica Fast Travel menu for players who are not Rank 5 in the Cavia Syndicate. 
  • Fixed Open Squads always appearing as 0 regardless of actual Open Squad count when selecting missions from the Chrysalith Elevator. 
  • Fixed interacting with a Terminal while a Glaive and Incarnon Form Pistol are dual-wielded resulting in only the Incarnon Form reticle being used. Now it should properly swap between Dual-Wield and Incarnon reticles depending on aim state. 
  • Fixed simultaneous inputs for Transference, opening the pause menu, and opening chat resulting in the Menu screen being aligned to the Warframe instead of the Operator/Drifter.
  • Fixed opening Decree Menu simultaneously with another context action in Duviri (ex: playing Komi) resulting in the Decree Menu overlapping the screen. 
  • Fixed Circuit “Reward Ready to Claim” indicator appearing on top of other UI elements in the Navigation menu. 
  • Fixed the Mod pick-up pop-up overlapping with the Squad panel in-mission. 
  • Fixed the Dual Wield (Glaive + Pistol) reticle not being affected by HUD scale settings. 
  • Fixed Friends list not displaying the correct enemy level and faction (Grineer instead of Murmur) for friends in a Deep Archimedea mission. 
  • Fixed Clients seeing the Incarnon Evolution challenge UI popping up in Duviri for unowned Incarnon Weapons (players cannot evolve these weapons as they do not own them, so the popup was misleading). 
  • Fixed the Squad Equipment menu at times not appearing in Relays, Towns, Maroo’s Bazaar, etc. 
  • Fixed Ash’s Smoke Shadow Augment missing its HUD buff indicator.  
  • Fixed Conservation markers at times not showing the closest target after completing a Capture. 
  • Fixed the Earth Razorback Armada node overlapping with the Orbiter in the Star Chart. 
  • Fixed chat window sometimes moving after joining a mission as Client. 
  • Fixed various controller-specific UI elements in the Upgrade Screen. 
  • Fixed Region Chat’s history not properly updating when returning to the Orbiter. 
  • Fixed reloading reticle remaining on the screen if Voruna’s Ulfrun’s Descent is cast mid-reload. 
  • Fixed cursor being able to leave the Game Window when interacting with the “Review Logs” terminal in the Sanctum Anatomica.
  • Fixed “Reactant Collected” UI tracker lingering in HUD after completing Void Storm and Omni Fissure missions. 
  • Fixed the ability icons overlapping with the stat box in the Arsenal UI. 
  • Fixed Index Mission Progress screen having broken UI elements. 
  • Fixed the Valac Europa node’s Crossfire Faction saying “Grineer VS. Corpus” instead of the intended “Corpus VS. Infested”. 
  • Fixed “Mission Failed” End of Mission screen showing again after exiting Arsenal if they had just returned from aborting/failing a mission. 
  • Fixed Infested Salvage Alerts not informing players how many rounds they have to complete in the UI. 
  • Fixed an issue where the mission results screen wouldn’t open while in the Orbiter when activating the “View Mission Progress” input.
  • Fixed an issue where Melee weapon Unique Trait text would become unreadable in the Arsenal Upgrade screen due to the text overlapping while a Stance Mod is equipped.



Unified Finisher Mechanics

Before explaining the changes, let’s define a few terms and basic concepts about Finishers:

  • Mercy Kills: Available on specialty enemies when they reach certain health thresholds.
  • Finishers: Available when a move “opens enemies to finishers”.
  • Ground Finishers: Available after certain effects which knock enemies down. 

All of the above count as Finishers for relevant Mods, Arcanes, Abilities, etc. Mercy Kills differ slightly as they are specific to your Parazon upgrades which do not apply to other Finishers.

In order to make utilizing finishers easier, we have updated how they function to unify their mechanics: 


  • Increased the Finisher context action distance for Finishers from in front or behind from 2m to 3m.
  • Ground finishers are now performed via context action instead of automatically via Melee Attack input. This should allow players to execute Ground Finishers much more reliably.
    • The “Ground Finisher” context action will appear on enemies in range who are open to Ground Finishers.
  • Updated the Mercy Kill context action with unique visuals to clearly distinguish between Mercy Kills and Finishers.
  • Updated the overhead icon displayed on enemies open to non-Mercy Finishers.

Enemy Size Scaling 

We’ve taken strides in reducing how we scale enemies whenever a Finisher is used against them!

By default, Finishers cause enemies larger than your Warframe (ex: Grineer Bombard and Corrupted Gunners). This had the risk of causing some strange visual issues on the enemies that weren't ideal. 

We’ve audited the contact points between the player and the enemy with all Melee Weapon animations to resolve these graphical sizing mishaps! 

What this looks like is:

  • If a point of contact is present between the player character and an enemy, such as a chokehold or grabbing a limb, enemy scaling will persist.
  • If there is no physical point of contact between the player character and an enemy, the enemy scaling doesn’t occur as it isn’t necessary!

Scaling Fixes: 

  • Fixed an issue where Finishers on Corpus Crewman and Grineer Lancers would stretch their spines. Like an untrained chiropractor. 



New Prex Cards 


There’s word that several Prex Cards have been strewn about the Kronia Relay on Saturn - help locate them and add these Warframe’s Prex Cards to your collection! 

  • Ember Prex Card
  • Vauban Prex Card
  • Titania Prex Card
  • Garuda Prex Card
  • Protea Prex Card

New Simulacrum Rooms

New Simulacrum Rooms are available for you to take your simulated fights to the next level! 

Similar to the Sanctum Simulacrum room that launched in Dante Unbound, the following rooms allow enemy difficulty to be set 25 levels above the standard maximum. 


  • Ambulas Arena Simulacrum - Simulate a battle on your foe’s territory. 
    • Acquired from The Perrin Sequence offerings at max rank. 
  • Moonlit Courtyard Simulacrum - Simulate a battle under the light of Lua. 
    • Acquired from New Loka  offerings at max rank. 
  • Red Veil Temple Simulacrum - Hone your combat skills under the auspices of the Red Veil. 
    • Acquired from Red Veil offerings at max rank. 
  • Zanuka Arena Simulacrum - Stage a battle in your enemy’s arena for deeper insight into their tactics.
    • Acquired from Arbiters of Hexis offerings at max rank. 
  • Orokin Derelict Simulacrum - Simulate a battle inside an Orokin Derelict. 
    • Acquired from Cephalon Suda offerings at max rank. 
  • Grineer Asteroid Simulacrum - Step into your opponent’s territory to devise a strategy for their defeat. 
    • Acquired from Steel Meridian offerings at max rank.
  • Orowyrm Arena Simulacrum - Simulate a battle straight out of Tales of Duviri. 
    • Acquired from Acrithis’ Wares. 

These new Simulacrum Rooms and the Sanctum Simulacrum Room are also tradeable and sellable! This is so that players can trade between one another without having to switch around their Syndicate Pledges/acquire from Loid for Vessel Capillaries. The Citadel room remains untradeable as it is the default, as well as the Ballroom as it is an event-specific reward. 

