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PSN Jade Shadows: Hotfix #4

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Ascension Changes & Fixes: 

  • Elevator speed boost time from Boosted Ionic Charges now stack when throwing multiple at the Extraction Capsule at once (up to a max of 50 seconds). 
    • The elevator UI has also been updated to indicate the speed boosts and duration. You can now more clearly see how Ionic Charges affect the elevator. 
  • Fixed Ordis’ “Uplift” Bullet Jump distance buff in Ascension missions overriding players' Parkour upgrades instead of applying additively. 
  • Fixed being able to pick up multiple Ionic Charges in Ascension missions, effectively deleting the one that was already in your hand.  
    • Now these will act like Alchemy Ampoules. You will not be able to pick up Ionic Charges with one already in-hand - unless you are trying to pick up a different type (i.e. normal Ionic Charge vs Boosted Ionic Charge). 
  • Fixed End of Mission screen not showing Arcanes earned from defeating Sisters of Parvos in the special mode available at Ordis. 
    • This was a UI-only issue - the Arcanes were still being properly delivered to inventory. 
  • Fixed Ascension mission not ending once the Capsule reached Extraction due to On Call Crew Specters. 
  • Fixed elevator moving downwards after Host migration. 
  • Fixed Clients not receiving the Jade Prex Card in their inventory after picking it up in the Ascension tile. 
  • Fixed a hole in the upper level of the Ascension tile. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Sister of Parvos’ Magnetize ability. 
  • Fixed a small floating box near the extraction area in the Ascension tile. 
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by the Ionic Charges. 



  • Drastically reduced VFX from Blast Procs to address performance issues.
    • This is a temporary change in response to reports of crashes and overall performance issues. Unfortunately this does not fix the issue completely, but it should help improve the situation until it can be addressed properly in a Cert update. 
  • You can now replay the Jade Shadows Quest! 
    • We’ve been absolutely loving your reactions to the Quest and wanted you to be able to enjoy it all over again. Go to the Codex > Quests > Select Jade Shadows > Select the “Replay” button. 
    • Friendly reminder of the Spoiler Courtesy when sharing anything regarding the Quest. On that note, replaying the Quest will skip the choice scene at the end (the choice made in the first playthrough is maintained). 
  • Changed Frost’s “Icy Avalanche” Augment Mod (stats shown at Max Rank) to improve its Overguard capacities:
    • Now: Allies within Affinity Range are coated with ice that grants 60 Overguard per enemy hit. Overguard increases by 20% of your Armor once per enemy.
    • Previous: Coat nearby allies with ice that grants Overguard and absorbs 60 damage per enemy hit. 
  • Selecting a sorting option for the Star Chart Loadout UI will carry over to all equipment. 
    • For example, selecting to sort by “Forma Count” in the Warframe selection screen will also apply to Weapons, Companions, etc. 
  • Changed the name of “Bane of Corrupted” Mods to “Bane of Orokin” to match their new faction name that was released with the Resistances and Status Rework in the Jade Shadows update. 
  • Jade’s Prex Card and the Displays earned from the Jade Shadows Quest can now be chat linked.
    • We had these disabled for launch since they were spoilers for the Jade Shadows Quest. Now that we’ve re-enabled it, please be mindful of spoiling the Quest for other players.   
  • When previewing Warframes in the Arsenal they will now play their own Noble Animation set instead of the default set. 
    • If you already have a different animation set selected it will not replace it - but in the case where no animation set has been selected yet, their Noble Animation set will auto-equip upon selecting the Warframe. You can set it back to the default using the new “None” option in the Animation list. 
  • As noted in Hotfix #3, Jade’s Universal Polarity has been restored to its intended slot for players who had swapped it. 
  • Improved the Grimoire’s reticle so that it is more centered and increases the reticle dot to better match other reticles. 
  • Reduced the intensity/noise of the VFX behind Warframe when selecting Energy colors in Arsenal. 
  • Added more SFX to Jade’s Idle animations. 
  • Updated Ember’s Fireball ability preview video to showcase its new version from the Jade Shadow’s update. 
  • Toned down the hit VFX when attacking the top of the Jade Light Eximus beam.
  • The Stalker that appears after completing the Jade Shadows Quest now has his own unique name (similar to Shadow Stalker) “Protector Stalker”. 
    • Fixed post-Jade Shadows Stalker having the incorrect drop tables. This fixes the issue of players being unable to get the War/Broken War Drops from Stalker post-Quest. 
    • Known issue: Post-Jade Shadows Protector Stalker has a missing icon and incorrect diorama in the Codex. This will be fixed in a future Hotfix/Update. 


