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Cross Play With Ps4 Not Relay

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ok so there are things ide like to point out and am concerned with i was looking forward to play cross play but after seeing some things from staff not so much first https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/125149-warframe-ps4-account-migrationcross-platform-play/  this it relay relay bad the dev team seems to be split i know making a game cross play is hard but i feel this is unjust to the ps4 players and pc players who wish to play together.

1.we cant have long term friendships for the fact the update builds fall out of syc

2. we cant join a dojo owned by  a pc player feels like segregation to me.

3. why are you half assing the cross play slow down the builds if that's what it takes whats the point if you cant even do much i mean relay you know about final fantasy a realm reborn right? its cross play pc ps4 you know why cuz the dev team looks at it the same for ps4 ps3 pc. this is what you the dev team need to do update it as a whole and i promiss your fans will love it don't rip away there friends they make cuz of build numbers

4. im a pc player but i relay like the ps4 version too i want to see it in harmony with pc cant we all just agree its warframe we are all siting down to play why not put them together please dev team  listen to what i have to say i know its not easy  but like all humans we live for the bonds we make with others and is that not what this game is about cool &#! space ninjas   fighting together side by side. I am a big fan please make this happen

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main issue is that patches on ps4 must pass Sony's approval and then are moved around through Sony's channels, not just uploaded to DE's download server like for PC.


This makes the ps4 version outdated. They are still playing pre U11. When it hits ps4 you'll see the ragestorm of kids crying that their weapons are broken and can no more play.


You can't play with people that have an out-of-sinc game client for obvious reasons.

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This game does not employ game servers, it's p2p. One player of the 4-guy team is the host, acting as a game server, others are the clients. So in this case a "server side" update is not applicable, sadly.


The servers that DE uses are just authentication and dumb storage servers. That is, they check validation codes and keep your account stats/items in their archive, and that's it.

This is because game servers are much more expensive and they decided against this in their limitless wisdom.


Yes it's a bad decision imho too, also because with this system you need a good connection to be host and not lag your team mates like hell. And because of other more technical reasons that plague establishing decent connections between people with a p2p system.


That said, I really hope they sort out the issues with Sony at a decent pace. After all, everything is quite new and they might need time to adjust.

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