General Additions 

  • Added the Cavia Arcane Collection to Loid’s “Arcane Dissolution” Offerings - this Collection has a chance at the following Arcanes:
    • Melee Fortification 
    • Melee Retaliation 
    • Melee Animosity 
    • Melee Exposure 
    • Melee Influence
    • Melee Vortex
    • Melee Crescendo 
    • Melee Duplicate 
  • Added Fast Travel to the Gear Wheel in the following areas:
    • Dormizone
      • Duviri, Arsenal, Operator, Drifter Intrinsics, Acrithis, Somachord, and Decorate Dormizone
    • Maroo’s Bazaar
      • Set Up Shop, Arsenal, Maroo, Varzia, and True Master’s Font (for MR 30+ Tenno) 
    • Cetus
      • Konzu, Arsenal, Hok, Fisher Hai-Luk, Old Man Suumbaat, Nakak, Master Teasonai, Quill Onkko, and Mission Entrance 
    • Fortuna
      • Eudico, Arsenal, Rude Zuud, The Business, Smokefinger, Ticker, Legs, Roky, Little Duck, Briefing, and Mission Entrance 
      • 2638924339ca4cd1215b79882ca35de4.jpg
    • Necralisk
      • Mother, Arsenal, Father, Son, Daughter, Grandmother, Otak, Loid, and Mission Entrance
    • Chrysalith
      • Quinn, Hombask, Cavalero, Archimedean Yonta, Arsenal, and Zariman Navigation
    • Sanctum Anatomica
      • Fibonacci, Tagfer, Bird 3, Loid, Necraloid, Arsenal, and Mission Entrance
  • Added a “Weapons Enabled” Toggle in Captura Settings to specifically enable/disable Operator Amps. 
    • Note: This setting is re-enabled after switching back to Warframe from Operator. 
  • Added a separate “Swap Weapons” binding for Railjack.
    • Previously players could unknowingly bind over this functionality as it was not listed in the Key Bindings screen.
  • Added an icon above planets in the Navigation Menu once a player has completed all of its nodes.
    • Both Normal Path and Steel Path track planet completion separately, and have their own unique icons to denote completion!
  • Added a “Fire Manual Trigger Weapons Continuously” setting to the Accessibility menu.
    • Toggling this on will allow you to shoot manual trigger weapons (including Semi, Burst, and Charge Trigger types) continuously on a singular input. 



Ceno & Vahd Suit Now Available For Drifter 

Become one with the Ostron as Drifter! The Ceno and Vahd Masks, Pauldrons, Greaves and Apparel have been converted to fit the Drifter and can now be equipped on them. 

Purchasing or crafting any of these customizations will include both the Operator and Drifter variants! For those of you that already own Ceno/Vahd items, the Drifter versions will be added to your inventory upon downloading the update and logging in. 

In-Game Market Change: Operator Suits that can also be used on Drifter now indicate such in their Market screen. It reads “This item provides cosmetics for both Operator and Drifter”. 


Line Of Sight Improvements

As a continuation of our efforts to improve LOS systems within Warframe, which have been ongoing since Dante Unbound, we’ve made further strides towards improving how we handle these checks.

From a technical standpoint, we’ve improved the consistency and performance of the underlying LOS systems within the game by handling how we detect unrendered targets, in addition to improvements we’ve made in recent hotfixes. 

Abilities that use LOS checks already have been updated to this improved technology! Additionally, with these improvements, we can now easily shift over any Warframe Ability that relies on LOS checks to be seamlessly migrated to this new, more accurate system, meaning we’re able to act faster on any outlying offenders that may arise. 

To name a few Warframe abilities that benefit from this with Jade Shadows:

  • Gara's Passive
  • Nyx’s Psychic Bolts
  • Inaros’ Scarab Swarm
  • Wukong’s Primal Fury
  • Gyre's Rotorswell
  • Styanax's Axios Javelin (Vortex)
  • Xaku’s Grasp of Lohk
    • This also fixes ragdolled enemies not getting targeted by Grasp of Lohk weapons. 

Deep Archimedea Changes & Fixes

  • As mentioned in Devstream #179, Deep Archimedea and Netracells now award Standing with the Cavia Syndicate. Deep Archimedea will award 15,000 Standing upon completion of the third mission with any modifiers (or none at all!) and Netracells will award 5,000 Standing per completed Netracell. 
  • Reduced the duration reduction of the “Abbreviated Abilities” Personal Modifier from 75% to 50%.
  • Changed how Deep Archimedea’s “Untreatable” Personal Modifier interacts with Health Orbs in the following scenarios:
    • Lavos’ Universal Orbs: Energy can now be gained from these Orbs when picked up, but not Health (as intended with this modifier).  
    • Equilibrium Mod: Energy can now be gained when picking up Health Orbs, but not the other way around (as intended with this modifier). 
      • A “Health Pickup is blocked” HUD pop-up will now appear at the bottom of your screen to help provide more information in the scenarios above.
  • Changed “Unified Purpose”’s description to better explain what this Deviation does: 
    • Now reads: “Enemies can target and destroy Conduits.”
  • Toned down the intensity of Void explosions caused by the “Postmortal Surges” Risk Variable. 
  • Made the following changes and fixes to the “Powerless” Personal Modifier to improve its functionality:
    • Added an icon to the HUD to indicate the required number of kills. When the kill count requirement is met, the icon will disappear.
    • Fixed Powerless blocking Ability effects from other players interacting with their kits.
    • Fixed Powerless preventing players from using Transference.
    • Fixed Powerless not properly applying to Clients.
    • Fixed an issue where Powerless would appear to not countdown following the first mission, causing the player to be unable to finish the Modifier’s requirements to remove its detriment.
    • Fixed Powerless not progressing from Squad kills while in a Necramech.
  • Fixed Clients not receiving Research Points from their selected Individual Parameters equipment if invited by a Host active within a Deep Archimedea Mission.
  • Fixed the HUD buff icon for the “Knifestep Syndrome” Personal Modifier remaining visible regardless of whether or not it is actually active.
  • Fixed an issue where Client’s wouldn’t have their suggested/chosen Deep Archimedea equipment count towards the activities reward track if invited by a Host already in a Deep Archimedea mission.

Assassin Drop Table Changes 

  • Increased (Shadow) Stalker’s drop rate for Despair, Scimitar Engines Blueprint, Hate, War, and Broken War to 11.73% each.
    • Dread’s drop chance has been reduced on both Stalker (64.8%) and Shadow Stalker (41.33%) to compensate.
    • Note: The Drop Chance of rolling a reward from this Drop Table is unchanged (i.e. 50%). 
  • Wolf of Saturn Six now has a guaranteed (100%) Weapon Part drop per kill, increased from 35%. 
    • This drop rate was originally designed for The Wolf of Saturn Six Nightwave Series, where a) all players were marked with his Death Mark and b) he had an increasing chance to spawn in-mission while the Series was live. Now, players farming the Wolf Sledge can only do so via Wolf Beacons, so drop rates have been amended with this in mind. 

Feral/Wild Kubrow Fur Updates

In the Dante Unbound update we updated the fur on Companion Kubrows to give them a more realistic look and feel. To reiterate: 


  • Improved lighting and shading response in different environments for better texture resolution. 
  • Improved fur density so that it looks softer and fluffier.
  • Added depth to fur color and shading.