  • Fixed Ash’s Blade Storm not triggering Arcanes with the “On Finisher Kill” condition (i.g. Arcane Trickery, etc.). 
  • Fixed Client detonated Glaives not damaging enemies if the “Fire Manual Trigger Weapons Continuously” setting is toggled on. 
    • Also fixes Host and Clients not seeing the affected Client’s Glaive Prime being thrown. 
  • Fixed Qorvex’s “Wrecking Wall” Augment triggering (to restart the duration of Chyrinka Pillars) even if no enemies are hit by Containment Wall. 
  • Fixes towards Mag’s “Greedy Pull” not collecting pickups (ex: Endo). 
    • Seeing as we cannot fix this without Code, we have temporarily reverted the Augment’s LoS check from render (which was introduced in Dante Unbound: Hotfix #7) back to raycast. This may result in issues of loot not being Pulled due to slight variances in elevation, but it fixes the issues of pickups being ignored by the Augment. We will return the LoS check back to render in the next Cert update. 
  • Fixed being unable to shoot/regenerate ammo the Tenet Plinx after alt-firing while it is regenerating ammo.  
  • Fixed the subsumed version of Jade’s Ophanim Eyes not actually having the eyes present on cast (this was a visual only bug). 
  • Fixed performance issues caused by Jade’s Ophanim Eyes VFX not despawning. 
  • Fixed Frost’s Snow Globe and Hound’s Null Audit Precept (when stealing Arctic Eximus bubbles) unintentionally doubling weapon Critical Hit Damage when shooting through it. 
  • Fixed Sevagoth’s Sow (with and without the Dark Propagation Augment) not applying to lifted enemies. 
  • Fixed Ordis’ Operation store being available in Drifter Camp after talking to Kahl. 
    • Worth noting that once Operation: Belly of the Beast ends, Ordis will relocate to the Drifter Camp and offer his wares there. 
  • Fixed losing function after opening the Arsenal from the quick access wheel while in the Sanctum Anatomica. 
  • Fixed Hildryn’s Balefire quickfire Attack Speed being increased when the “Fire Manual Trigger Weapons Continuously” setting is toggled on. 
  • Fixed Wukong’s “Monkey Luck” passive buff working on enemies that are immune to loot abilities. 
  • Fixed purchasing something from the “Complete the Look” in the Community Customizations screen removing all other options from the menu. 
  • Fixed being unable to sell Jade from Inventory. 
  • Fixed the order of Kitgun Components not being consistent in the Arsenal description (intended to be ordered top to bottom Chamber, Loader and Grip). 
  • Fixed a random white sphere appearing in the level during the “Anything But That” stage of the Jade Shadows Quest. 
  • Fixed Ally Highlight appearing on Operator in Jade Shadows Quest cinematics. 
  • Fixed being unable to search for Platinum Packs in the in-game Market. 
  • Fixed Jade’s Glory on High ability SFX ducking level music. 
  • Fixed instance where Jade would not aim-glide in the fall after deactivating her Glory on High ability. 
  • Fixed some of Loid’s subtitles being a filepath in the “Research Dante” menu. 
  • Fixed Hildryn’s Pillage Energy Drain stat in Helminth tooltip having long decimals. 
  • Fixed fire rate stat comparisons being incorrect and showing an incorrectly reduced amount to what is expected based on the Mods equipped. 
  • Fixed Despair in left hand not using custom player-selected colors. 
  • Fixed Temporal Prime Ephemera’s orbs not taking on custom player-selected colors. 
  • Fixed some black boxes appearing when looking at a specific spot out the Railjack’s window.  
  • Fixed a random Eximus enemy spawning in the final cinematic in the Jade Shadows Quest.
  • Fixed Sevagoth’s Shadow missing its description in the Arsenal. 
  • Fixed the Jade Ophanim Decoration having the wrong name in the Jade Collection description.
  • Fixed PH tags in the damage section of the Codex training tab. 
  • Fixed PH tag in Storm Caller’s HUD buff description. 
  • Fixed PH tag in the Rain of Vitality’s Decree HUD buff description. 
    • It is however still missing translations - this will be fixed in a future Hotfix/Update. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by using Frost’s Freeze to shatter Snow Globe. 
  • Fixed several script errors caused by Frost’s Snow Globe. 
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I didn't see it but does this address the random crash that can occur during mission load or exit screens (and the random crash in the lobbies)? This is a thing since Jade launched. (I have a post in the bug section too).

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PS4 - People spamming Jade's 1 booted me right out of a squad and put me off into solo.  

  • Just ran Nira Archon Hunt for Yellow shard and got Blue shard instead.   

I know you guys swapped Archons for some reason but now I don't know if U broke rewards.  I couldn't say what Shard I actually got in my inventory...

Edited by (PSN)AbBaNdOn_
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I currently cannot download the hotfix at all, as it gets stuck at 98% and a message comes up saying "Some content could not be downloaded from our servers."

Hopefully this will be addressed soon.

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