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Entry 5 - Dec 5/2013 Quick Update

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Brief peek behind the curtain:

Welcome welcome PS4 players! Update 11 (+hotfixes) has been in cert for a week - we're pushing to get this live as soon as possible.

11.5 is looking to be quite substantial. Is that a new Warframe!? A limited chunk of the Jungle set will be rolling out with a cool new event wrapped around it! There are some cool change ups in the event like time-of-day and the use of Scanning to augment your missions.

As for me, I’ve been working on Network Optimization. Network bandwidth has been reduced 1/3rd outgoing host and less than half outgoing for a client. General improvement in smoothness as well. Very excited for this. Soon to wrap this, then I'm full speed on solving the Forma'd slot order problem that elemental combinations have created.

Ready for a mega-list of everything else that’s going on? There’s lots, get ready...

  • Weapons and weapon skins - some new firing modes for added diversity!
  • Multiple resource drone deployments, coming.
  • Optional clan-specified trading tax to bulk up your Vault!
  • Gas expands and so does the Gas City tileset - art improvements, more diversity.
  • I see progress on systemic invasions & battle pay - moving this from one-off to part of the game.
  • VOIP code has been smashed into better shape with less network utilization better quality and improved threading performance.
  • Lotus voice rolling out with rerecorded, matched levels using the new dynamic DSP (instead the baffling mix of old distorted & new clean style).
  • Vay Hek is being worked on - he is a propaganda machine - I think he'll be turning out hilarious and awesome. Complete and ambitious redo of him from visuals to gameplay.
  • I shaved my beard off by accident (trimming mishap).
  • Our new UI artist started, had a meeting and we all laughed/cried at our coder-art. We reviewed player feedback about UI problems. His first project is redo the HUD... no pressure.
  • Design is still cracking away at the new damage model. We've rewritten our statistics gathering for weapons and will be chipping away at gross imbalances. Expect more changes to the resistances and immunities as we add diversity to the enemy types and take better advantage of the new damage model.
  • The Nexus app has been rewritten and includes a mobile version of the Codex. The performance issues have been resolved and now we're anxious to hook this up to your account/live data.
  • A training section is being added to the Codex to help with new players learning all the wackiness that is Warframe. This will feature simple but cool visuals as well as rewards for going through them to encourage use.
  • Ability & Sentinel Mods have been removed from the store Mod packs and Transmutation. This helps with dilution considerably. For the time being enemies will still be dropping these.
  • I see the improved Melee system being worked on as well with a lot more animation diversity and control of your moves.
  • The audio team has recorded a ton more raw sounds for future weapons - George will post about this later I think. I think I saw pressure waves from the video of the session. Wow.
  • Crazy new movement mode for U12? Can't talk about this because it may be a bust.

    Thanks for reading and sorry for the terse report! Now diving back in!

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This looks amazingly awesome. Just got one question:

Void/mission reward drop tables in codex when?

Going to jump on that if I can get forma slot order sorted out. Just going over the tons of great suggestions for it.

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Very cool.


This list has pretty much everything I thought was holding back warframe/thought DE should work on next. Excited for the new jungle tileset and the Hek rework. Keep up the awesome work! Hopefully some of this will be in U12? Or sooner? :3

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