We have applied the same upgrades listed above to the following wild Kubrow-type/adjacent creatures: 

  • Feral Kubrow
  • Drahk 
  • Sentinel Stover
  • Vallis Kubrodon 

General Changes

  • You can now replay the Whispers in the Walls Quest! 
    • To re-experience the trials and tribulations between Loid, Albrecht, the Cavia and the creeping Indifference go to your Codex > Quests > Locate the Whispers in the Wall Quest and select the “Replay Quest” button to begin again. 
  • In order to better manage data, we have added a maximum amount of Adversaries (Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos) that can be stored in the Codex’s “Universe” tab. 
    • If a player reaches a total of 150 Adversaries (Converted or Vanquished), they will be prompted to make space in their saved history by deleting entries before confronting a new Adversary. This is accomplished by using the “Relinquish Adversaries” option in the Codex.
    • Please note that any Converted Adversaries will no longer be in your inventory if their history is deleted. This is reflected in the confirmation message given when you attempt to Relinquish an Adversary.
  • We’ve improved the Warframe neck animations so that they no longer turn their head like an owl and distort their head/neck.
  • Improved the responsiveness of holding the Melee Attack input to perform a throw for Melee weapons with ranged attacks (ex: Sigma & Octantis). Pressing and holding the Melee attack input now throws after one swing instead of two. 
    • As a result of this change, it is now easier to activate Tennokai with Glaives in the window it is available. Prior to this change, the second swing could prevent you from hitting Tennokai before the timer ran out. 
    • This also fixes multiple issues with thrown weapons and Tennokai: 
      • Fixed Wolf Sledge not benefitting from Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed Mods or Tennokai’s Wind Up Speed bonus. 
      • Fixed instances where the Wolf Sledge’s Tennokai Heavy Attack would not complete (the animation would halt halfway-through and leave players stuck mid swing until they Melee attacked again). 
      • Fixed an issue where throwing a Glaive manually (ie. by releasing the Melee attack input instead of auto-throwing) would consume and waste Tennokai unnecessarily.
  • Trading Legendary Arcanes now requires you to be Mastery Rank 11. 
    • It’s important to note that only the player trading requires MR 11 and not the receiver. 
      • We needed to address an issue with exploitative Legendary Arcanes farming and ban-evasion account creation used to trade Legendary Arcanes. Other options we experimented with had the risk of innocent players getting caught in the crossfire of the ban-evasion subjects. When we took a look at Trading stats we found that a very small number of players below Mastery Rank 10 trade Legendary Arcanes, and therefore decided to go this route. This is purely a means of deterring the bad actors and ensuring legitimate trading for players. 
  • You can now trigger an early start to Void Armageddon waves by interacting with Exodampers. 
    • The long period between waves was originally added to give players time to set up beforehand, but for some this wait period was not necessary, so we have added a way to expedite the process for those who want to jump right in! 
  • Defense missions will no longer be unnecessarily extended whenever enemies are affected by Nyx’s “Mind Control” or Garuda’s “Blood Altar.” Instead, they’ll work similarly to Revenant’s Thralls, where invulnerable enemies don’t count towards the remaining enemy tally required to progress to the next wave. 
  • We’ve improved enemy spawn logic in Excavation missions to decrease the wait time between completing Excavators.
    • This addresses the player reported issue that it often would take far too long for enemies to spawn when moving from one Excavator to another.
  • Topaz Archon Shards have been changed to grant Shields from enemies hit by Blast Damage to enemies killed with it.
    • The description in-game has always stated “Kills” but this was not actually the case - Shields were being regenerated from enemies hit with Blast Damage. While we understand that this changes the efficacy of the perk and deviates away from what players have been used to, the change was made to avoid photosensitivity issues resulting from Shields breaking and recharging quickly in certain scenarios (ex: Mesa’s Peacemaker Regulators with Blast Damage).
  • Changed the Braton Incarnon Genesis’s Evolution III Perk (On Punch Through Hit: 20% chance for 10% Ammo restored) to give 10% of the Braton’s Maximum Ammo instead of 10% of an Ammo pickup.
    • On an unmodded Braton Prime, this means the Perk will now give 60 Ammo instead of the previous 8 Ammo when it triggers.
  • Updated Market Blueprint descriptions for Warframes, Archwings, Archwing Weapons, Necramechs, and Weapons to more clearly outline the free path to earning them.
    • Descriptions have been standardized to include important details such as:
      • Quest or Mastery Rank requirements
      • Syndicates they are acquired from
      • Specific missions or Planets to farm on
      • Brief instruction on how to acquire necessary keys or currency (ex: Mutalist Alad V Coordinates, Kullervo’s Bane, etc.) 
      • And more!
    • While the Wiki is an invaluable resource for many players, our goal is to increase access to key information in-game as a starting off point. For those looking for more in-depth farming tips, the Wiki, our drop table site, and other community-made resources are king. 
    • Fixed a variety of Warframes and weapons having incorrect or missing Market Blueprint descriptions. 
  • Updated and standardized resource descriptions for a variety of resources, components, keys, and tokens. 
    • Since The Duviri Paradox update introduced the ability to see resource descriptions on-hover in your Foundry - in addition to already being able to Chat Link them - we feel it is especially important that these descriptions include a general overview of how to acquire these items. These are not meant to be comprehensive, but still offer enough detail for players to farm them successfully. 
    • Updated descriptions include (but are not limited to) the following:
      • Necralisk Tokens, Debt-Bonds, and Orokin Matrices
      • Rare Gems requiring specific mining tools
      • Damaged Necramech components
      • Items acquired from Invasion missions
      • Items with special acquisition paths (Anomaly Shards, Kullervo’s Bane, etc. )
      • Dragon Keys
      • Sentient Cores 
      • Variety of items missing planet or node names, and more. 
    • Note: Fishing resources have yet to be updated to this new standard.  
  • Advanced Nosam Cutter can now be used to acquire Rare Orb Vallis Gems (Zodian and Thyst).
    • Now both the Advanced Nosam Cutter and Sunpoint Plasma Drill can be used to mine all rare gems across landscapes. 
    • Also updated rare gem and mining tool descriptions to better communicate these requirements. 
  • The following Mods are no longer eligible to be traded or sold from Inventory. Essentially, they have been given the same treatment as Mentor’s Legacy to prevent players from removing Mods that can only be acquired once. If you have already sold the following Mods, you can submit a ticket to our fantastic Support Team at support.warframe.com
    • Mountain's Edge Stance Mod
      • Awarded from completing The Duviri Paradox Quest. 
    • Thermia Fracture Rewards - these were already untradeable, we’ve just also made them unsellable from Inventory: 
      • Amalgam Serration 
      • Amalgam Organ Shatter  
      • Amalgam Barrel Diffusion 
      • Amalgam Shotgun Barrage 
    • Daily Tribute Milestone Login Rewards these were already untradeable, we’ve just also made them unsellable from Inventory: 
      • Primed Vigor 
      • Primed Shred 
      • Primed Sure Footed
      • Primed Fury
  • Switching through the different Verse of Dante’s Final Verse will now play the associated video preview for the Verse you have selected instead of looping through the same video for all. 
  • The VFX of Excalibur’s Exalted Blade has had a visual refresh! The energy emanating from the Blade has an all new flow to it. 
  • GI Lighting Changes & Fixes: 
    • Adjusted ambient GI lighting in the Orbiter for better contrast in the lighting. 
      • This also improves the lightning in the Arsenal, which we received feedback on being too dark for the purposes of fashion framing. We have more changes and fixes planned for the next update.
    • Updated GI Lighting in the Helminth room, including improvements to the pond beneath the floor to increase fish visibility.
    • Adjusted lighting throughout the Orbiter to feel more realistic based on direct vs indirect light sources.
    • Updated the lighting on various waters in the Drifter Camp so that the waterfalls aren’t glowing white and blown out at night. Also fixed being unable to see the fog over the landscape when viewing it from the Orbiter window. 
    • Fixed GI lighting shadow issues with Decorations in the Orbiter. 
    • Fixed some indirect lighting in the Orbiter to help alleviate areas that were far too dark. 
  • Synced Last Gap’s controller haptics with the heart beat sound. 
  • Improved the frequency of appearance for the new Albrecht’s Laboratories tiles that were released with Dante Unbound.
  • Updated older Grineer decals to improve resolution and quality.
  • Changed Tenet Diplos to continuously burst fire at already marked targets while aiming and holding the firing input. 
  • Argon Crystals are now automatically waypointed when dropped by enemies or resource containers in-mission. 
  • "Parkour Velocity" mods now affect a few more parkour-related activities:
    • Increases velocity when wall running parallel to the wall
    • Increases velocity when wall jumping away from a wall
    • Increases the instantaneous velocity change when performing a double jump
  • Updated the visual materials on the Dread, Hate, and Despair.
    • This change also made many untintable areas now tintable (notably all of the metal on the Dread).
  • Updated the “From on High” Nightwave Act description to include K-Drives. 
    • It now reads: “Kill 100 grounded enemies while soaring above the Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis, or Cambion Drift on your K-Drive or Archwing.”
  • Removed the Kuva Sobek from Conclave eligibility due to not being Conclave balanced. 
  • Updated Lavos’ Valence Formation Augment Mod description for accuracy (the Augment itself has not changed, this is only a description update). 
    • It now reads: “Casting an Ability imbued with extra Elemental Damage applies that Element as a 200% bonus to your weapons with guaranteed Status for 20s.”.
  • Adjusted Ordis’ Camera angle and gave him Idle Animations in the Drifter Camp during the New War Quest.
  • Your Warframe falling into a void while in Transference will no longer cause a screen fade-to-block which deactivates your Warframe’s abilities. 
    • Players often hop into Operator/Drifter mode to traverse gaps, but doing so over a void would reset your Warframe once they hit the teleport volume. If you ever experienced a fade-to-black while Void Slinging over a void, this was what caused it! Now this will no longer happen, provided you are in Transference when your Warframe falls into the teleport volume. 
  • Kuva and Tenet weapons with 58% Elemental Bonus or above will now automatically round that value up to 60%.
    • Players who have existing Tenet and Kuva weapons (including those pending in the Foundry) with 58%+ Valence Bonus will have this value rounded up to 60% upon logging in after downloading the update.
  • Increased the window for players to join an in-progress mission when playing a Star Chart node for the first time. 
    • Previously, the window was much smaller for first-time joiners, to avoid them missing key cutscenes or transmissions that appear at the start of the mission. The unintended result was that many players ended up starting a new session and playing the mission alone.
  • Made a small adjustment to ambient sounds in the Strata Relay. 
  • The Warframe Launcher will now display “Downloading new content” once the download actually starts.
    • Previously it said “Checking for new content” when both checking and downloading the content.
  • Reduced the damage of the Juggernaut’s ranged spine strike. 
    • The amount of Toxin Status Effects it caused could be difficult for newer players to tackle, so we’ve reduced it to make it more manageable. 
  • Updated the Helminth Ability “Expedite Suffering” description for accuracy (the ability itself has not changed, this is only a description update).
    • Now reads: "Condense all Slash and Toxin Status Effects into a single damage instance."
  • Updated Dante’s Fourth Ability “Final Verse: Tragedy” description for accuracy (the ability itself has not changed, this is only a description update).
    • Now reads: “Two Dark Verses cast in succession attack enemies. Damage Over Time from Slash, Heat and Toxin Status Effects accumulates in a single blast.”
  • Updated the Templar Prime Operator/Drifter Transference Suit Collection to clarify its usability by both the Operator and Drifter.
    • Now reads: “The dress uniform worn with pride by Harrow's faithful legions. Includes the full set for both Operator and Drifter.”
  • Updated Nezha’s “Divine Retribution” Augment description for accuracy (the Augment itself has not changed, this is only a description update).
    • Now reads: “Status Effects spread to all speared enemies. Spear explosions scale by 1.5x of remaining Slash, Toxin and Heat Status Effects. Base Radius is 14m.”
  • Changed the Update Screen to use release date (year and month) instead of the update numbers for the listed Updates. 



