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Sound Accessability (disabilty) option request.


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As some one that is a disabled veteran and somewhat hard of hearing to certain tones I would like to request an accessibility option to replace the high pitched tones used to locate certain in game objects such as hidden supply caches and special lore item finds.
I'm also in my 40's which i know is unusualy old for the warframe player base but as you get older these high tones get hard to hear for us all regardless of disability.
I literally cannot hear this tone at all, so finding these things is a nightmare, I usually need help from a friend.
I would suggest: (in accessibility section)
1 options to control the pitch and volume of these 'secret item' alerts.
2 option for visual cue only - suggest vignette or sparkles.. brighter for closer? for deaf people.

3... out there idea - A ' hearing ear ' pet or pet mod that gives this feature? (mod given for free to all players?)

I appreciate this is tricky to keep them hard enough to find without penalizing old deaf men like me ;)
Kind regards Bigolbear - retired IRL tenno

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Seconding this. I like to cloak while cache-hunting so that mobs don't bother me when I'm backtracking or inspecting the vents or whatever, and it's damn near impossible to hear the ringing sound underneath the weird muffling effect invisibility causes.

I don't know why anyone but Banshee's stealth mode deafens the user, but since DE seems committed to it as a design choice, I'd also appreciate if the loot sounds were just a step lower and a step louder.

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