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The Face Behind The Name! V2


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Dat feeling when youre watching the faces of other peeps,but youre too shy to submit your own Q_____Q

I was like that two days ago. I said "screw it. How bad can I be?" and just posted it. Don't worry, this thread is full of nice people.

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The make-up thing is because of what we see as societal norms.

If guys typically wore make-up the idea of what would be attractive would be different. Tjough it all might just come down to what people look at.

Besides, cake faces are not attractive.

Also, the most normal picture I have on my Phone. It is a much less recent one than the last one.


Because on topic is best topic.

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I got shy and deleted the first time. >_> Anyway, here I am. Pic is old, but the latex seems a little fitting to the tenno warframes.




Looking forward to playing with the less trollish amongst you in-game.

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