  • Fixed Dante’s passive only applying to enemies who were scanned in-mission. Now it should apply to enemies who were fully scanned before the mission started. 
  • Fixed Sevagoth’s Shadow not benefiting from the Shadow Haze Augment Mod on enemies inflicted with Death’s Harvest. 
  • Fixed being unable to Auto-Melee as Chroma while Spectral Scream is active. 
  • Fixed held items (Datamass for example) causing visibility issues with the Grimoire equipped. 
    • The item will now be hidden when aiming and/or firing with the Grimoire to prevent it from blocking view. 
  • Fixed being unable to throw Voidrig’s Necraweb Grenade. 
  • Fixed the “Loid” fast travel option in the pause menu taking you to the front of the doors to the Sanctum Anatomica instead of directly to him. 
  • Fixed the Host’s invisibility option for Warframe abilities (Semi-Cloak or Glow-Cloak) overriding Clients’ invisibility option. 
  • Fixed Melee Crescendo stacks vanishing after Host migration for Ash players that collected them with Blade Storm while holding a Primary Weapon. 
  • Fixed Host and Client going back to completely different areas when the Host aborts, but still remaining in the same squad (e.g. Host returns to Obiter, while Client returns to Cetus). 
  • Fixed an issue where one player using Transference would close the Ability menu for everybody in the squad. 
  • Fixed being unable to use Last Gasp if the "Ability Menu" controller binding has been replaced with "Activate Selected Power".
  • Fixed the alt-fire not throwing discs in Duviri Enigma Puzzles if the player has a Melee weapon equipped. 
  • Fixed the Derivator Crewman’s energy dome showing through Grendel when feasted, and partially limiting his movement. 
  • Fixed being unable to cast/cancel abilities or attack as Wukong after ledge grabbing during Cloud Walker’s cast animation.  
  • Fixed loss of function (invisible weapons, being unable to reload, etc.) as Wukong after hitting a teleport volume while in Cloud Walker. 
  • Fixed loss of function as Valkyr after entering a Nullifier Bubble during Hysteria.
  • Fixed Saryn’s Toxic Lash affecting Clients damage numbers by displaying the wrong damage values (UI only issue). 
  • Fixed loss of function when attempting to leave Submersible Archwing in the Grineer Sealab Tileset. 
  • Fixed Shade’s Ghost Mod randomly deactivating while surrounded by enemies who are in range.
    • This was because Shade would choose one target to trigger invisibility, meaning the effect would end once they were killed. Now this Mod’s effect is no longer tied to one target, so the invisibility will persist so long as players do not engage in behaviors that will disrupt it. 
  • Fixed Zephyr’s Tail Wind not deactivating while the player is in Bleedout. 
  • Fixed cases of players receiving a different rotation reward than what was displayed in-mission. 
  • Fixed a case of the Total Eclipse Augment offering a permanent Eclipse buff for Clients if another player also casts Eclipse. 
  • Fixed being able to dislodge Fragmented enemies from Garuda’s Blood Altar. 
  • Fixed function loss for remaining player(s) if both Host and another Client leave at the end of a round in The Index.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones not shooting Incarnon Form weapons unless they had hit enemies before the Incarnon Form was triggered.
  • Fixed being unable to progress in Void Armageddon Bounties after completing the Bounty requirements. 
    • Prior to this fix, players would be forced the extract after completing the Bounty requirements. Since this is an endless mission type we want to give players the option to stay and complete more Rounds if they wish. 
  • Fixed the Temporal Prime Ephemera causing Focus Badges to be oversized.
  • Fixed lighting glitches and intense bloom when switching between certain weapons (notably the Tenet Grigori) in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed being unable to jump as Operator after using Transference mid-movement.
  • Fixed the Onos Evolution V challenge (Complete a solo mission with an Incarnon Weapon equipped in every slot) not completing when entering Extraction in Titania’s Razorwing form.
  • Fixed Onos’ Incarnon Form projectiles hitting enemies that are directly behind the player instead of where they are firing. 
  • Fixed the Distressed Pipes in Alchemy missions not properly resetting after being destroyed with a high damage weapon, which could lead to a halt in mission progress. 
  • Fixed Zephyr and Nyx being unable to acquire Decrees in Duviri while Tail Wind hovering or using Absorb, respectively.
  • Fixed the increasing likelihood of not receiving Void Traces in Railjack Voidstorms when opening Relics over multiple Voidstorm missions without resetting the session.
  • Fixed K-Drive Board Slam kills not properly tracking for Clients for Yareli’s “Waverider” Quest Challenge.
  • Fixed an issue where Auto-Melee wouldn’t work while on a Zipline.
  • Fixed Mag’s Magnetize Ability not taking effect when casted onto a target ragdolled by her Pull Ability.
  • Fixed Mag’s Magnetize Ability causing ragdolled enemies to float, jitter around or fly away. 
  • Fixed an issue where repeatedly using Transference in the Orbiter would cause the Warframe to lose functionality.
  • Fixed recasting Hydroid’s Plunder ability causing its Armor buff to stack indefinitely.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Artemis Bow not benefitting from the Galvanized Aptitude Mod. 
  • Fixed The War Within Quest replay not starting immediately due to players being unable to select the first stage “Investigate the Reservoir on Lua” node in the Star Chart. 
  • Fixed Operator’s Appearance switching to a different Appearance Config Slot than what’s selected after using Transference to and from Warframe in Orbiter. 
  • Fixed the Prime toggle not applying to Protea Prime’s Abilities when a TennoGen Skin is equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where Client AoE/Radial damage was not being absorbed into Zephyr’s Tornados. 
  • Fixed the Pack Leader Mod reducing the amount of Overguard on a Companion if they already have the Mod's max amount  (+1200).
  • Fixed Mag’s Magnetize sometimes not working when cast on ragdolled enemies. 
  • Fixed Protea’s Temporal Erosion Augment being able to armor strip allies, instead of just enemies as intended. 
  • Fixed Dante’s Wordwarden not sharing Noctua’s elemental damage to squad mates if Dante is a Client. 
  • Fixed enemies in Grendel’s gut triggering the Energy Exhaustion personal modifier in Deep Archimedea. 
  • Fixed area of effect of Inaros’ Sandstorm remaining indefinitely if a Kuva Lich or Sister of Parvos performs a finisher on Inaros while in Sandstorm. 
  • Fixed Chroma’s Guardian Armor Augment not triggering Archon Intensify when healing allies. 
  • Fixed Grendel being able to fire primary weapons in Pulverize after casting Aquablades with the Surging Blades Augment equipped.
  • Fixed being unable to use the Fishing menu if the Ability Menu controller binding is unbound. 
    • Now, when switching between mouse and controller the button callouts will reflect the “Classic Controls”. You can also now use the back button to exit the gear picker without having to pick something. 
  • Fixed being unable see Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones in Grendel Locator missions if you have a Companion equipped. 
    • Also fixed being unable to Melee Attack after casting Hall of Mirrors under the same conditions. 
  • Fixed getting permanently slowed by a Gruzzling after casting Mag’s Magnetize on it and letting a Warframe stand in its slow field while in Operator mode. 
  • Fixed cases where the Extraction timer would no longer count down for remaining players post-Host migration. 
  • Fixed Grendel losing momentum when casting Abilities while in Pulverize. 
  • Fixed being able to apply 5 Puncture Stacks to VIP enemies with Overguard, instead of the intended 3. 
  • Fixed Murmur enemies not properly ragdolling when caught in Khora’s Strangledome. 
  • Fixed Archon Nira not engaging in combat and floating in the air after the end of the intro cinematic. 
  • Fixed Dante's Pageflight Paragrimms targeting inactive enemy turrets, such as inactive/undamageable Orokin or Corpus turrets. 
  • Fixed weapons in Incarnon Mode (notably Paris Prime and Dread Incarnon) dealing less damage to enemies trapped in Zephyr’s Tornadoes. 


