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insane hp buff?


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I was in ESO my jade hitpoints are around 500, I had her ability power buff on and I noticed I was hovering aroundt 4000 hitpoints

we did have a wisp but the round ended before I could check, I didn ask on chat to silence.

I noticed the following round wisps health buff only took me to 1400

Sadly I didn't take account of any other frames we had but in-hindsight I am curious, what could have been giving me such a crazy amount of hp? surely wisp alone couldn't have gotten temporary power buffs to scale health so high? does anything else in the game buff health?

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There are a few other buffs - Chroma's heat Elemental Ward and Nidus' Parasitic Vitality are others I can think of that can boost allied players health.

Wisp motes, Elemental Ward and Parasitic Vitality all scale off power strength, so Jade can boost their effectiveness, but, based on the numbers you quote, I'd guess Parasitic Vitality because it's much easier to get silly numbers with that one.

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Could be a few different interactions happening. 

Like there are certain conditional buffs that can temporarily boost ability strength. Like a Kitgun Arcane, a Parazon Mod around Finishers as examples. Then also Warframe interactions, like Nidus and his link ability. If some of those conditionals stack, either to the Nidus or Wisp or both, then the link happens, and then the power is activated, you can hit some pretty high Ability Strength numbers and then stats via that, like their Health Mote. 

So it might have been a combination of such buffs and interactions. I'd probably speculate a Nidus and some of those conditionals, but there could be other combinations as well, other Warframe buffs, others might mention. Also given the portal nature of ESO, and how some buffs are conditional, would also explain why later the buff might be less impressive, if the Nidus didn't link again, and or some of the conditional buffs weren't active at time of heir later casts. Could also be the Nidus or Wisp had an Invigoration. Could be a few other things. 

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now that I think, we did have ground spoors on the stage, it seems a good assumption, I was amping both wisp and nidus strength and nidus must have been linked to wisp when the HP buff was dropped, maybe with paracitic vitality, stars align synergy all added up to give me a massive health boost.

That sated my curiosity!


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