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Warframe Mobile Update: June 2024


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Hello (Mobile) Tenno,

We released Warframe on iOS a little over three months ago, and I’d like to share an update on it and our future Android plans.

TL;DR: The iOS version needs a lot of love right now. That love will make the eventual Android version all the better. So, first, we are focusing the mobile team on addressing iOS fundamentals before moving on to our Android version. So Android Tenno, I know it sucks to wait more, but these improvements are crucial to making that wait worthwhile.

To our iOS players, thank you for playing and for your patience. While we have seen many positive comments and are very proud of what we have accomplished squeezing the game onto a phone… we’re not there yet. Too often, we see fundamental technical issues holding the experience back: ‘Can’t install’, ‘UI cutoff on iPad’, ‘Connection failed’ or ‘Hitching bad’.

So, it is time to narrow the mobile team’s focus.

We will accelerate our release cadence on iOS in the coming weeks and shift focus from ‘literally everywhere’ to the crucial first moments of the iOS experience: installer issues, controls, and performance. We expect this shift to be temporary and annoying for some but crucial to advancing the quality of the core game on iOS. Be aware that this shift may be a temporary detriment to late-game features, so we’re hoping you’ll be patient with us.

Thank you, iOS Tenno. We’d love to hear from you, particularly if you have installation, connectivity, controls, and performance problems. Give us an earful here: Mobile Bugs Subforum.


PS: We intend to maintain Cross Platform Play functionality and apply crucial hotfixes. If this changes, we will notify you well in advance.

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20 minutes ago, [DE]Steve said:

We will accelerate our release cadence on iOS in the coming weeks and shift focus from ‘literally everywhere’ to the crucial first moments of the iOS experience: installer issues, controls, and performance.

Please do.

Regarding Control and performance do these include random redirection (mismaneuvering), failed Auto on charge-only weapon, frequent crashes, severe lag, and losing control?

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I would love for a little cut off of the amount of data loading the free roam takes so I, and probably many others with the same problem, can finally access the free roam areas and continue the game. I am also supprised that this problem exists because I have a pretty new iPad. And another less serious problem I, and maybe others, have, is some of the button don't work, even though I use controller, such as: the camera mode button on the captura, the advanced options button when decorating, and some others that seem mostly at the bottom of the screen like the gabii mission node (I can still access it by zooming out a bit) I think a good solution to this may be to be able to move these buttons in settings because I think it may be my device that is faulty.

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3 hours ago, Amdo263 said:

Is there a time-line, when to expect having warframe on Android? 

We do not have a timeline at this moment, as improving the iOS experience is the top goal of our mobile development. Thanks! 

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Hi Everyone,

Firstly, a huge thanks to the DE Team for making Warframe accessible to iOS users! This is a huge step forward especially for users such as myself that don’t have access to a Console or PC.

Secondly, the main issue that I together with several mobile users have experienced is related to Open Worlds: Fortuna, Deimos, Plains of Eidolon and Duviri. The users I have spoken to are either running a iPhone 12-15 with the latest software. We have been using the lowest graphic settings and ensuring all background apps are closed. WiFi connections have been tested and it doesn’t seem to be linked to any ISP issue as multiple players are experiencing the same issues.

Thirdly, these errors include the following: Device Memory Low forcing one to the Orbiter OR the game crashes entirely OR the Host Migration screen comes up.

Since the release of the Jade update, I am unable to go to our clan dojo as it crashes upon entry, the Belly of the Beast event crashes 3/4 times. Also, Jade can’t be maneuvered like Titania I can’t go up/down only the same height. Not sure if this was intentional. Also, the main menu is bugged where I can’t access it half the time when in a squad. There are other bugs that need not be mentioned here.

In summary, if you could please focus on the stability of open worlds it would be greatly appreciated as Open World standing is critical to one’s growth and development in the game (I haven’t built the Helminth segment due to insufficient standing).

Once again I thank you all for highlighting the work required for iOS and look forward to any performance improvements along the way.

Many thanks,


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This is really great to hear! I took a break from Warframe for a couple years, because I no longer owned a console. I game exclusively on iPad now and waited with great anticipation for the release of mobile. Though the experience isn’t perfect it has already far surpassed my expectations! Knowing that you all are committed to iOS in this way is very encouraging and I’ll be sure to submit bug reports to help do my part. I’d be glad to help in any way I can as Warframe is definitely my main play again. As more people discover the joy of iPad+controller gaming, Warframe will rule the roost as the top MMO in that category. Love you all and thanks for everything you do!

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On 6/19/2024 at 11:00 PM, [DE]Steve said:

We will accelerate our release cadence on iOS in the coming weeks

Really hope this will be fixed soon, especially since performance-wise, it’s getting worse (after Jade, Hotfix-3)

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This is absolutely great news, I look forward to updates! I'm playing on a new iPad (M2 2024) and I'm struggling with the motion controls because the bottom left corner is unresponsive and I can only move when I put my finger almost in the middle of the screen, which is uncomfortable. The bottom part just doesn't respond and there's nothing you can do about it in the settings.
Also, the button for chopping containers has disappeared and is only displayed in manual mode, which takes a lot of time when switching from auto to manual for each container.
BUT still this game is absolutely fantastic and the fact that you are still working on the game and releasing updates is a huge motivation for me to keep playing. Great support and thank you!

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Thanks so much again for the iOS version of the game.  Just reporting that the operator bug where you can’t shoot and move at the same time is still here. If you fire and then move you can keep that up but you need to keep your finger on the fire button while moving and if you release it and push it again you stop dead again.  If you’re moving and hit the fire button you stop moving altogether.  No dodging or walking or running while firing. 

corey responded in another thread with a question about it and I did respond. I was surprised it wasn’t a known issue as I’ve talked to several other iOS players and they experience it and just assumed that’s how the operator works. It’s not auto fire as of course we don’t  have auto fire with the operator and drifter.  

I’ve played to MR 19 and doing steel path etc using touch controls on an iPad Pro and love it.  Thanks 

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