  • Made a small optimization to the friend search for players who have a lot of friends (must be nice). 
  • Made several systemic micro-optimizations to level loading.
  • Optimized texture streaming for slower systems.
  • Made several systemic micro-optimizations to level startup.
  • Made several systemic micro-optimizations to the UI system.
  • Made several systemic micro-optimizations to level loading and engine startup. 
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to the script system and made it harder for script bugs to crash the game. 
  • Made modest memory optimizations for players with a large amount of messages in their Inbox.
  • Made tiny optimizations to reduce initial install and Hotfix size. 
  • Made several micro-optimizations to the HUD system (notably to ability icons and Weapon Status and Melee Combos and reticle) 
  • Made several general performance optimizations across the game. 
  • Made several small optimizations to decal and cloth VFX. 
  • Made a small optimization to geometry clipping math. 
  • Made micro-optimizations to particle effects. 
  • Made experimental systemic micro-optimizations throughout the whole engine.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to resource handling code. 
  • Made several systemic micro-optimizations to various systems in the game. 
  • Made systemic optimizations to game-code. 
  • Fixed a noticeable hitch caused by modular Companions that would happen in the following scenarios:
    • Equipping them in the Arsenal.
    • Panzer Vulpaphylas when respawning from their larvae form (Panzer Devolution Mod).
    • Loading into missions with them equipped.
  • Fixed a hitch in the Arsenal when equipping a Companion with the Kavasa Prime Kubrow Collar. 
    • This also fixes hitches when clones of Companions with the Kavasa Prime Kubrow Collar are spawned by Duplex Bond. 
  • Fixed visiting large featured Dojos having gradually increasing performance issues the longer you stay in them. 
  • Fixed a memory leak that would make texture streaming take longer. 
  • Fixed a significant drop in performance when entering and exiting the Helminth chair repeatedly. 
  • Fixed performance issues caused by placing a Warframe Articula that is using a Loadout that has the Melee Retaliation Arcane equipped. 
  • Fixed significant hitches in Relays caused by Clan Emblems. 
  • Fixed spot-loading issues when Clients are visiting Host’s Orbiter due to Decorations loading.
  • Fixed hitching when picking up a Stance Mod in mission. 
  • Optimized the Melee Duplicate and Exodia Force Arcanes to help prevent performance lag.
  • Optimized the memory usage of large levels and systems.
  • Optimizations made to gameplay code. 
  • Memory optimizations made in level streaming. 
  • Optimizations made towards Cross Platform username handling.
  • Reduced the memory footprint of Dojo-placeable Decorations.
  • Fixed large hitch when loading into Dojos with many Displays. 
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to rendering. 
  • Fixed performance issues caused by the Cryonic Culverin Eximus’ “mortar” attack. 
  • Improved Open Landscape graphical fidelity on low-end machines. 
  • Fixed spot-loading issues when previewing Companion cosmetics in the Market. 


