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Corpus and Grineer AI Suggestions


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It seems to me that the Grineer and the Corpus have a very stright forward AI in most cases. Their hand-to-hand guys make a beeline through the shortest path right towards you, and the shooters stay in random cover, occasionally tossing grenades at themselves or firing inconsequently.

Perhaps have the hand to hand guys wait in side alcoves while the ranged troops pull back, forcing the squad or player forward. Have the CQC enemies use 'Trapdoor Spider' tactics; laying in ambush until the player comes within a scripted distance. This would also work well with Shockwave Moa's (as much as I hate the little b***ards.) All the ranged guys very quickly abandon the larger, heavy-grade troops, leaving them venerable. Scripting a few to stay within a few yards of said heavy trooper and swap aggro based on who was hitting the heavy guy the hardest may increase the difficulty and challenge of bringing those large troops down. This would hopefully force Solo players to be more sly in their tactics and groups to support one another.

The infected also seem to be very easy to lure into bottlenecks. Having them hang back until a scripted distance is reached, or crowding them around the other sides of doors would make such an encounter pants-wetting. Some kind of stalker unit would also be fantastic; moving quickly, staying in the corner of the squads vision with those horrific gurgles and hisses until it's time to strike, perhaps.

The last thing I would like to see is a retreating grenade barrage.

Enemies taking heavy losses could throw down a wall of explosives and run back to regroup. This would be a hefty hit to the players if someone were to get caught, (as rezzing someone takes time) giving the enemy enough time to regroup in the next room, find cover and lay ambushes as described above.

I know this may be a pain in the buttocks to code, but I think a crafty, sadistic AI would make a lot more missions less run-and-gun and more about working as a team and sharing responsibility to do what your particular frame does best.


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