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Valence Fusion, Mod Fusion expanded


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Valence Fusion could be the final touch Warframe needs for balancing weapons. Especially with Dex weapons which you only get so often as rewards but really it could work for pretty much any piece of gear. It's already utilized in Railjack quite effectively. 

1) It naturally builds off of already existing farms. In order to valence fuse a weapon, you have to farm said weapon again.

2) It doesn't require additional mod slots or capacity or interfere with any existing builds and load outs that players use.

3) Besides increasing stats of weapons, you could also create a weapon "skill tree" type system that could allow the resulting weapon to take on unique mechanics from weapons of the same class. (Think alt fire mechanics, things like that)

4) It would provide a use to farming multiple pieces of the same equipment which currently you can only sell for a low amount of credits.

5) It could also provide a use to the several inert weapons such a Mk-1 variants and allow precise customization for situations where a Tenno might like certain aspects of various weapons within the same subclass but often have to pick a stronger choice over mechanics they prefer.

In the same way, Mod Fusion could be expanded. This way we could wind up with hybrid mods that have several effects for a single slot. To me this method seems natural for the game based on the current progression system. First it's mod capacity. We double it with a catalyst. Then it's forma, where we half the cost of a slot. To me the natural next step is fuse mods together to get even more value from a single slot. This could create a whole collection of fuse only mods (requiring you to expend existing ones) to accomplish multiple functions. Common requirements like Vitality/Shield or Vitality/Armor or utility mods like loot/enemy radar and parkour velocity/friction/double jump strength ECT. Could be condensed to take up only one slot and prevent duplicates of any of its components being used. This would also now provide a function to the many duplicate mods we receive and Fused mods could be locked at whatever rank the ingredient mods were at upon fusion. Fused mods would be their own class of mod unobtainable by other means and unable to be ranked up after they are obtained.

The theoretical max mod capacity is 60x2 for 9 matching polarities with catalyst +18 for a high rank aura/stance with matching polarity. So 138 mod capacity and 9 slots including exilus would mean fused mods would have a max rank of 15 and represent the stats of 2/3 mods that may have otherwise not been worth taking up a slot. (Some mods like utility mods might be worth having a 3 way fusion given the amount of stats we have to experiment with but are unable to utilize to actually make a build functional). Fused mods could be tradable but not able to be adjusted in rank which means you would have to farm multiple ranks of the same mod for ideal build customization.

Expanding on these underutilized systems would help [streamline] the modding experience and open up options and provide a function to otherwise useless rewards. All without having to add another layer of arcanes, mod slots, archon shards, ECT to aid in progression. It would also provide a farm to said progression that would encompass ALL of the games existing and future content. :)

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