  • Fixed Host migration breaking a puzzle in Albrecht’s Laboratories. 
  • Fixes towards the finisher icon showing up on boss type enemies that are not eligible for finishers (ex: Deimos Saxum). 
  • Fixed players being able to take out their weapons and attack after selecting the “Offer Comfort” option in the Sanctum Anatomica. That is quite literally the opposite of offering comfort. 
  • Fixed being able to equip Tennokai Mods onto Sentinel weapons such as Deconstructor, Batoten, Lacerten or Akaten (since they do not benefit from them and take up valuable Mod slots). 
    • If you had Tennokai Mods equipped to your Sentinel’s Weapon, they have been automatically unequipped. 
  • Fixed the clone effect from the Temporal Prime Ephemera not copying the equipped Drifter/Operator hair, causing them to appear bald.
  • Fixed Temporal Prime Ephemera’s “sparkle” VFX disappearing when it circles behind Warframe in the Arsenal. 
  • Fixed some players seeing Kahl missing his head in the Drifter Camp. 
  • Fixed issue where standing idle with a Bow as Dante switching to Aim-down-sights could cause the bow to swap hands when it shouldn't. 
  • Fixed a crash caused by the in-game Voice chat. 
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using the binding to show more Melee Weapon details (in Inbox, Inventory screen, etc.).
  • Fixed a crash caused by Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos performing a finisher on you. 
  • Fixed a crash affecting Clients caused by Host aborting Circuit mission while Clients are still in Teshin’s Cave. 
  • Fixed an extremely rare crash that could occur when joining a mission in progress. 
  • Fixed a softlock that would occur if you tried to remove a Clan from an Alliance.  
  • Fixed Warframe in the login screen being poorly lit when Orbiter is located in Drifter Camp. 
  • Fixed part of the Orbiter’s interior lights flickering through the glass while in the Drifter Camp. 
  • Fixed certain items and Decorations flickering in the in-game Market. 
  • Fixed Railjack being unlit when viewing it from Orbiter. 
  • Fixed Companion Kubrows in Look Link previews not having the updated fur texture released with Dante Unbound. 
  • Fixed case where players would be unable to see each other in large featured Dojos. 
  • Fixed the Orowyrm arena re-exploding for Clients after defeating it and returning from Host migration. 
  • Fixed the VFX and SFX from Magnetize ability lasting forever after killing the Malice Acolyte while he’s mid-cast.
  • Fixed Styanax’s Final Stand interfering with the extraction cinematic. 
  • Fixed Melee Heavy Slam Attacks no longer knocking down opposing players in the Conclave. 
  • Fixed weapons not applying their “Visible/Invisible When Holstered” setting in the Simulacrum until swapping off and back onto it. 
  • Fixed several Armor attachments having offset issues when equipped on Sevagoth’s Glaukus Skin. 
  • Fixed hitching in the Arsenal when swapping to a config that has a subsumed Helminth ability.  
  • Fixed Drifter Lock-On not respecting the “Reload with Context Action Input” setting being disabled. 
  • Fixed cases of “Align Attacks to Camera” setting not being respected. 
  • Fixed “Toggle Crouch” input preventing Kaithes from sprinting while in flight. 
  • Fixed being able to shoot weapons while in Grendel’s Pulverize if the ability was active while transitioning between Circuit Stages. 
  • Fixed cases of the Onos’ Incarnon Form beam being misaligned from the reticle.
    • Also made under-the-hood changes to improve performance issues related to the Onos. 
  • Fixed Edun using its default skin when thrown, regardless if a Polearm Skin is equipped.
    • Also fixed the Edun with the Tequihua Polearm Skin being thrown on the wrong axis. 
  • Fixes towards cloth-based Syandanas sticking out too far on Protea Prime’s back. 
  • Fixed certain Syandanas clipping into Protea Prime’s hip turrets. 
  • Fixed mining veins in the Deck 12 cave on Fortuna not displaying the glowing orb FX that indicates where to aim your Mining Tool. 
  • Fixed cases of Watchful Paragrimm decoration briefly appearing in a flying pose when selected in the Decoration Menu. 
  • Fixed being able to stand on Necraloid in the Sanctum Anatomica. 
  • Fixed arrows and arm-attached weapons appearing to poke out of Grendel while in Pulverize. 
  • Fixed a crash that could occur by entering and then exiting the Dormizone via the Chrysalith elevator with the Advanced Map open. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by a player with a Mastery Rank lower than 5 joining an Eidolon hunt. 
  • Fixed navigation pathing issues for enemies in Lua Defense missions.
  • Fixed Clients spawning outside of the map in Alchemy missions if the Host loaded in through their Orbiter and didn’t move. 
  • Fixed cases of NPCs clipping or falling through elevators.
  • Fixed missing VFX on Lohk Surges. 
  • Fixed a rare case of visiting a Featured Dojo or being invited to another Dojo, but ending up in your Dojo instead. 
  • Fixed VFX for the Altar puzzle in the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset not being properly replicated for Clients. 
  • Fixed Warframe Dioramas not properly taking energy color for their VFX. 
  • Fixed animation pops for Bows with the Hildryn Noble Animation Set. 
  • Fixed terrain hole in the Courtier’s Bliss Dojo Room.
  • Fixed a flickering wall decal in the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset. 
  • Fixed an invisible ledge that players could get stuck on in an Orokin Challenge Room.  
  • Fixed an animated element of the Kuva Fortress tileset not appearing properly for Hosts. 
  • Fixes towards improper teleport volumes in the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset. 
  • Fixes towards Necramech Demolishers getting stuck in the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset.  
  • Fixed map holes on Lua.
  • Fixed a floating Senta Turret in the Infested Ship tileset. 
  • Fixed a terrain hole on the Orb Vallis. 
  • Fixed a texture issue in a Plains of Eidolon cave. 
  • Fixed the Bloodshed Sigil being unobstructed/unaffected by volumetric fog. 
  • Fixed Drifter’s hair clipping into their head while riding Kaithe. 
  • Fixed several issues with downed sounds not playing: 
    • Fixed being unable to hear your own non-Kubrow Companion get downed. 
    • Fixed Client being unable to hear Host get downed. 
    • Fixed Host being unable to hear Client’s Companion get downed. 
    • Fixed the “downed” sound FX not playing when you run out of self-revives and go down again.
  • Fixed a small dark spot on Protea Prime. 
  • Fixed texture missing in some rocks in the Cambion Drift. 
  • Fixed the waterfall VFX in the Drifter Camp changing position when viewed from inside the Orbiter. 
  • Fixed several Conclave Mods not having their drop source listed in the Codex. 
  • Fixed mining VFX spots being visible through other objects. 
  • Fixed a random pool of blood floating in the water near the Landing Craft in the Drifter Camp. 
  • Fixed several map holes towards the top rock face in the Man in the Wall portions of the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset. 
  • Fixed enemies having pathing issues in the Lith, Earth mission. 
  • Fixed enemies getting stuck in certain rooms of the Grineer Forest tileset. 
  • Fixed small sections of the Grineer Forest tileset where players can see through the map. 
  • Fixed a texture gap underneath the large cylindrical balcony in the Oro Works, Zariman mission. 
  • Fixed a section of overhead rocks in the Grineer Settlement tileset missing texture. 
  • Fixed being able to see through the map in one of the cave passages in the Grineer Forest tileset. 
  • Fixed several texture gaps in the ceiling of the Prison Break Break Narmer mission. 
  • Fixed the lower section of the Tyl Regor arena having texture issues. 
  • Fixed a map hole in the Grineer Settlement tileset. 
  • Fixed random scrolling texture appearing on the wall in a room in the Grineer Galleon tileset. 
  • Fixed a hole in the Sanctum Anatomica that would lead you out-of-bounds. 
  • Fixed disconnected ground texture in one of the Undercroft tiles. 
  • Fixed disconnected ground texture in the Zariman tileset. 
  • Fixed an invisible wall in the hallway leading to the final chamber of the Sands of Inaros Quest. 
  • Fixed some of the flashback scenes in The War Within Quest being unlit and completely black. 
  • Fixed map hole in one of the secret rooms of the Zariman tileset. 
  • Fixed Drifter clipping through ground in certain areas in Duviri. 
  • Fixed a random Stealth Attack context action appearing in the Dormizone that would spawn a Necramech Pod.
  • Fixed the radial explosion damage from destroying enemy Necramech weak points getting blocked by the environment and not impacting other enemies around it.  
  • Fixed an issue where the Naimore Armor Set was extremely bright. 
  • Fixed squad members receiving the “Player had died” message when a player is self-reviving. It should now correctly say “Player has self-revived.”
  • Fixed script errors caused by Frost Specters. 
  • Fixed the Impetus Prime Syandana attaching to the center of Warframes instead of the left side as intended by design.
