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What programs beyond the tennogen workshop are required to make skins/ helms?

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Hey peeps,

This question is more for the veterans of tennogen masterpiece creation. What programs would one need to start their 'career' in making tennogen works of art? I know the tennogen workshop is a pre-req program that is gonna get the process started. I'm more curious about what programs do you need beyond the workshop to sculpt, tint etc. Do these programs have a subscription fee or a one-time purchase for the use of the program? 

Also, any YT channel you would recommend to a beginner like me, that teaches the process of sculpting in the programs outside of the tennogen workshop, would be greatly appreciated.😁 

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If you're a beginner with 3D, I would say keep your expectations low for now, since 3D is a long process to learn

That said, you'd need a 3D program for modelling and usually something else for texturing. Blender is a free 3D program, Krita is a free 2D program. You could also look into something for subtance-painting (i.e. painting directly on a model) but I don't know any free apps for that.

I have used Procreate to do subtance-painting, but it's a paid iOS app, and I wouldn't recommend jumping right in to paying for anything since you're just starting out and have free options. But that's your money, and buying something cheap vs. hundreds of dollars isn't so bad. If you see anything subscription-based, though, just avoid it full-stop

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Substance is an industry standard and there are very little competition in this field. You can try with something like https://www.materialmaker.org/ or https://quixel.com/mixer or even Blender itself but you will have problems to separate channels on the texture to separate tints. Once you get the experience and want Substance Painter without subscription, there is still perpetual licence on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/2718190/Substance_3D_Painter_2024/ but since Adobe bought it the price is now atrocious and you will receive updates only till end of the year. I got lucky and acquired 2020 version that was like 30% of the current price.

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