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Entry 5 - Dec 5/2013 Quick Update

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Thx Steve for the info.

Glad to see you have lot of new toys in your bag



I dont intend to troll or somewhat be "non-civil" but i really want to tell you this:


"A new frame"?

Why the hell are you still adding new frames??


Your last two realeased frames are, imho pure not balanced [... insert some bad word here ...]. Poorly developed (dont blame the council, you are responsible of it), with powers inconsistency - not speaking about the lack of abilities synergies.

Nekros is a desacrate bot, Valkyr is said to be too fragile with very bad powers balance.

You still cant balance Nova, when nerfing trinity, saryn, ember, ...


So, why a new frame, cant you just finally make all frames feel unique, powerfull, balanced before adding new ones???

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Hi there, 


Thanks for all this good news in perspective.


Few questions (may contain already negatively answered noob questions) :


- Will we get a up of the defense missions reward ?

- Will you work someday on the fabulous stealth topic suggestions ?

- Will you work someday on a way to access to the craft menu and titan extractor using a web browser or mobile appli ?


Still, the codex noob-friendly tutorial seems to be the best improvement in the list, the player is quite lost on the battlefield with no intel of the game mechanics, making confused player to flee the game.

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As for me, I’ve been working on Network Optimization. Network bandwidth has been reduced 1/3rd outgoing host and less than half outgoing for a client. General improvement in smoothness as well. Very excited for this. Soon to wrap this, then I'm full speed on solving the Forma'd slot order problem that elemental combinations have created.



Does this mean that "bad" hosts will have a lesser impact on gameplay?(Or atleast should have a lesser impact) 

Currently some really "bad" hosts make enemies invisible and that is really annoying :/




  • Our new UI artist started, had a meeting and we all laughed/cried at our coder-art. We reviewed player feedback about UI problems. His first project is redo the HUD... no pressure.
  • A training section is being added to the Codex to help with new players learning all the wackiness that is Warframe. This will feature simple but cool visuals as well as rewards for going through them to encourage use.


1. I would like to request that all exit/back buttons go to the same place, let me explain:

Currently, I have my chat in top right, in some windows I can click exit without a problem, in others I have to either move or close chat to close the window I am using.

It would be far more logical to have the exit/back button always in the same place(for example bottom left) instead of having to move my mouse from 1 side to the other side of the screen just to find the other exit button, this would also make it possible to keep the chat in 1 position and always open without it interfering with inability to close screens.

2. Although not related to UI graphical design, I would like chat not to scroll or close when I scroll in my mod list or try to close my mod list with "escape" button.("just" make it so that when you click on chat window all actions are done in there, and when clicking on arsenal all actions are directed there instead of chat)


3. Yeey tutorials! This game was very confusing for me, but as a (no-life) gamer I searched everything on the wiki and made my way through the first 250 hours without too much trouble(145 hours in 2 weeks according to steam...), but for others I can understand if the lack of tutorials/explanations really kick the fun out of it.

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Please look into this issue as well:

- any defence missions with a lot of mobs (let's say Xini wave 30 and above, or later waves of T3 Tower Def), i put a Vortex that starts to spinning a huge pile of mobs, i'm spraying mobs inside Vortex with Embolist, IF there's really a lot of mobs inside it - it causes host player to take a massive FPS drop or even freeze for a ~5 sec, then the game cames back alive and i find out like i'm not actually in game, though i'm still right here, here is some syndroms:

- can't deal damage to enemies - weapon, melee - nothing works

- enemies are ignoring me

- abilities looks like they applies, but they don't (like Bastille that don't hold mobs at all)

- enemy projectiles still able to damage me if i'm on their way, can get me killed as well, if i got killed - i will lying around for a few secs and then auto-revive, still without being able to do anything


Again, the most specific way to describe this - like i got disconnected, but i'm actually in game, without being able to do anything, like i'm running is some kind of ghost mode. At this time the other players see me like i'm standing still and still spraying from my Embolist in a random place.

It's specific Vortex + Embolist problem, please try to fix it w/o nerfing anything, thanks in advance.


I had this issue happen several times last night on my Nova.  So its definitely not specific to just Vortex + Embolist.  Also this was on the PS4 if it matters.

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VOIP code has been smashed into better shape with less network utilization better quality and improved threading performance.


this one line got me to shed a tear.  please tell me it means that i can play without the fear of horrible framerates lol

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It's specific Vortex + Embolist problem, please try to fix it w/o nerfing anything, thanks in advance.


It's happening with the Ignis as well for me. Both are continuous AoE weapons capable of hitting multiple foes with innumerable individual particles. Next time this happens you might want to check your upload speed, I bet it will spike hard.

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This is why I love DE.  They work so hard on their game, put so much of their time into it, they keep us informed, they do events, and it's for a FREE GAME.  Most game companies don't even do this for a Pay-To-Play game.


Thanks guys, I'll be playing Warframe for ages to come :D

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First of all, I'm a newb in this (started playing on this week), but this is the best, and most enjoyable game I've ever played. Hats off guys for the effort to create this awesome game even better!!!! Cheers from Hungary, and keep up the good work!

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Yo man... I REALLY hope that damage 2.0 isn't done yet.

I don't mean the balance part. 

I mean making status chance mods a thing (just a waste of a slot right now) and maybe add combination mods for the physical damage types to offer real build diversity (2 things that can be done easily but will have a ginormous impact on the modding metagame)

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