  • Fixed spawning underwater after ragdolling from a K-Drive over a body of water instead of returning to land.
  • Fixed Dante’s “Light Verse” and “Dark Verse” Abilities taking Energy color from Attachments instead of Warframe.
  • Fixed the Warframe Parry animation breaking and not completing the animation when blocking against Entrati Rogue Arcocanids.
  • Fixed Mag’s Pneuma Skin right fingers have misaligned details compared to the left hand.
  • Fixed the Onos being weirdly rotated when offered in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed being unable to Chat Link Fortuna Debt-Bonds, Deimos Family Tokens, Seriglass Shards and Orokin Matrices.
  • Fixed the Arcane Dissolution Packs in Loid’s Sanctum Anatomica offerings using the incorrect icons.
  • Fixed the Melee Influence Arcane breaking the holding and holster animations for Tonfa skins. 
  • Fixed Railjack resource popups missing the names of the resource acquired.
  • Fixed collision issues in Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset that players could escape through. 
  • Fixed being unable to view the Mission Success screen after finishing an Index mission.
  • Fixed a crash when logging out on the second stage of The Sacrifice Quest.
  • Fixed Umbra becoming stuck in The Sacrifice Quest. 
  • Fixed Cambion Drift caves generating incorrectly and penetrating surfaces as a result.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after defeating a Thrax Centurion.
  • Fixed indoor areas of the Orb Vallis not properly casting shadows on players or breakable objects.
  • Fixed a script error with Chroma’s Spectral Scream.
  • Fixed a levitating Plant spawn point in the Corpus Outpost tileset (goodbye, mid-air Frostleaf...). 
  • Fixed levitating Thermal Sludge canisters in Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed Duviri Undercroft and Arena sounds not playing correctly when entering the portals.
  • Fixed a brief flicker of a mission Node popup appearing when zooming in on a Planet in the Star Chart. 
  • Fixed script error with Gyre’s Rotorswell. 
  • Fixed the “Edit Decoration Contents” option appearing for the Hero of Duviri Display. Fixed images have this option disabled. 
  • Fixed a crate spawning under the floor in the Corpus Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed the Domestik Drone’s Decoration preview lingering in its placement spot in the Orbiter after exiting Decorating mode and  interacting with the Mandachord in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Primary Color channel breaking when navigating from Nezha Empyrean Skin to the Styanax Tonatiuh Skin and back.
  • Made fixes towards the green tint in the Styanax’s Tonatiuh Skin lingering while customizing colors. 
  • Fixed True Master’s Font Blessing Statue not using correct colors for Attachments, Ephemera, and Warframe Energy. Certain wide span Ephemeras, such as the Eros Wings, won’t be visible on the True Master’s Font Blessing Statue by design to avoid creating visibility/clipping issues.
  • Fixed Shields in Sanctuary Onslaught & The Index not scaling like the rest of the game.
  • Fixed an unintentional weaponless Ground Slam Attack occurring after using the “Context Action” binding while airborne and looking down. 
  • Fixed an issue of shadows sometimes disappearing after changing Shadow settings.
  • Fixed subsequent Alchemy Crucibles sometimes spawning in the same room as the previous rotation.
  • Fixed Companion’s revive percentage resetting if another player also starts reviving them.
  • Fixed a room in the Grineer Galleon tileset never spawning enemies.  
  • Fixed a case where spamming Ground Slams could leave players with the inability to jump. 
  • Fixed cases of Loid not spawning in Isolation Vault Bounties if players previously failed to complete the Vault’s Requiem Cipher in the same mission.
  • Fixed a case of throwing “phantom bait” the first time you try to throw bait after taking out your fishing spear. 
  • Fixed a case of Dante becoming invulnerable when rapidly casting Light Verse.
  • Fixed Vauban’s Bastille not working properly with “Invert Tap/Hold Abilities” setting toggled on. 
  • Fixed Skaut appearing invisible during the fly-in cutscene for the Heart of Deimos quest.
  • Fixed the K-Drive Nitro Boost Mod allowing you to boost outside of the map in the Orb Vallis. 
  • Fixed Clients hearing generic Lotus transmissions (without seeing the transmission) after completing Albrecht’s Laboratories missions (including Deep Archimedea). 
  • Fixed an out of memory crash caused by large featured Dojos. 
  • Fixed selected Energy colors not applying to Heavy Blade’s VFX trail when using their default skins. 
  • Fixed Umbra’s Health bar remaining visible in one of the cinematics in the Sacrifice Quest. 
  • Fixed certain environment decos appearing black (notably in the Corpus Ship tileset).  
  • Fixed Clients loading into an in-progress Lephantis Assassination mission not being teleported into the lower arena in the second phase of the fight. 
  • Fixed Sentinels and Companions remaining highlighted in the Arsenal with the Ally Highlights setting enabled. 
  • Fixed modular weapons in their respective screens (Zaws, Moas, etc.) being highlighted with the Ally Highlights setting enabled. 
  • Fixed Wyrm’s Negate Mod knocking down players if they switch Loadouts in Relays, towns and the Simulacrum. 
  • Fixed another case of the extraction cutscene showing Inaros’s Sarcophagus after entering the extraction zone with his Passive active. 
  • Fixed certain Conclave Mission Progress screen UI elements appearing in the Index’s Mission Progress screen. 
  • Fixed being unable to open the Zariman Tablets in Duviri. 
  • Fixed Rogue Voidrig Eximus not having a Codex entry. 
  • Fixed Rogue Bonewidow having a duplicate Codex entry. 
  • Fixed falling endlessly through a cave pool hole in the Plains of Eidolon. 
  • Fixed a spot-load hitch that would occur in the Liset/Dormizone for players that do not own the Necramech Summon item, and also have a Warframe or Enemy Articula placed.
  • Fixed broken helmet material on Tusk Bombard Eximus enemies.
  • Fixed offset issues for the Daybreak Armor Set. 
  • Fixed a map hole in the Orokin Tower tileset. 
  • Fixed Tagfer becoming embiggened in Stage 5 of the Whispers in the Walls Quest. 
  • Fixed offset issues with the Daybreak Armor Set. 
  • Fixed Helminth door in Orbiter not opening when attempting to enter via Decoration camera. 
  • Fixed camera pulling way above Sedna when selecting it in the Star Chart. 
  • Fixed the installation animation not playing in the various stages of the Vor’s Prize Quest. 
  • Fixed Mods in Market Bundles appearing stretched in Market previews.
  • Fixed Drifter cloth issues during a cutscene in the first mission of the Duviri Paradox Quest. 
  • Fixed being unable to use the “Remove Mod” binding on a controller in the Upgrades screen. 
  • Fixed hitch when selecting Landing Crafts you do not own in the Landing Craft customizations menu. 
  • Fixed “Build Railjack Cephalon in Foundry” appearing in the list of requirements to begin The Rising Tide Quest in the Codex. 
    • This implied that you needed to build the Cephalon before beginning the Quest when in reality that takes place during the Quest - ultimately very confusing so we’ve removed that line entirely! 
  • Fixed Operator/Drifter dark skin tones not being lit correctly in the Orbiter during The Second Dream Quest. 
    • Known issue: There are issues with the Operator’s face having a speckled texture, we are looking into a fix for a future Hotfix/Update.  
  • Fixed the Incarnon Mode switch sound not playing if you are dual wielding with Glaive. 
  • Fixed offset issues with the Loneryder, Orizu and Harrier Pauldrons on Drifter. 
  • Fixed a hole in the floor under the Orbiter’s ramp. 
  • Fixed multiples of the Lotus merging on top of each other in one of the Angels of the Zariman Quest cinematics. 
  • Fixed offset issue with the Cyst on Octavia Prime. 
  • Fixed a UI issue where Credit Cache rewards were not shown properly at End of Mission.
  • Fixed The War Within mission looping after completion. 
  • Fixed no enemies spawning if Kahl dies before using the Bolkor.
  • Fixed Decrees being covered in the Pause menu when on Kaithe.
  • Fixed the camera becoming set in place and not following Warframe movement when a Client opens their Pause menu right as the Sanctum elevator load ends. 
  • Fixed missing “Exit” button after completing the Whispers in the Walls Quest.
  • Fixed the Rank 5 Incarnon challenge "Complete a Solo mission with an Incarnon weapon equipped in every slot" not completing if the player enters extraction as Operator.
  • Fixed the Incarnon Ceramic Dagger upgrade Gun and Blade triggering when killing enemies with a Secondary weapon.
  • Fixed Ruvox Finisher animation being unintentionally slow when Transforming. 
  • Fixed Voruna's wolf heads not having their passive glow when using her Voidshell Skin.
  • Fixed script error when trying to use the Synthesis Scanner in Orbiter via Gear Hotkey.
  • Fixed Companion UI stretching if you're dead when the mission fails. 

