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A new take on a shield frame. It’s pretty balanced right now, managing status, NM, and operator dying issues.

Its called Ovicia.

Add to the index plz.


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A full list of frames who share militaristic backgrounds, but are different

Mine: Vulcan-A defensive and support based frame with an exalted form featuring heavy armor like a riot guard. "You shall not pass!"


@(PS4)warhero229's frame

Havoc: Weaponry expert. Amplifies the firepower of his own weapons and his squad's, and keeps ammunition flowing to keep the fight going. Basically War Machine with a howitzer!


@ganjou234's frame

Havok: A heavier, bulkier version of Havoc. His squad will get very little direct support, but in exchange, they get a walking tank to clear the path for them. More like a Hulk-Buster with sentry guns!


@General_Durandal's frame

Krieger: A vastly more agile option. A commando who overwhelms the enemy with his enhanced mobility. Uses temporary constructs to keep pushing the battle lines forward. The Iron Man to Havoc's War Machine.

Check us out!

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These are the current Warframe concepts that I spent quite some time on for the past few days. I hope you all enjoy the ideas I have integrated into both Warframes ^^


Cold, the air and water flowing...

Hard, the land we call our home,

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