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Entry 5 - Dec 5/2013 Quick Update

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  • I see the improved Melee system being worked on as well with a lot more animation diversity and control of your moves.
  • Crazy new movement mode for U12? Can't talk about this because it may be a bust.



These two interest me the most.....

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Proposition for future Updates:


- Rhino Prime with an Hologram HORN kind of like Ember's fiery thing. That would be AWESOME !


- You need a Lion/Tiger or LIGER Warframe as well !


- Dragon Warframe


- Master of Shadows Warframe


- 4-legged walking sentinels


- Combination of level-4 abilities the (strongest powers of warframes) creates massive nuclear shockwave (standardized effect to facilitate design, gameplay and implementation) depletes all energy and shields for all players involved but destroys all enemies regardless of levels.


- Buy reinforcements using credit "in-mission" -> like airstrikes or drops of equipments & amunitions or a STAR that makes you invincible like in Mario Bros.


- Rage Mode all (warframe) Add a 3rd rage-bar (health, shield and rage) that counts your kills, shots and actions when at maximum push a button to turn the skies Dark and boost your abilities. 


- facilitate chat/invites the communication dashboard is still so lame


If I find out you used any of my suggestions without giving me 10,000 platinums, I will sue you for a million platinum at the Lotus Supreme Court. I am not joking !

Abiola Alabi from West Africa.

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I hope the update skips 11.4 :p like from U10.8 to U11 :)

Really cannot wait, well, diversity? Of course!


Mega list feedback:

Vay Hek is a propaganda machine - Honestly, propaganda? Ah he is just a Grineer councilor in a propaganda machine that deploys drones :I

New movement mode in U12 - A bust?

Melee 2.0 - This is....... Well I still like the current one, pressing E. I hate equipping myself with blade as it will cause switching guns took a longer time.

Grineer Jungle - I want to see Grineer monkeys. XD

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So should I just give up waiting on the PC to PS4 copy. I have not level on Ps4 because of the copy,but is it just a pipe dream now, with it looking like PC going to be even farther ahead?

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Brief peek behind the curtain:

Welcome welcome PS4 players! Update 11 (+hotfixes) has been in cert for a week - we're pushing to get this live as soon as possible.

11.5 is looking to be quite substantial. Is that a new Warframe!?

Gentlemen, behold

the Santaframe.

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  • 4 weeks later...

So when will we get a new Entry to this Developer Workshop?


I believe it would be a nice action and medium to adress some of the major discussions going around the forums lately, refering to the increasingly number of open letters written by some of the Vets which incapsulate some of the major and core issues with the game presently.


I hope that the Devs, Steve or Scott are able to break some of the latest pattern of secrecy and mistery that is not helping at all with the old and returning transparency issue that not so long ago brought and originated so much anger topics towards DE in the past, since some of the answers given in the latest Livestream (#20) weren't at all explicit and in no way came to tear down the recent communication wall built between the Devs and the community.


Best regards,


A dedicated player 

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