For list of known issues for Jade Shadows that require future code changes and cannot be addressed in a Hotfix, visit our dedicated thread: 

Edited by [DE]Taylor
correct boosted ionic capsules only giving speed boost
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14 minutes ago, PrazerEric said:


12 minutes ago, Baikal920 said:

I downloaded the update and now the game won't launch

5 minutes ago, NanakiTaborea said:

Same issue after Downloading the update the game starts for 3-4 seconds before it auto closes

1 minute ago, (XBOX)Mr Jartza said:

The game keeps crashing on startup while on Xbox...

Hey Tenno! We're looking into the issue - in the meantime, can you please try a hard reboot (hold down the power button until the console turns off) then rebooting Warframe.

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Can't log into the game on Xbox 


Just now, [DE]Danielle said:

Hey Tenno! We're looking into the issue - in the meantime, can you please try a hard reboot (hold down the power button until the console turns off) then rebooting Warframe.

That won't work I have tried it since the update dropped. At most I start hearing the log in music before it crashes 

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vor 3 Minuten schrieb [DE]Danielle:

Hey Tenno! We're looking into the issue - in the meantime, can you please try a hard reboot (hold down the power button until the console turns off) then rebooting Warframe.

Just Tried a hard Reboot, Sadly it does not fix the issue 

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36 minutes ago, cattynoir1 said:

i try up loading warframes on my xbox series s it didn’t work then turn off that didn’t work either warframes please fix this xbox crash, glitch error 😡 ☹️

I'm experiencing the same thing, even have uninstalled and reinstalled the game on my Series S.

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On 2024-06-18 at 4:14 PM, [DE]Taylor said:

Use “Spoiler” warnings on any content pertaining to the Ques. This includes social posts, live streams, videos, Capturas, Fan Art, Etc. 

  • On our Forums you can use the “Spoiler” tag to properly mark your post, as well as the built-in “Spoiler” button to cover your text up when posting

This does not work on mobile.

I'd be happy to flag content as spoilers, but the functionality needs to be on mobile for me to do so.

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