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Better Crafting, Better Game!!


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The current UI for the Foundry is absolute horse poop. Granted it gets the job done, but I think I can do 100x better than its current state. Organization is going to be a must once this game goes into OB or Launch. People are going to be finding loot left and right and are going to have a very hard time looking for the particular item they want to craft with this current menu setup. It doesn't have to be overly exotic. Just have some sort of way to distinguish between the different types of items. For example, have an "Armor" tab or the various types armor, a "Melee" tab for the various types of melee weapons, "Rifle" tab for droves of unique rifles, and etc.

Aswell as what I've stated above, I think this game's crafting should have "Variety". What I mean is, unlike many other games who have set number of item tiers, Warframe should have MANY different kinds of items that have the same stats but are cosmetically different. For example, you'll come across 5 different types of craftable weapons, and all of them have the same core stat distribution. Same amount of damage, slightly similar attack speeds, similar range, similar clip size, etc, BUT are very cosmetically different. You could craft this epic looking Twinbladed-Katana, or this trans-dimensional electrostaff, or this ancient tanno dagger that mystically oozes black vapor, or an experimental rifle created by Corpus, OR a pair of Thug-&#! Knuckle Gauntlets, OORR even a Phase-Blade that looks eerily similar to a lightsaber but, in actuality, it isn't because of copy right issues =D. My point is, you want your player to choose which path he wants to take. Say he goes for that ancient tanno dagger, once he goes into multiplayer/Co-op to show it off; he will run into another player with a trans-dimensional electrostaff and say to himself, "Ooh Man! That looks hella tight!". Not only does this make him want to play the game more, it opens the possibility of him using real money to buy shortcuts to craft that Electrostaff. Maybe he would buy something like a weekly pass where you don't have to wait for what you craft, or a crafting bundle that randomly gives the purchaser a random set of crafting mats. That kind of stuff! (No P2W). I believe that if this is implemented, your player base will increase, warframe will gross a hell of a lot of money, and the game population will be happy. I can see people becoming addicted to the "Craft Hunt" (ME).. Not only does it hook people to the game, its one hell of a selling pitch heheh.. "WORLDS MOST PHENOMENAL CRAFTING SYSTEM!!" or the title of "Video Gaming's Greatest Crafting System of all Time" xD

(Set the crafting bar for the mmorpg community!)

Also, can you put better descriptions of item parts used for crafting? The current "model" for crafting component description and location is mediocre at best. I would rather have it where when you hover over the crafting material, it shows the item description, and planetary location. Instead of having to go back and forth between the Foundry and the Solar System map.


item: Polymer Bundle

Description: A hard, thermoplastic casing, Manufactured by Corpus

Location: Mars Planetary System

Use: Crafting Material

note: I didnt know if i should put this thread on UI feedback or on Gameplay feedback but seeing that, to me, crafting is a pretty core mechanic of any gameplay I posted here. Sorry if I did in fact "Mis-Post" (Is that even a phrase for thread misplacment xD)


p.s. Sorry for the weird arrangment of points and errors; I dont normally write. Hell! I hate writing!! I only write when somthing incredible interests me; and to be completly honest.. This game is F**KING INTERESTING AS SH*T!!!!!

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