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Chipper keeps losing his marker and is hard to find


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Chipper loses his yellow icon and only has a tiny blue icon, but when he goes down there is no marker other than a red dot on the mini map.  It is hard to tell where he is when there is multiple levels and he is the same color as the terrain.  I think something similar happens in rescue missions, since I didn't used to have to pay attention to them at all if they went down in lich farming missions.  I've noticed several times they are hard to find when very close by. 

I failed on the very last wave of Archon Defense with 2-3 enemies left because Chipper disappeared and I couldn't find him searching up and down and looking at the mini map, which shouldn't happen.  I revived him 10+ times already without issue.

Also, it is hard to tell the difference between a gruzzler icon and a necramite without really looking at it closely.  Why are they the same color? 

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