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PC and Xbox linked now trying to add PS as the main account


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Im sure this question has been answered so sorry for asking it again, but i linked my PC and Xbox accounts thinking i would be able to link my PS account later and make it the main account... is this not the case? I looks at the FAQ and it seems like there is not a way to unlink the XBOX account from my PC acc in order to link the PS acc to PC and make the PS acc the main account. If it is not possible. Can i just make a new PC account and link the PS account? I am trying to get all my data from PS to PC so i have no problem making a new account on PC for it.

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That's why they're talking about "Merge" and "Link".


Merging your Xbox and PC accounts mean exactly it ; they "merged" together into one. And that one account is centralized.

Linking is like "Copy-pasting" your now centralized account to other platform. Since you merged your Xbox and PC account, it is already linked / copy-pasted by default ; that's why they say it's impossible to "unfuse" your account, since they basically were kinda erased after the merge.

So once accounts are merged, there's also no more "main account" on console or PC ; It's simply the new centralized account being extended to your console / PC, like a radio tower emitting a unique signal to be broadcasted home at several places.


Can't say for sure, but they also specifically said that the merge is a one-time procedure. So I think you cannot merge any other account subsequently once it's done, even if they meet the recquirements.

If you link your PS account to your now centralized account, all your stuff on PS will be gone, as the centralized account will copy-paste its content to your PS account.


You can still merge your PS account to a fresh PC account with a new e-mail adress, yes, but the 2 centralized accounts would be separated ; 1 with your Xbox/PC stuff, one with your PS stuff.

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